Walk with alpaca in the forest, abandoned Finnish hydroelectric power station, rest of your soul and body in the nature of the North. – Road.Travel

Walk with alpaca in the forest, abandoned Finnish hydroelectric power station, rest of your soul and body in the nature of the North.

Road Trip Route. Be sure to take with you:, a thermos of tea, snack, comfortable shoes, .

The territory of the reserve is actively used by the population for outdoor recreation, namely: in summer - for fishing, gathering berries and mushrooms, in winter - for skiing trips in the forest. The route: - Has a difference in altitude and can be difficult for people with heart problems. - is passable all year round, as it runs along forest roads, however, as the roads are mostly sandy and bikes will pass easily, while buggies will get bogged down. - The trail is marked (two yellow stripes on a white backing) and there are poles, signposts, and information boards installed. There is a stele at the beginning of the route. *It is possible to ride a bicycle/ski the route (there is a possibility to rent a bicycle and a snowmobile in the Checkers on the Lampushka Zoo, in case you go in winter).

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Harmony with nature

The Värjamänselkä ridge is an amazing trail that runs through a hilly area, in a pine forest that is home to rare plant species and rare animal and reptile species. There are two beautiful lakes and a couple of bridges over the turbulent Volchya river. On the Lebyazhie lake there is a place for bathing, a gazebo and places for campfire. On the second part of the route you'll find the equipped parking places and the viewing platform. The old Finnish hydropower station with a dam is an extremely picturesque place of the power of nature!

Зоопарк "Шишки на Лампушке"

Zoo "Na lampushka" is not only animals, but also a center for recreation and entertainment. - Why do children love it? Here you can walk through the forest with a deer, a wolf and even an ALPAKA (1000-1500r) - What do adults go there for? Except walks with children and animals on the territory of the complex it is possible to fish, to go to the bathhouse (forest and lake), to rent a bicycle and to ride through the forest (or to take them on the Mountain), in winter to tub, to fly over the woods on a troll, and simply to spend time in the nature.

Гранд кафе "Сушицца"

Sushi and pizza - fast, delicious.

Parking and start of the route

60.630712 N, 30.121428 E - coordinates of the parking lot and the start of the route

ГПК Заказник "Гряда Вярямянселькя" | Värämänselkä

If you are with children, I recommend going the 7 km trail, not the 14 km one. After Lake Lebyazhie, there will be a choice to go for a big lap or a smaller one. Take a thermos and a snack with you, there will be several nice places along the route to have a snack and have a rest.

озеро Лебяжье

The water in Lake Lebyazhe is warm and clear (you can see the bottom for 3 meters), the bottom is fine sandy, you can swim in it. The banks are boggy, that's why you can't stay near the water, but there are specially equipped places for cooking on the fire, and you can stay in the gazebo nearby. On the route of 14 km there is a touching sight - forestry, where they grow small fir trees for the whole area.

Finnish Hydroelectric Power Plant

Not far from the first bridge over the Volchya River there are resting places. Again, the pine forests on the high hills start. Very pleasant for walking and memorable terrain. Along the ridge of the hills, you emerge to a look-out point on the forest (a kind of trail appendix leads to it from the stand), and from there you return and descend to another bridge over the Volchya River, where resting places are also equipped. Then you can see the picturesque dam of the old Finnish hydroelectric power station. After that you go up from the river valley to the ridge again and along the power line (along the road, where the marking also continues) you come out to the village near the Petäjärvi station.

Ж/д станция Петяярви | Petäjärvi

Walking through the station along the railroad tracks, you come out to the parking lot and head out for a well-deserved rest!

Кафе «Причал»

The cafe has a cozy atmosphere. And after a long walk, you'll always be tempted to go to bed with a delicious meal.

Day 2: Sport is life!

Today we are going to spend the day active and interesting! A rope park, cuddling with huskies, and maybe you like water extreme and then Losevo will open new horizons and views on rafting for you!

Norwegian Rope Park Peanut

In Losevo there are many recreation bases from which you can go rafting, but if water procedures are not for you, then go ahead to the rope park. The children will be delighted as much as the adults!

Пышки на 67 км.

How about a taste of childhood? The dumplings at 67kms are lovely, tasty and light. A light snack before meeting the lesser brethren.

Husky kennel "From Lembolovo"

Love from these four-legged animals will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you can ride in a dog sled, cuddle and take pictures with huskies, don't forget the goodies!

Moo Moo Burger & Grill

And now a well-deserved reward in the form of a juicy, big, delicious MU-MU burger! And go home to share pics with your friends!