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Unity with nature and culture of Moscow region

Road Trip Route. Visit Bykovo estate, Spend time in the nature, Join an art workshop at the Guslitsa estate, Plunge into country life, Ride a horse, .

The Moscow region is probably one of the most culturally developed regions of the country. Here unique traditions and history, authentic life and nature are intertwined. Journey will contain a part of every aspect of the rich life of this region. Interesting excursions, fun walks, creativity and contemplation await you. Dress up for the weather and go! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](https://www.volkswagen-commercial.ru/ru/model-overview/multivan.html?utm_source=Multivan&utm_medium=cpm&utm_content=Multivan&utm_campaign=LCV_Road_Travel&tc=oa-LCV_Road_Travel-Multivan-cpm-Keyword_Multivan-banner).

Families with Kids. From: Moscow

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: At the junction of the classics and modernity.

This day will be very rich in culture. We will start it by visiting the Bykovo estate, which is amazing in its architecture and landscape. In the afternoon we will also have a fascinating excursion to the creative estate "Guslica".


Усадьба Быково

Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque park at the manor house. It was laid out in English style and decorated with an alley of black roses, which the estate owners bought in France. The palace is made in the style of English castles. The southern facade is built in the classical style, its decoration is a portico with caryatids - columns in the form of beautiful female figures.

Кратовский пруд

Make a small stop by the picturesque pond. The pond is surrounded by a small pine forest, so there's plenty of room for a walk or a picnic.

Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers' gastropub combines the atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub with delicious quality food. Situated in a spacious two-storey mansion, the restaurant has several cosy dining areas. There are both classic pub dishes and gastronomic delights such as grilled seafood and dry-ripening steaks.

Творческая Усадьба "Гуслица"

This is one of the largest art residences in the country, and at the same time - a major volunteer project. There are 25 workshops, where master classes for children and adults are held, where you can learn the basics of drawing, ceramics, object photography and even choreography and vocal. To attend the master class you need to make an appointment in advance, you can sign up at the official [site](https://art-guslitsa.ru/ourprojects#popup:performama).

Шварц Кайзер

This gastropub is the real epicentre of fun with a large selection of signature beers, excellent cuisine and warm welcome. Bon appetit!

Day 2: Russian traditions

The second day will begin with a visit to a family farm, where you can not only buy natural products, but also get to know the Russian traditional way of life in the village. And then you will get acquainted with horses in the equestrian park "Rus'". Take with you a great mood, and the day will undoubtedly succeed in glory.

Eco Farm Teterinas

There is a wide range of entertainment at any time of year, excursion programs for adults and children, fresh and environmentally friendly products, individual approach to recreation. Be sure to call in advance the contacts indicated on the official [site](http://ecoferma-ryzhevo.ru/) and book the excursion you are interested in.

Синь России

On the way you should stop at the famous Gzhel Souvenir Shop. Here you will find a wide range of painted dishes and home decor. Maybe you'll like something a lot.

Jazz Cafe

It's time for lunch, we offer refreshments at "Jazz Cafe". The menu is quite diverse, you can treat yourself to a juicy burger, or choose from home cooking by ordering chicken soup and zucchini pancakes.

Подворье Покровского женского монастыря

Make a small stop at the picturesque convent. Explore its architecture, relax in the fresh air and go!

Национальный конный парк «Русь»

Equestrian Park "Rus" is not only a place where you can ride. There are also a contact zoo, the Valley of Fairy Tales thematic zone, a sculpture museum, an amusement park for the youngest and a museum of military equipment. To find out the schedule of events and to book a riding session, please contact the official [site](http://horse-park.com/visitors/).


Concrete, wood, metal structures, impersonal walls, a winter veranda buried in the green - all this greatness of design is collected in one institution. In addition, there is an open kitchen - a good opportunity to watch the preparation of food. Grill dishes here are prepared incredibly delicious!