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 Unity with nature in the Hot Spring

Road Trip Route. The Devil's Jaw Falls., Dante gorge, The Rock of the Cockerel., Mirror Rock.

Hot Key is a small town only 50 km from Krasnodar. And in its vicinity there are many unique natural objects. To see them with your own eyes and enjoy nature is a unique pleasure.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Krasnodar

Sofiya Kalashnikova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A day at Hot Key.

Waterfalls, rocks and mineral water.



Before we start our trip, we'll stop at Tabris supermarket. It is worth buying food and water for the whole day, because active walks take a lot of effort. You can be refreshed in between sightseeing breaks or find a secluded place to take a break in nature.

Vodopad Psechiako

In the upper reaches of Maltsev brook is a waterfall "The Devil's Jaws". It has a different name from the Adygean tribes-Psechiako ("Short River") that inhabited the territory. The waterfall consists of 4 cascades. Its height is 23 meters. A well stuffed trail rises from the left bank of the stream.

Скала «Петушок»

The 28-meter-high rock is located on the bank of the Psekups River. There are small caves in the rock. Their names are Zvonkaya cave and Salvation cave. Between them the Stairs of Life are cut down. At the top of the rock there is a gazebo. The other name of this place is Salvation Rock. It's linked to a legend. The legend says that in the previous Adyg aul, those condemned to death could be saved thanks to this rock. It was required to run to the caves after the verdict was pronounced. The next night, the runaway could leave the aul with impunity and not come back.

Питьевая галерея

In the drinking gallery, travellers can taste the Psekup mineral waters. The water is presented from 3 wells. Each well has a special number. On it you can learn the chemical composition and degree of mineralization.

Дантово Ущелье

As one can guess, the name of the gorge is associated with the name of the well-known author of "Divine Comedy". It got such a name because of associations with the road to hell described in it. In the XIX century locals cut through a staircase in the rock. This is where the route goes. The length of the gorge is about 100 meters, depth - about 15 meters, width - 8 meters.

Zerkal'naya Skala

The last place in our route is a rock called "The Mirror". Why is that name? It has to do with the fact that sometimes under the rays of the sun the rock sparkles like a mirror with quartz sandstone rock. This smooth rock is the highest rock formation in the vicinity of Hot Key. Her height is 32 meters. It's 3 kilometres along.