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Weekend for the most active in the Leningrad Region

Weekend for the most active in the Leningrad Region
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


2 Days


By Car


330 km






Active Leisure
There are many different activities on this journey, so you won't be bored. You will walk a lot on the picturesque eco-tropics on the Koltush Heights and in the preserve of the Vyaryanselk Ridge. There will also be an opportunity to see the mysterious place of idolaters, the appearance of which scientists still can't explain. In addition, you will reach the Elk Threshold, where an outdoor amusement park will be waiting for you. And the cherry on the cake will be a curling competition, which will determine which of you is the most skillful and witty at the same time. Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes, as you will spend a lot of time outdoors.
Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Walk the eco-trail on the Koltusz Heights.
  • Find out what the Sun Fan's Quarter looks like.
  • Drop by the Priutino Estate.
  • ATV ride.
  • Feed the bison.
  • To compete in curling.
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Exploring trails and forests
Day 1165 km515 m

Exploring trails and forests

This day will be spent outdoors. Be sure to put on comfortable clothes and take a thermos with hot tea. To begin with, you will find out what the Sun Fan's Ravine looks like and how picturesque the Koltusz Heights eco-trail is. You will also walk around the famous Prijutino Estate and see how well it has been preserved to this day. In the afternoon you have a great opportunity to drive through the forest thickets and test your skills in extreme driving. Be sure to visit the bison and feed the carrots to its inhabitants!
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Ice Chess
Day 2165 km

Ice Chess

This day will begin with a walk along the picturesque trail of the Vyaryanselk Ridge Nature Reserve. Feel the mystery of local places. Then, you will drive to the Elk Threshold, where you will be welcomed by the Losevod park. On the territory of the park there is a wide range of active activities for all tastes and all seasons. If you are set up for peace and quiet, there are cozy pergolas in the park. In the afternoon you can compete in an unusual game on the ice - curling. This is not an easy, but very entertaining activity will fascinate anyone.
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