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Vladimir region and Yoshkar-Ola

Road Trip Route. Silver Cascade waterfall., Master class behind the pottery wheel, Cheese Museum, Compare wooden architecture of Kozmodemyansk and Suzdal, Church of the Cover on the Nerl, Museum of Naive Art.

Our journey will begin with the Vladimirovskaya Oblast. Minuting hills, endless fields, ancient architecture, modern quays, we will find ourselves in a large port on the bank of the Volga. Cheboksary is remembered for its huge trees in any part of the city and really fresh air. But the real surprise is the city of Yoshkar-Ola.

History and Culture, Arts and Creativity. From: Moscow

Ksenia Beskova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Beaches near Moscow and Vladimir region

Let's start the day on the lake a few kilometers from Moscow, and in the Vladimir region we will get acquainted with the work of the famous sculptor L. Baranov, who made an interesting choice to improve his life. In the evening we will see the ancient town of Gorokhovets in the light of lanterns.

Купавна Пляж

We begin our journey with a walk along the lake. Convenient access to the beach. Turns out there's not much chance of meeting people in the morning. Gradually we begin to forget the noise and bustle of the metropolis.

Дом-музей Леонида Баранова

An unconventional example when a famous Moscow sculptor moves his studio from the city center to a village in the Vladimir region. Now the whole world of the artist is gathered in an abandoned warehouse. The heroes in this space are the portraits of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol, Lomonosov and Prokofiev.

Бабьи Пески

There are not many sights in Petushki, but there is an almost abandoned beach within the city limits. There are overgrown approaches to the pond and several homemade benches. Provincial peace and quiet.


Amazing stylish interior inside. We recommend cream soups, cool seafood and homemade dumplings. We will remember this institution for future trips.

Музей Левитана

The master of landscape loved these places and worked here for a long time, lurking on the pleasant shores of Peccha. With the time, you can walk along the meadows along the river bends. You can watch flowers blossoming in the ravines, and the images of Levitan pop up in your memory. Private museum, with a hospitable guide and a modest but gentle exposition.

Водонапорная башня

The observation deck of the tower is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Inside the museum "Old Vladimir", where you can quickly learn the history of the city. And when you get to the top, you can enjoy the panorama of the evening city.


Comfortable parking. Summer veranda for warm evenings or cozy wooden log cabin inside the cafe for frozen travelers. Caucasian and Russian cuisine.

Гороховецкий историко-архитектурный музей (Дом Сапожникова)

Free excursion on architecture of XVII century: stone merchant buildings and the most interesting wooden two-storeyed buildings. Excellent city for walks in the light of evening lights before bed.

Day 2: Fresh air of Nizhny Novgorod and acquaintance with Cheboksary

In the first half of the day we will walk through the parks, embankments, viewing platforms of the renovated Nizhny Novgorod, exploring the city from different sides. We will not miss the opportunity to have lunch in a Greek restaurant, because in the evening we will find ourselves in a city with a very different energy, in Cheboksary.

Дом М.И. Шорина

The 1902 Modern. Now inside is a house of handicrafts and folk art. Nizhny Novgorod carving on the facade of the fairytale house.

ПКиО Сормовский

The city park is not very far from the center of Nizhny Novgorod. An ancient rotunda, an abandoned green theatre, a beach on the embankment with umbrellas gradually lead us to the main park alley. In comparison, it reminds us of the southern resort of the post-Soviet space. Carousels, nice modern cafes, a zoo, even a water park!

Эль Греко

A modern café with democratic prices. Nice earthenware and Greek cuisine. For misanthropists it is pleasant that the waiter together with the menu gives a remote "remote" and no longer bother you without your desire.

Набережная Федоровского

There is a feeling that in some places the quay is suspended on pedestrian bridges. Deep ravines feel like they're cutting through the Oki shore. One can see the roofs of the old houses of Christmas Street, Strelka, the Church of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, of course, the cast iron statue of Maxim Gorky, looking into the Volga countryside. Probably the main hero of the city.

Чкаловская лестница

One of the main attractions of the city. 560 steps turn into stairs connecting the Lower Volga and Upper Volga embankments. Hills, water and deer as a symbol of the city. And here you can also take a ride on a cable car, another type of city transport.


A roadside cafe. It's served quickly, without false hospitality. The portions are large, the kitchen is home.

Аллея Искусств

A humble square in the city of Cheboksary. Birch alleys and several sculptures among five-storey buildings. A little walk before going to bed.

Day 3: Acquaintance with the Chuvash Republic

Waking up early, we'll go to the village of Cuskino, looking for a waterfall in the gorge. Of course, we'll also visit the beach of the Volga. But the main thing is that in the evening we will reach the mysterious city of Yokshar-Ola.

Vodopad "Serebryanyy Kaskad"

Morning in the Chuvash Republic. The village of Cuskino. Cascade of waterfalls. A ravine, a soothing stream, a shadow of the forest. Exciting, a little bit even mysterious atmosphere.

Музей В.И. Чапаева

In front of us is a tiny wooden house, where Chapaev was born. By the way, the log cabin used to be located in the neighboring village. Later the house was carefully moved and installed near the station square. There's a monument here, the square is broken. In the building with a beautiful stained-glass window photos of division, Chapayev and his family are collected.

Чайхана Хива

It's pretty oriental. There are a lot of separate zones, hookah smoke is not to be afraid of. It's a good choice of tea.

Лакреевский лес

The charm of Soviet attractions and democratic prices for them. For adults there is nothing but the Ferris wheel. But it is enough just to walk in the shade of trees, perhaps to plunge into some of your childhood memories.


The Volga. Big sandy beach. Umbrellas and volleyball nets. Swimming is forbidden.

Бульвар Чавайна

Meet us, Yoshkar-Ola. Cascades of fountains guard three-storey Stalinist buildings and private sector. You can see the Spasskaya Tower. You don't want to rush in here. Take a coffee in a street cafe and have a word with the salesman. Take a walk to Patriarch's Square.

Патриаршая площадь

The shore of the Malaya Kokshaga River. In summer, orchestras often play in the square and city festivals are organized. On the opposite bank of the river you can see the Resurrection Cathedral, it seems that the bronze monument to Alexis II is looking at it.


The interior is like a hobbit house. Gluhwein on grape juice and seafood. Pleasant lighting, relaxing atmosphere.

Памятник Рембрандту

It turned out that between the streets of Pushkin and Gogol there is a section of the quay, under the name "Amsterdam". Probably, this should explain the appearance of the monument to the artist Rembrandt here. We continue to recognize this city.

Day 4: Unexpected Yoshkar-Ola.

Let's try ourselves behind the pottery wheel and learn the mechanism of cheese production, looking at strange urban monuments and unexpected architectural solutions in the capital of the Republic of Mari El. In Kozmodemyansk we will take a look at local wooden architecture. We have dinner in Nizhny Novgorod.

Йошкин Кот

At the University of Mari Park, we are met by a cat that fell on a bench. The work of the sculptors graduating from the university. They say that the animal is the prototype of a cat in a student workshop.

Собор Вознесения Господня

The building has been preserved since 1756, and the wall paintings have been lost. Once inside the temple was a brewery. One of the architectural decorations of the city. It's an active parish.

Архангельская Слобода

Yoshkar-Ola seems to combine all existing European architectural trends in a chaotic order, giving positive but strange impressions. Now we're looking at a mixture of Russian and Flemish styles. Imitation of Italy. Inside the two-storey buildings, banks with modern cafes and offices get along perfectly.

Республиканский музей изобразительных исскуств

The 3 floors of the museum are dedicated to painting, graphics and contemporary art. Primarily Mari. The very idea of the building and how the museum space is organized are interesting.

Muzey Keramiki

Historical house in the city center. The works were collected from all over Russia. Master class on a potter's wheel included in the ticket price. It's true that the handicraft will have to be taken without firing or come back for it next time.

Музей сыра

The city has such a well-developed livestock industry that it is not a problem to organize such a museum here! Of course, besides the excursion there is also a tasting room. It is difficult for cheese lovers to leave these walls. However, the museum also has a "Cheese Shop".

бар Легенда

There's a place to park. Burgers and fries are on the menu. Serves quickly and delicately.

Этнографический музей под открытым небом

Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ancient Life. There is a view of the Volga River from the hill. Creators of the museum built a swing, smashed flower beds. The grass is carefully mown. Life of the Mari people. There are genuine baths, hut, wells of those times. The wooden mill impresses with its internal mechanism.


Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Inside there are paintings of walls, Suzdal architecture. Probably restored in our time, but have not finished.

Gazpromneft filling station #239

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.


Modern and interesting interior, as it often happens in Nizhny Novgorod. A variety of cuisine. Fast serving and cute waiters.

Day 5: Church of the Cover on Nerl and Suzdal

Having thrown a farewell look at Gorokhovets from Bald Mountain, we will move to a small and cozy Suzdal. In this city you feel alone with yourself, even when surrounded by a company of loved ones. A humble, but fundamental city.

Лысая Гора

Perfect place for sandwiches, intimate conversations and tea in nature. The bare space of a high hill, the river Klyazma. From here you don't want to leave and it's hard to convey in words how calm and beautiful.

Кафе Империал

Rigorous interior. Beer own production, but only instant coffee. Homemade cutlets and tomato juice, like in dining rooms from childhood.

Усадьба Танеевых

Among the fields, away from cities and towns, the manor has been preserved relatively in its original form, which is rare. At the entrance to the park there is a price list, but we never met any workers. The Lord's House, which is about 250 years old. The family crest of the Taneyevs: a wooden lion and a woman with a gun. In theory, you can take a boat ride. Only the sounds of the surrounding nature.

Церковь Покрова на Нерли

A kind of symbol of Russia and definitely a tourist place. The church seems to have become something united with the landscape. Instead of fishermen on the river bank there are people behind easels. And that's no surprise. You leave here too, turning around a few times to remember the view better.

Торговая площадь

The wooden multi-coloured houses of varying degrees of turbulence and grooming are replaced by the Gostiny Dvor. Sunday church in the middle of the shopping square. Among the classic paired columns are tourists and local sellers. Various twists of jam are replaced by works of artists with a view of the city, Suzdal mead is sold in tents. At the same time it all looks nice enough.

Скамейки на крутом берегу Каменки

A view of the historic city center, which opens up if you bypass the shopping malls. Here you merge with space. You thankfully smile at the city and its landscape.

Ресторан «Театральный»

View of the Suzdal Kremlin and the glass roof from the window. Traditional Russian cuisine. Polite staff.

Day 6: Naive Art in Suzdal

Morning at the Museum of Wooden Architecture. We say goodbye to Suzdal in the Museum of Naive Art, moving to the museum of gramophones in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. At the end of the trip we'll have a look at Tsvetaev's summer house.

Музей деревянного зодчества и крестьянского быта

The museum is over 50 years old. Now let's look at wooden architecture in the Vladimirovskaya region. Many finds of XII-XIII centuries. There is even a temple, a few mills, a wheel well. Operating Resurrection church, cozy inside.

Музей Наивного Искусства

An unexpected museum for the city of wooden architecture and ancient temples. We climb the circular wooden stairs to the second floor of the Assumption Refectory Church and get to the spacious hall. The works were gathered all over the country. You unwittingly smile at the spontaneity and bright colors of the paintings.

Георгиевский собор

This white-stone cathedral is almost 800 years old. It is important that the entrance is paid: 50 rubles per person. Videotaping is negotiated separately. Inside you feel in the museum: carved stones and the cross of Svyatoslavs everywhere.


Atmospheric and cozy. Wide window sills are filled with flowers in pots. Russian and European cuisine on the menu.

Музей граммофонов и грампластинок

If you're not indifferent to music, you'll enjoy it and learn. A cute guide will tell you everything about how sound is born. A pleasant and unexpected immersion in the history of gramophone records.

Музей Цветаевой

The museum is open daily, but with a break from 13:00 to 14:00. The wooden carved house hides among the multi-storey buildings. Inside there is nothing but the guide's story and black and white photos, but it creates a trusting and homely atmosphere.

Jerry's pub

Pleasant interior of a standard European pub. Suitable atmosphere. We finish our journey with non-alcoholic beer and burgers.