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Visiting birds, an abandoned manor house and a strange museum

Road Trip Route. Visit a country bird park, Take a photo at an abandoned mansion, Marvel at unusual artworks.

An itinerary for lovers of travel and the unusual. You will visit an abandoned manor house, a bird park, a museum with exhibits made of everything you can get your hands on, and before dinner you can take a steam bath in the country club. *Park and museum tickets can be bought on the spot, but if you want to visit the sauna, you should book it in advance on the [official site]( of the club. *

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A day of unusual experiences

The day will start with a visit to the abandoned farmstead in the village of Petrovskoye, Naro-Fominskiy district, after which you will visit a unique park, where there is an opportunity to look at rare exotic birds and animals. The end of the trip is a steam bath and a dinner at the restaurant.


In order to do everything in time and not to be stuck in traffic, you should leave early.

Usad'ba Petrovskoye-Alabino

First of all go to the village Petrovskoye, Naro-Fominsk district - to the abandoned farmstead. The farmstead was built in the late 18th century. Originally it belonged to the Demidovs. Demidov built it for his wife, but she never got to see it. The estate had a very beautiful park with alleys and sculptures. In the middle of XIX century the estate was owned by Prince A.V. Meshchersky. The manor is almost completely ruined, but this adds to the atmosphere of the place. An unusual photo set is something worth stopping here for.

Парк птиц «Воробьи»

Perhaps the main attraction of the route is one of the most interesting and large-scale zoos in the entire Moscow region - the park "Sparrows". Many exotic species of birds and animals can be seen on its territory in different thematic areas. More details can be found at [official website](


The roadside cafe belonging to the next attraction is great for a quick lunch. The food is simple but tasty. The main thing is that everything is quick, and you don't have to waste a lot of precious time.

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

An incredibly interesting and unusual museum in the Moscow region is the Moo Moo Art Museum of Debris. A lot of designers had a hand in creating its unique exposition. There will be many reasons to be amazed. You can also find out more about prices and exhibitions [on the site](

Hotel Luchy

The country club normally operates in a hotel and amusement park format, but is now closed due to the aftermath of the lockdown. They plan to reopen fully by the summer of 2021 - an excuse to return here to view the quirky upside-down houses. At the moment you can take a steam in one of the baths of the complex. The rent starts from 2 hours and the price depends on the option you choose. Check out [official website]( for details. There are also contacts for booking.

Наш бараш

Dinner is at "Nash Barash" restaurant. The menu offers dishes for all tastes. Luxurious interior, polite staff, pleasant atmosphere, and most importantly - a high rating according to the reviews of visitors. It's worth booking a table in advance. Contacts are specified on [website of the restaurant](