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Walking through Islington with Masha Gordon

Walking through Islington with Masha Gordon
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11 Hours


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6 km




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Let's take a walk around the Islington area of north London with local resident Masha Gordon - mum-of-two, philanthropist, experienced mountaineer and successful businesswoman.
Masha Gordon
Masha Gordon
Travel Expert
  • Learn the secrets of the locals.
  • Visit a theatre pub.
  • Get to see a real rock climbing wall.

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Day 16 km


"When I first came to Islington, I knew immediately that I wanted to build my life here. Besides, I was working in the City, and I really liked the fact that this area was close to the office. Of course, twenty years ago it looked different; there were more independent shops, an interesting mix of people everywhere - professionals and ordinary blue-collar workers. There was (and still is) an understanding of normality of life here, which really appealed to me.
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