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Weekend in Columbia

Road Trip Route. Capitol of South Carolina, Museum of Art, Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Colombia is the second most populous city in South Carolina and also the state capital. In this travel scenario I have collected the most interesting places of the city, visiting which you can get a complete picture of its landscape, history and culture. Walk through the parks, get acquainted with classical and modern art in the walls of the museum and on pedestrian streets, see exotic plants and animals in the city zoo and botanical garden.

History and Culture. From: Columbia

Gvenet Bloom. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Art and Cityscapes

Exploring the city begins with a stroll next to the South Carolina Capitol, followed by a tour of museum collections and street installations and spending time in local parks.

South Carolina State House

The journey will begin with the State House. The building itself, built in the style of Neo-Greek, looks very impressive. The territory of the park is very well maintained and is ideal for walks.

Columbia Museum of Art

The Colombian Museum of Art regularly hosts interesting temporary exhibitions, master classes for children and adults, as well as performances by musicians. The museum's permanent exhibition is divided into thematic areas, which you can view to trace the evolution of the art world from ancient times to the present day.

Busted Plug Plaza by Blue Sky

And here's another modern art object, placed not in the walls of the museum, but right on the street!

Greek Boys

It's lunchtime! Why not enjoy simple but so delicious and nourishing Greek dishes?

Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park

Columbia's landscape is interesting because modern urban landscapes are interspersed with tranquil natural views. You can see this in person by strolling through Riverfront Park.

Finlay Park

The main attraction of Finlay Park is the spiral fountain cascade, which looks very unusual. Its author must have been inspired by the steep rapids of the Cognari River.


Behind a bright red door hides the real world of Bourbon! In total, over 400 varieties of whisky are served here, both American-made and from Scotland, Canada and even Japan. The chef and the team are constantly experimenting with dishes of Cajun-Creole cuisine.

Day 2: Flora and fauna

In the morning you will visit the zoo and the botanical garden. In the afternoon you will visit the South Carolina State Museum.


Smallsugar is a family-run café where delicious breakfasts are cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients. You can have drinks and take-away food here also.

Riverbanks Zoo And Gardens

Columbia's Zoo is worth visiting. The animals are well cared for and kept in conditions that are as close to natural as possible.

Riverbanks Botanical Garden

On the opposite bank of the river from the zoo there is a botanical garden. It is a beautiful park with many species of unusual plants, tidy paths and fountains.

Freshe Poke

Pleasant interiors, hospitable atmosphere, fast service, delicious poke.

South Carolina State Museum

The South Carolina Museum's is divided into several parts: history, natural science, technology and art history exhibits.

Riverfront Park & Historic Columbia Canal

You can take a walk along the canal before dinner.

Blue Marlin

The journey is coming to an end and we offer you to complete today's journey in a seafood restaurant. The locals are very fond of this place, and on weekends it is crowded, it is better to reserve a table in advance.