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Unusual and mysterious places in the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Find the head of a stone giant, Uncover the mystery of the Volkovica Tower, Visit abandoned manor houses, .

Do you think that the perfect romantic weekend is to travel together to unconventional places in search of interesting locations and photo opportunities? Then this itinerary is for you! In the morning, you'll go to Sergievka Park in search of the mysterious stone giant, then explore inside and outside the two ancient towers, admire the slipping beauty of the crumbling Trinity Church and the manor, which belonged to the merchant Eliseev family.

Unobvious locations, Adventures. From: Saint Petersburg

Anna Semochkina. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mysteries of old estates

Meet the sleeping giant, have your photo taken in front of a temple resembling ancient ruins and explore the castle manor.

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Nature Monument "Park Sergievka"

Here you will find a mysterious stone head peeking out of the ground. The sculptor of this monument is not known, the only clue is that it was designed by F. Brower. According to the author's idea the head was supposed to depict a Russian warrior in an orthodox helmet. According to one of the legends, there used to be a spring above the head that fed the stone giant. After the spring dried up, the "warrior" began to grow into the ground.

Усадьба Волковицы

A mill, a landlord's lighthouse or a defensive structure? It's up to you to solve the mystery of an ancient, dilapidated tower.

Церковь Святой Троицы

Today the preserved fragment of Trinity Church looks more like the ruins of ancient buildings. More than a century ago there was a flourishing noblemen's estate in the now empty space. Alas, the only thing that has survived is the brick pillars at the gates.

Усадьба Елисеевых в Белогорке

The manor, which resembles a fairy tale castle, belonged to the merchant Eliseev family. Today it is in disrepair, but it hasn't lost its charm. It is free to enter the grounds and you can explore the building from the inside, but be careful: time and weather are not kind to old structures.


For lunch, check out the cozy cafe, decorated like an old bohemian apartment. The design features a huge number of different clocks, books and photographs on the walls. If you wish, you can book a table by phone +7 (921) 325-46-06.

Verevskaya Vodovzvodnaya Bashnya Inka

Another unusual abandoned structure is the Inka Verevskaya Water Tower, covered with shell splinters. The history of the tower dates back to the beginning of the XVIII century - the time of Catherine I, when the first canals started to be laid for the summer residence of emperors.

Китайская деревня

Sometimes you can find something new even in familiar places. Take a walk through the "Chinese" part of Aleksandrovsky Park to the half-destroyed theatre and bridge, guarded by small but very serious dragons.

Хлебниковъ трактиръ

The trip is coming to an end, it's time to discuss the impressions of the day and review the photos taken. For dinner, stop by a traditional restaurant where you can relax and enjoy Russian cuisine. You can book a table at +7 (812) 941-67-22.

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