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Vyborg. The city of art

Road Trip Route. See the collections of the Art Hall Art Gallery., Walk around the Sculpture Garden in the city centre, Have a coffee right in the old tram..

There are many historical sights in Vyborg, such as Viking rooks and the panorama of Vyborg Castle, which we will definitely see and photograph. But not all tourists have time to see the other side of Vyborg. There are art galleries and recently even the Hermitage has appeared, where you can see valuable exhibits. On this journey, we will also learn why Vyborg became a city of sculptures.

Arts and Creativity. From: Saint Petersburg

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Vyborg as a center of art

There's an eventful day ahead. We will see historical panoramas of Vyborg embankment and its art galleries. The main event will be a visit to the Vyborg Hermitage and Sculpture Gardens. And at the beginning of the day, we can even go out.

Saint Petersburg

We are leaving St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. But do not despair, we have not seen everything yet, today we are waiting for Vyborg, where there are also many sights in the art field. Original monuments, museums, sculptures...

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Лесное Озеро Лейпясуо

On the way to Vyborg we'll make a small stop. We will visit the forest lake Leipiasuo. This is one of the most picturesque lakes in the area. We take unforgettable photos. And the fresh forest air will give strength for all our today's saturated day!

Набережная Большого Ковша

We arrive in Vyborg and are going to visit the embankment of the Big Ladle bay. There are many sights to see. The stone statues of a boy with a cat and an octopus are often the destination of meetings and there are always many people who want to be photographed. The Anchor Hall is set in memory of the sailors who were here.

Ладьи викингов «Драккары»

We have finally reached the main attraction, the bay's waterfront, which is called Salakka-Lakti in Finnish. Here you can find famous drakkars (rooks). They remind us of the Viking culture that stayed here in the distant past. From here you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Vyborg Castle.

New Бриг

We're going to lunch at the New Brig Café. This cafe, despite its budget, is quite appreciated by visitors. People come back here again and again because of the delicious dishes and soulful atmosphere. Such original dishes as creamy ear and lemon coffee are very popular among guests. In addition, there are very good pastries and pancakes. Desserts are very diverse: mead, home cheesecake with mascarpone and others. Guests also praise salmon soup and all kinds of coffee, of which there is a large quantity.

Эрмитаж Выборг (Эрмитаж-Выборг)

Now we will visit the main museum of Vyborg - Hermitage-Vyborg. It is an art museum of collections from the State Hermitage Fund. This museum appeared here recently - in 2010 - and took the place of the former Museum of Fine Arts and School of Painting - the work of Finnish architect Uno Werner Ulberg.

Oksana Ivanik Art

In Oksana Ivanik's art gallery you can see and buy cheerful paintings of the artist. The paintings are full of bright colors and full of fabulous stories. They will surely raise your spirits and leave a good impression.

Monument to the Vyborg Tram (Памятник трамваю)

In the evening we will visit an unusual monument. This is a reconstructed tram car by sculptor Sergey Astapov. The monument to the tram was erected to commemorate the tracks used by trams from 1912 to 1957. Now there is a coffee shop right in the tram, where we can enjoy the unusual interior and atmosphere of the old days.

Сад скульптур

During the revival of interest in garden and park culture, during the sculptural symposium of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR in 1988, it was decided to make many sculptures in Vyborg. The place was ideal for this - the sculptures were made of local grey rapakivi granite from the Vozrozhdenie quarry. Since then Vyborg has been different from other cities in its abundance of sculptures. We will visit the Sculpture Garden, on which 11 sculptors worked. One of the sculptures, which is part of this series, but is not here, we have already seen. It's "Boy and Cat".


On the way to St. Petersburg we stop for a meal at "Vig Vam" restaurant. There is always a cozy atmosphere and hospitable staff, because the restaurant positions itself as a home cooking establishment. The menu includes delicious hodgepodge, pancakes, lula kebab, which are the most popular dishes. Here everyone will definitely find dishes to their liking!

Saint Petersburg

Our day is coming to an end. Behind an unforgettable journey to Vyborg, a historic city that we remember as a true modern centre of art and creativity.