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Visiting Husky Altai from Novosibirsk.

Visiting Husky Altai from Novosibirsk.
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In the next two days you will have an uncomplicated but very fascinating journey south of Novosibirsk. Arboretums, huskies, ostriches and the history of Siberian medicine. Hurry up and hit the road!
Pavel Ivshin
Pavel Ivshin
Travel Expert
  • Botanic garden and arboretum.
  • Husky breeding center.
  • Mountain Pharmacy Museum.
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Visit to the Altai Huskies
Day 1276 km

Visit to the Altai Huskies

Today we are going to take a trip to the Altai Region, and its final point will be Barnaul, where you'll stay overnight. On your way you will visit two arboretums and an ostrich ranch.
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Husky and Mountain Apothecary
Day 2310 km

Husky and Mountain Apothecary

On the second day we plan a late departure from the nursery to have time to enjoy all the activities on offer. We will visit Barnaul's relic ribbon forest and the Mountain Pharmacy, a place which has been not only a job but also a home for pharmacists for many, many years.
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