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Walking around Suzdal - on foot or by carriage?

Walking around Suzdal - on foot or by carriage?
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9 Hours


By Car


83 km




🎅 Winter TripsHistory and Culture
Simple route Vladimir - Suzdal, but with a twist. An excellent choice for a day off, if you want to travel and have little time. Walk around the ancient city or take a sled ride, visit museums and enjoy the panoramic view.
Yana Levchuk
Yana Levchuk
Travel Expert
  • There's more than just the Kremlin.
  • How about a sleigh ride.
  • 100 wax figures, weren't you expecting.
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Suzdal - simple, but not boring
Day 183 km

Suzdal - simple, but not boring

No more four-walled holidays when the snow is crunching underfoot. We suggest devoting the whole day today to Suzdal, its history and cultural entertainment.
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