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Unsolved secrets and lost heritage

Unsolved secrets and lost heritage
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On this journey, you will feel like a real explorer with the challenge of finding dilapidated castles, cyrches and monuments. They are all hidden in the forests of the Kaliningrad region, so you will have to walk a lot. First you will visit Mushkino Safari Park with a wide range of activities for every taste. After that you will reach the Baltic coast, where you will see the ruins of the famous Brandenburg Castle. Moving along the border with Poland, you'll get to know the cities of Bagrationovsk, Railway and Pravdinsk. The way will be rich and varied, enjoy it!
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Horseback riding in a safari park.
  • Find the remains of Castle Brandenburg.
  • To get to know the cities Bagrationovsk and Zheleznodorozhny.
  • Visit Castle Preisisch-Eilau.
  • Find an abandoned Yesau airfield.
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Stone Giants
Day 194 km1 m

Stone Giants

Start this day by visiting the wonderful safari park. Choose the coolest activity and have fun! Then you'll find the ruins of stone giants that live on in the lost places of the Kaliningrad region: Brandenburg Castle on the Baltic Sea coast, Kirch of St. Nicholas and Barbara in the village of Kornevo, Preisish-Eilau Castle in Bagrationovsk.
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Along the border with Poland
Day 2160 km

Along the border with Poland

Today you will drive along the border with Poland, to the East. You will get to know the city of Railway, where the ruins of Prussian castle Gerdauen are located. You'll also visit Pravdinsk, where you'll stroll along the Lava River embankment and capture the charm of local places. Before dinner, be sure to find an abandoned airfield, which was created by the Germans at the beginning of World War II.
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