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Vyborg. The city of art

Vyborg. The city of art
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Saint Petersburg


13 Hours


By Car


297 km




Arts and Creativity🎅 Winter Trips
There are many historical sites in Vyborg, such as Viking rooks and the panorama of Vyborg Castle, which we will definitely visit and take pictures of.
But not all tourists have time to see the other side of Vyborg. There are art galleries and even appeared its own Hermitage, where valuable exhibits are kept.
On this trip, we will also learn why Vyborg became a city of sculptures.
Yulia Zharkova
Yulia Zharkova
  • See the collections of the Art Hall Art Gallery.
  • Walk around the Sculpture Garden in the city centre.
  • Have a coffee right in the old tram.
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Vyborg as an art center
Day 1297 km2 km

Vyborg as an art center

There is an eventful day ahead. We will see historical panoramas of Vyborg embankment and its art galleries. The main event will be a visit to Vyborg Hermitage and sculpture garden.
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