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Village gastronomy in the Kaliningrad region

Road Trip Route. Have fun in a safari park., Find the ruins of Castle Brandenburg, Feel the chivalrous spirit at Schaaken Castle., Buy homemade cheese and chocolate, Walk around the fishing village, Buy fresh goat milk, Horseback riding, .

This trip will suit the truest of eco-foods HUNDREDS. You will visit the most famous farmlands of the Kaliningrad region, where you will not only get acquainted with everyday life and living animals, but also buy products of your own home production, namely cheeses, dairy products, meat delicacies and fish. The journey will also be enhanced by the ruins and castles encountered along the way. Delight and amazement are guaranteed! **Reserve hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback.

Gastronomy. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Home-made dairy production

Today you will have a sea of impressions, as you will have to go far away, to the borders of Poland. The most interesting location of the day is the eco-farm Mushkino, where you can try a lot of activities and enjoy the fresh air. Here you can also stay for lunch with magnificent country views. The second half of the trip will be dedicated to Shaaken Castle and the local cheese factory, where you can buy not only cheese but also handmade chocolate. Dinner and sunset will take place on the colorful shores of the Curonian Gulf.


Brandenburg (замок Бранденбург)

These ruins take us back centuries, to the time of Prussia. There is one but very beautiful wall of Frobourg, the ruins of which are heavily overgrown with bushes and grass.

Mushkino Safari Park

In this wonderful safari park you will find a sea of outdoor activities! There is a sauna complex, equestrian club, contact zoo, skeet shooting, golf, summer kitchen, routes along the Seaside swamp, glade with a place for a fire, eco-trail through the Klingbeksky forest. Make sure you have lunch here. You will be served dishes from the freshest products grown on your own organic farm. A real paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs of organic food. Be sure to call in advance and book the activity you are interested in by calling the numbers indicated on the official [site](

Кирха Нойхаузен

At the end of the 14th century two important buildings appeared in Neuhausen: a mill at the castle pond and a church. The kirch was already renovated in our time. It is probably the most interesting object in Guryevsk, which deserves your attention.

Schaaken (Замок Шаакен)

It is a museum-historical complex where you can walk, change into different costumes, see a knight's duel, try to climb up the rope stairs. Next to the castle is a cheese factory. Inside the building there are glass walls behind which you can see the equipment in operation as well as the stored cheese ripening heads. Here you can also buy various types of cheese. There is also a large selection of locally made chocolate, marzipan, sweets for every taste and color. Monday's a day off.


Spend your well-deserved fish dinner on the shore of the Curonian Kosa. Here you will be offered the freshest catch and a lot of fine dishes. Especially delicious is the open grill.

Day 2: Fishermen, farmers and horse breeders

You'll start the day with sport fishing at the resort. Be sure to take a walk around the area. Then, you'll stop at Goat Yard, where you can learn what a goat farm looks like and buy fresh goat milk products. The afternoon will be dedicated to the castle of the same name Georgenburg and horseback riding in its territory.

Fishing at Fish Dorf holiday base

Meet this day with rods and scenic views right at Fish Dorf. There are bream, carp, perch, roach, red pepper, crucian carp, pike-perch, tench, sazan. This is sport fishing, so all caught fish must be released. Services can be booked in advance by contacting the official [site](

Goat Yard

Manor "Goat Court" - the estate of the royal forester of 1900 built. At the spacious courtyard here and there you can see old, still German tools. The owner of the estate has been collecting them for twenty years since he bought this house. Here you can also buy dairy products from goat milk. Before visiting the yard, please call in advance at the contacts indicated on the official [site](

Restaurant Classic

A pleasant atmosphere and dishes prepared with love - all this awaits you at the restaurant "Classic". Here you will find European and Russian cuisine in the author's performance from the chef. Visitors are recommended to try borsht of fresh cabbage and salad "Okhotnichya hut" for meat lovers.

Georgenburg (замок Георгенбург)

This is one of the three best preserved castles in the Kaliningrad region, built by order of the Grand Master Winrich von Kniproda. In the beginning, it was a fortification with wooden walls, towers and the surrounding moat. The settlement of Georgenburg, named after St. George, was founded in 1337.

Конезавод «Георгенбург»

The horse factory has also existed in the vicinity of the castle for centuries. It is a large modern complex with a museum, hotel, cafe. It still breeds breeding horses for sale, organizes equestrian competitions and has the opportunity to ride and feed the horses. Please note that you can visit the equestrian complex from Tuesday to Sunday. Excursions must be agreed in advance, contact information can be found at [site](

Radisson Blu

So, the journey has come to an end. You must be overwhelmed with emotions and vivid impressions in your memory. Choose the most comfortable place at the "Brasserie de Verres en Vers" restaurant of the Radisson Blu Hotel and enjoy a delicious dinner. **If you are a guest of the city, book a room on a special page on the site [Radisson Hotels](**, pay for it with a premium card Mastercard and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early check-in and late check-out. [Full promotion rules](**