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Water and forest land north of the capital

Road Trip Route. Visit Zavidovo National Park, Visit rare and little-known beaches, Walk through quiet forests of Moscow region..

The north of the Moscow region, as well as many adjacent areas, is a truly unique natural area. There are many protected areas, parks and forest parks, beaches and hills. For ourselves we decided to devote three days to exploring all these beauties. We will drive from Moscow to Pereslavl-Zalessky, and then move west to Dubna. On the way we will stop and walk along the most picturesque and small places, and also we will try to make many interesting shots.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Moscow

Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Beaches that nobody knows about... well, or almost nobody...

Today we are going to the north of Moscow region and expect to visit some little-known but also picturesque beaches. We will pass by Mytishchi and in the evening we plan to stay in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Пляж «Тишково»

Our little nature trip will start with a visit to Tishkovo beach. It is very close to the village of the same name. Its shore is surrounded by a small forest, where those who do not like to swim and sunbathe can go for a walk.

Голыгинский карьер

Next stop is Golyginsky quarry, which is relatively close to the village of the same name. There is a small picturesque lake, which is a favorite place for recreation and fishing among locals. The landscape here is very memorable thanks to the unusually beautiful blue color of water.


A small cafe "Svoi" in Sergiev Posad is perfect for lunch. Here you can cook a variety of American and European dishes and snacks, among which, for example, we liked the classic burger "Joe to Meat" with a cutlet of marble beef. The pork chop with potatoes and the chicken thigh in punko breadcrumbs with teriyaki sauce are also noteworthy.

Ваулинская плотина

In the afternoon we are also heading out to nature, and the next stop is the Waulinskoe Reservoir. There are several small marinas for fishing and diving in the water, also on one of the banks of the reservoir - not very thick forest for those who like to be in the shade.

Дендрологический сад

Already in the evening, on our way to Pereslavl-Zalessky, we made a stop at its outskirts to visit the local dendrological garden named after S. F. Kharitonov. As we were told at the excursion, there are about 600 species of different plants on its territory. Here you can rent a bike, as well as walk along thematic routes.

Альбицкий сад

Cozy restaurant of European cuisine Albitsky Garden is the place where we decided to spend our evening. Its interior is made in a very elegant and luxurious style. The dishes prepared here also look very beautiful and original. We remember the cottage cheese pie with berry filling and salmon steak with teriyaki sauce.

Day 2: From Dubna to Pereyaslavl.

Today we plan to leave Pereslavl-Zalessky and head west towards Dubna. On the way we will make several stops in various picturesque places, visit beaches and also take a boat trip along the river.


Not only high, but also delicious! A variety of snacks are prepared here, as well as burgers, soups and much more. We have a Ligurian burger, pesto omelette and a glass of frappé to taste.

Плещеево озеро

Certainly, being in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, we didn't miss the opportunity to visit the lake Plescheevo where this historical town was erected. Even within the city limits there is a place for bathing, but we preferred to go to a little bit more distant place. Here the beach was surrounded by a small line, although it is not very popular, but there are a number of amenities, including changing cabins.

Золотой Пляж

The next stop is the bank of a small river Vex, which flows into Lake Plescheevo. We stopped a little before reaching the village Kupanskoye, near one of the river sleeves. Here coniferous and deciduous trees rarely grow, creating shade and complementing the already picturesque landscape.

Мак Рыжик

In the village of Fedortsovo, we made a small stop at a local cafe called "Mac Carrot". Here we were served in a simple but very hearty and solid manner. The choice of dishes was certainly not so great, but on the whole we liked the local borscht, as well as vegetable salads and snacks.

Заболотское охотничье хозяйство

Zabolotka hunting ground is a very good place for recreation in nature. There are all conditions to stay at the base for a long vacation, but still we had other plans, so we stopped for a little walk and rented a boat. It was also possible to rent a house, go to a sauna, hunting or fishing. [Details can be found at http://armhunter.ru/zabolotie_usl.html]

Gazpromneft filling station #5003

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Why Not?

And we had dinner already in Dubna city in a small cafe bar "Why Not". Here a huge number of different meat dishes and side dishes are prepared. For ourselves we preferred spaghetti carbonara, as well as chicken wings Buffalo.

Day 3: Nature on its way to Moscow

Today, we are completing our little journey. We are planning to visit the Zavidovo National Park after breakfast, and afterwards move to Moscow. On our way there we will also visit several beautiful and picturesque places.


We'll stop by the supermarket for picnic snacks.

Национальный парк «Завидово»

The main object of our program for today, of course, will be Zavidovo National Park. There is a huge massif of forest and marshlands on the protected area, there are many rare species of animals, birds and plants. Walking here, there is a real chance to meet a spotted deer or a raccoon dog.


We decided to have lunch at the local hinkala. I must say that it has a very original interior, what is the column-tree near the bar. Georgian cuisine is mainly prepared here, although there are also Russian national dishes. We were satisfied with a plate of khinkali and borscht.

Трусово. Пляж

On the Istra reservoir, not so far from the village of Trusovo, there is a good beach. That's where we decided to stop for lunch. There are all conditions for a quality beach holiday, from a beach volleyball court to small water slides, which is probably why it is quite crowded on weekends.

Лес у МИЭТа

Coming up to Moscow, we wanted to stop for a walk in the forest park zone in the very center of Zelenograd. In the forest near the technology center MIET it was very quiet and peaceful, on the way there were occasionally met tourists. In a word, it was an ideal place for a leisurely walk.


Not far from Butakovsky Bay there is a cafe "Chalet". That's where we decided to have dinner. In this two-storey cottage we thought it was very cozy, the interior is spacious and modern. The menu offers a lot of cold and hot snacks, among which we can note herring in the signature marinade with farm potatoes, as well as assortments of chest and white mushrooms.