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Weekend drive in the outskirts of Nizhny Novgorod

Road Trip Route. Strigino ski resort, Recreation Base "Island of Adventures", Green Wald park., Bogorodsk Aerodrome, Clean Ponds" fishing base, Terra-Sky Park, Extreme Land.

An intense journey awaits you! What's not to be here: skiing and horseback riding, paralleling and biking, buggy and ATV, running in a squirrel wheel, "knights fighting" and "sumo wrestling", trampoline jumping, paintball and bumperballs, archery and crossbow shooting, trekking with dogs and dog sledding, flying on a sports plane and troll...and much more!

Active Leisure, Adventure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Nizhny Novgorod

Maria Gorobets. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Skiing in a pine forest, flying on a parachute into the sky, running in a squirrel wheel

Today you will ski on a pine forest, swim on a horse, become a knight and a squirrel in a wheel, ride a parachute and a bicycle car, jump on a trampoline, play paintball and bumperballs, collect a giant jenga and learn how to keep your balance on the balance board.... and much more!

Nizhny Novgorod

Gazpromneft filling station #203

Ready to go? The fastest way to start is to refuel with quality fuel at an automatic filling station and pay for the fuel with a mobile application of Gazpromneft's filling station network without any contact. [App Store](https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/set-azs-gazpromneft/id502808508) [Google Play](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gpn.azs)

Strigino ski resort

The base is located on the territory of the regional nature monument "Striginsky Bor", in an ecologically clean area on the bank of the river Oka. Here you can rent skis and drive through the woods, get some fresh air and admire the picturesque places. Check the price at [site](http://sctorpedo.ru/strigino.html).

Restaurant Village

We'll have lunch at a restaurant with a funny name "The Village". Russian cuisine is deliciously prepared here and good coffee is served.

Усадьба Приклонских-Рукавишниковых

After lunch - nature walks. For a start - something unusual! Abandonment lovers are sure to love it here. The farmstead is located near the village of Podvyazye. It is an object of cultural heritage and an architectural monument of federal importance. Be sure to come back here in the summer too!

Шумиловское Озеро

On the way back, make a stop at the Lake and walk through the pine forest along the shore.

Khram Blagovernogo Aleksandra Nevskogo

There is also a beautiful church not far from the lake. It is illuminated in the darkness and becomes even more atmospheric. The main shrines of the temple are the icon of Vsetsaritsa from Athos and the icon of Prince Alexander Nevsky from the 18th century.

Restaurant and dining complex "Helen"

There are two areas in the complex: a self-service cafe and a restaurant. Both parts serve delicious Russian cuisine.

Day 2: Flying by air, ATV riding and fishing

Today will be a day of all sorts of activities: you will not notice how one changes the other. First you fly on a sports plane, so the wind will whistle in your ears and take your breath away from the figures of aerobatics; then - fly on quad bikes through the snowy forest; and in the evening - fish in the winter pond.

Bogorodsk Aerodrome

Here you will be able to jump with a parachute or fly on the sports and aerobatics plane YAK-52. All flights are performed by qualified instructor pilots, masters of aerobatics, winners of the Championship of Russia. At will the pilot will execute any figures of piloting, or you simply can fly admiring views, and also try to operate the plane under the control of the instructor. During the flight you will have two-way radio communication with the pilot, and you can ask any questions and express your wishes. After the first independent flight, the next stages of gradual training in figure flight begin. Be sure to make an appointment [in advance](http://aeroclubnn.ru/contacts/).

Park Park Green Wald park

Today we are going to ride quad bikes in a snowy forest. This time of year the ride is very exciting: white landscapes, snow drifts and a storm of emotions. The winter track requires more maneuverability and patience from the driver. But together with the support of friends it is not difficult to overcome the path. Riding ATVs in winter hardens not only the body, but also the spirit! We promise you won't shut down or freeze halfway through. Experienced instructors will give skill lessons even to those who do not have a driver's license, and will teach to skillfully drive a four-wheeled machine, will help to equip in a protective suit for difficult ways. Thanks to the outfitting, ATVs can be rented even for children. You can learn more about routes and sign up [here](http://gwaldpark.com/katalog/prokat-kvadrocziklov/).

Restaurant and dining complex "Helen"

After a fast ride you will be very hungry, so we have lunch in the restaurant and dining complex "Hélène", which is already familiar to you.

Clean Ponds" fishing base

The complex "Clean Ponds" includes 5 reservoirs rich in fish of different breeds: carp, pike, catfish, sturgeon, trout and white cupid. For those who like to fish in winter, the base invites you to ice fishing: 3 lakes are at your service during this period. Find out about fishing rules and prices at the base [here](https://www.karp-nn.ru/contact.html). But at the base you can not only go fishing ... In winter, an ice rink opens here, and you can rent skates. You can also go for a ride on a banana or a sleigh riding a snowmobile, ride bagels, skis, bungee, shoot at the shooting range.

Restaurant Reaville

Restaurant Reaville is one of the best in Arzamas. The restaurant cooks Russian cuisine, including the famous Arzamas goose.

Day 3: Hiking with a husky, flying over a cliff and PoolGoal.

Today you can feel like the master of the husky and learn how to drive a dog sled, fly over a cliff on a troll and play PoolGoal, a hybrid of billiard and football.

Terra-Sky Park

If you don't have enough skiing from the mountain, you can have a great time here. You will find slopes of varying difficulty, from which you can ski, snowboard, cake. Here you can also ride Nordic sled dogs, try your hand at Skijoring and even learn how to manage the sled. You will have the opportunity to feel like a dog owner by walking with Husky, Malamutes or the Samoeds, or go on a real dog walk. There are also reindeer on the territory: you can ride on sledding. You can also play archertag, strikeball, lasertag, petang, big jenga, badminton and PoolGoal - the mixture between football and billiards. Games and trips must be booked in advance by contacting [site](http://www.terraskipark.ru/lifts/).


We will have lunch at an Italian restaurant in the center of Kstovo. Here they serve delicious homemade pizza and pasta.

Extreme Land

In this active recreation park you can fly a troll. The trolley is an extreme speed descent on a roller along a rope stretched from one bank of the river to another. You can ride bikes, buggies, snowmobiles, ATVs. At the base are equipped with a variety of tracks for racing: in the woods, fields, river banks. Children and adults will enjoy the inflatable obstacle course and the battle on trampolines. There is also a climbing wall, a trampoline, a shooting gallery, a laser tag and paintball court, a stable, and a farm where charming Huskies live. You can specify prices and order entertainment at [site](http://extremeland.ru/).

La Vera Pizzeria

You can have dinner at La Vera pizzeria. Italian cuisine is excellently prepared here, and pizza is one of the best in town according to the locals. It is better to book a table [in advance](https://la-vero.ru/#delivery).

Nizhny Novgorod