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Ural exotic cheeses

Road Trip Route. Nikolskaya Sloboda Cheese Maker., Deer farm "Velvet Horns", Kosoy Broad, Obelisk "Europe-Asia" in Kurganovo.

I suggest you make a gastronomic tour to a private cheese factory "Nikolskaya Sloboda". You will participate in the process of cheese making, look at the work of dairymaids, meet all the inhabitants of the farm - and these are not only cows, but also horses, goats, sheep, piglets and turkeys, and, of course, taste the divine cheeses! And on the way you can visit the spotted deer and raccoons, walk around the old village from Bazhov's tales and mark the border of Europe and Asia.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: 33 cows and 19 kinds of real Ural cheese.

Today you will visit a farm in an ecologically clean area, taste exotic Ural cheeses and even take part in the cheese-making process.


Gazpromneft filling station #2

An exciting journey awaits you! Before a long journey and an interesting trip we recommend you to stop at a proven gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel and take a cup of delicious coffee to make the road more comfortable.

Obelisk "Border of Europe and Asia" in Kurganovo

There are 34 Europe-Asia obelisks in the Sverdlovsk Region. This one is the easternmost one. The memorial sign is made of pink and white marble with a metal pointed spire. Mark the border between Europe and Asia, take a photo and move on!

Kosoy Broad

The history of Kosovo Brod - the setting for many of Bazhov's fables - begins in 1723, when a wooden Kosobrodskaya fortress was built here to defend against Bashkir raids. You should start your walk around the village by climbing up Shkolnaya Mountain, on top of which there is a marble obelisk with a carved date of the village's foundation. There is a new stone church in the village built recently. The building looks like a beautiful openwork tower. And in the streets of Kosovo Brod you can find pretty houses with tracery wooden carvings.

Deer farm "Velvet Horns"

The farm is located on a large protected area of 8 square kilometers in the forest near Sysertskoye Lake. There are spotted deer, horses, ostriches, raccoons, goats, rabbits and even a camel! Entrance costs about a hundred rubles. You will be given food for the animals for a fee. All the inhabitants are very friendly, eager to make contact with people and feed from their hands. The farm also has a cozy cafe where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal, a gazebo for rest, a cabin with a bathhouse, and a snowmobile rental.

Nikolskaya Sloboda Farm

Visit the private cheese dairy "Nikolskaya Sloboda", which produces 19 types of cheese from the milk of cows of Ayrshire breed. To build a route to the farm you need to bypass, through the town of Castle is 120 km and about 2 hours of travel. On the farm for you to spend a fascinating tour and tasting, show the process of cheese-making, organize a master class on rural pastry and introduce the inhabitants of the farm: cows, horses, sheep, goats and turkeys. You should make an appointment for the tour in advance, you can do it right on the website [farms](http://nksl.ru/farm).


If you get hungry again after tasting the rustic delicacies on the farm, you can stop by for dinner at a cafe near Ilyinskoe pond. What is definitely worth tasting here is grilled meat or fish.