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Road Trip Route. You'll see picturesque places, You're gonna be the whole family in the countryside, Visit the museums and discover something new, You'll be able to travel with your kids.

Dear traveler! This is a very picturesque and quite a quiet trip, in which you will be a lot of fresh air, walking and of course you will see the various natural places! The trip is designed in such a way that you will feel comfortable with your children if they are over six or seven years old. I really hope you appreciate and enjoy this trip!

Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Victoria

Darcy Moore. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The beginning of our journey in Victoria

Welcome to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. This city is called a little corner of paradise. It is a very beautiful and cozy Canadian town. Here you will find beautiful parks and amazing scenery.

The Commons

Excellent establishment, very pleasant atmosphere, fast and quality service. However, I would like to warn you that if you are going on this trip with young children, this institution does not have high chairs for feeding.

Day 2: Victoria sights

The second day of seven. The plan was to visit places of interest and take a short walk. We chose quite famous and very picturesque places.

Jam Cafe

A very nice breakfast cafe. The schedule is perfect for people who like to get up early. The menu is simple enough, but you don't have to be too superfluous for breakfast. Our family was happy to visit this place. It made everything all right. From the service to the cost of food.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings

We really like all the parliamentary buildings. Their architecture certainly attracts views. And this building is no exception. Speaking of which, the backdrop is amazing!

The Commons

Before visiting the castle, we went for a bite to eat in a nice place on the beach. The atmosphere here is very calm, probably due to the restrained color scheme in the interior.

Craigdarroch Castle

This place is a must-visit! You can dive into the last century. A very beautiful castle - a museum. It feels like you're in a fairy tale.

Il Terrazzo

Very cozy and elegant Italian restaurant. The dimmed light and expensive interior create a very pleasant impression. It is quiet enough in the institution, despite the fact that it is crowded, so you can enjoy your food and communication with your interlocutors without problems. Very friendly and educated staff, quality service. We were very pleased.

Westsong Walkway

Places near the water cannot but attract. It was very quiet there, plus everything else we were lucky with the weather and it was sunny, so our walk was wonderful.

Day 3: Wrapping up the ride in Victoria and moving on

Today we planned to visit a couple more historical sites and take a walk through a beautiful park. Tomorrow we will be heading to the next point of our itinerary, so today we decided to enjoy the wonderful views of this city to the fullest.

Blue Fox Cafe

It's a very nice place. Prices are not very high, but this does not affect the service and appearance of the coffee shop. The menu isn't too big, but you'll find something to eat!

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

This place can be called a real paradise. Once you get inside, you'll feel like you're on another planet. Everything blossoms around, plants smell amazingly and the most important thing is, of course, a variety of very beautiful butterflies. I think it would be interesting to visit this place at any age. You can just walk around with your family and relax a little bit, or even ask your soul mate out on a date.

East Sooke Regional Park Ayland Farm

This park also has some kind of magical atmosphere, maybe. There's a peace and tranquillity there that I can't tell you in words. Walking around the area, you will be able to take many beautiful pictures. And in general, besides all the beauty, what can be healthier than walking outdoors?

East Sooke Regional Park

We took a little longer drive along the coast in search of beautiful locations. The views here are so breathtaking!

Glo Restaurant & Lounge

This place has an incredibly beautiful panorama! My weakness is panoramic restaurants and coffee shops. That's why I was so excited! I also really liked the menu and the food service. Beautiful and unusual!

Beacon Hill Park

A huge park, very well maintained and clean. It's a great place to go for a family walk, picnic or even play outdoor sports. The area is quite large, so you can spend a long time in this park.

Day 4: The beauties of Nanaimo

We have arrived in British Columbia's second most populous city. In Nanaimo, you will see equally beautiful views. We will visit many different parks and be in nature.

Heron Rock Bistro

Before we go any further, we need to have a hearty breakfast. Our choice fell on this restaurant not only because of the convenient working hours of the institution, which allows you to visit this place at any time convenient for us, but also because of the many good reviews and high rating. Everything's a match. What we expected, we got!

Colliery Dam Park

We've arrived at a wonderful and very picturesque place. After the road, a walk on the poddy places - a pleasure!

Smokin' George's BBQ

This place is very similar to a fast food restaurant, which I personally am rather skeptical about. But despite my skepticism, it was very clean, crowded, and we were prepared with quality and delicious food, so none of us were left disappointed.

Neck Point Park

We'd definitely call this park a place of peace and quiet. It's unusually beautiful! We've got a lot of pictures of nature from this place to remember. You can easily find shops all over the area, so you can sit and admire the picturesque places.

Modern Cafe

Very bright institution, large cocktail and wine list, beautiful atmosphere, quite romantic. Not particularly suitable for visits with small children, but it's not critical.

Day 5: Traveling in Nanaimo

Today we will not only visit nature, but we will also stop by an interesting museum. It's as quiet and peaceful a day as possible.

Mon Petit Choux

This must have been the best coffee we've had on our trip. The opening hours are as follows: Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Very convenient! The price range is very low, so you won't spend much here. However, I would like to clarify at once that there are no high chairs in the institution, so again, if you travel with very young children, then you will be problematic.

Nanaimo Museum

The Nanaimo Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from ten in the morning to five in the evening, so if you want to visit this museum, we recommend you go there in the morning. This is a wonderful museum, where you can learn a lot of new, useful and, most importantly, interesting information about the city. Very informative!

Morning Star Bison Ranch. BC Bison Ranch Tours

Very interesting and unusual place to visit. Unambiguous, I'd say. If you and your children love animals, and you would be interested in seeing bison near you, feeding them and photographing them, then you can safely go!

Asteras Greek Taverna

But this place has both vegetarian dishes and high chairs! So, what can we tell you about this place? To begin with the schedule: from Monday to Thursday the institution works from eleven in the morning to ten in the evening, on Friday and Saturday from eleven in the morning to eleven in the evening, and on Sunday from four in the evening to ten in the evening. Now about the place. Wonderful Greek food! It felt like we were really in Greece. Very nice, family atmosphere. Anyway, it's all at the highest level.

Bowen Park

Really a very beautiful park. We have heard about this park that there are a lot of beautiful places there, that newlyweds often walk there and that there are waterfalls. That's what it is. You can't make out any specific places in the park, everything was very, very picturesque. However, it is better to walk in the light of day, in the evening you will not be able to fully enjoy all the beauty.

Day 6: Last day of the trip

This is the last day before our departure. We saw a lot of spectacular scenery and took a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the information noise. It's a shame that time flies so fast on a trip!

The Vault

We've had very mixed emotions since we visited this place. It's a completely unconventional coffee shop. It's not much to eat there, but we really liked the unusual appearance of the place. Definitely something new.

Macmillan Provincial Park

It's more of a forest than a park. And to be more specific, it's a forest park. The area is being watched, but when you walk there, you'll feel like you're in the woods. It's very beautiful and everything is filled with this forest freshness.

Parksville Beach

Walking on this beach was a pleasure. We used to collect sinks and build sand castles with the kids. It's a great place to switch a little bit and feel like you're at sea.

Browns Socialhouse Nanaimo North

There are high chairs in the facility, as well as outdoor tables. We prefer not to sit on the open terraces, but if someone likes tables outdoors, this institution will definitely like it. Very polite and sociable staff, we were served very quickly, there is a wonderful and very tasty meal for all tastes!

Westwood Lake

And again today, we're going to the water. We were drawn to water. We heard about this place, which is very beautiful, so we decided to look at it with our own eyes. When we arrived, we were very impressed with the views around us. Canada has always been famous for its extraordinary nature and this place is a proof of that.

Day 7: Homecoming

We turn the car in and return home. It wasn't the most scenic ride, but it was comfortable and scenic. By the way, if your flight is scheduled for the evening and you like thrills, there is a rope park near the airport, where you can actively spend time in nature.

old town bakery

Everything was amazing. Yes, this is not the place where you can have a dense breakfast, but here you can definitely have a tasty breakfast and, most importantly, get a charge of positive emotions for the whole day.