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Unique nature of Sochi

Road Trip Route. To visit the highest point of the coastal part of Sochi, See the natural cascade of three waterfalls, To find yourself in a place where the rarest plants and animals are collected..

The main purpose of this trip will be to get acquainted with the nature of Sochi, which is a kind of unique. Our journey will begin at the highest point of the coastal part of Sochi - Mount Akhun. We will get to the Agur Gorge, where there is a cascade of three waterfalls and find ourselves at the mysterious water body "Devil's Font". We will walk along the picturesque paths of Tiso-Samshit Grove and see a monument of prehistoric nature, which survived the glacial period - boxwood colchis. I advise you to always bring comfortable shoes for walking.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mount Akhun and the Agur Gorge

The trip will begin with a visit to the Big Akhun Mountain, where we will see the city from a bird's eye view and take many beautiful pictures. Then we will have lunch in a cafe with picturesque interior and Caucasian national cuisine. After that we'll go to Agur gorge, where we'll walk along a well-appointed path, have a rest by the water body and see the famous cascade of three waterfalls. In the evening we will go to Hostinsky district.


Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain

Acquaintance with the unique nature of the Black Sea coast should begin with a visit to Mount Big Akhun, because it offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the coast. At the top of Big Akhun we will walk and spend time in a quiet environment, as well as visit the Ferris wheel, from which we will take many beautiful pictures and be amazed by the vast expanses of the Krasnodar region.

Bolshoi Akhun Mountain

Also on Mount Grand Akhun we will visit the best observation point on the entire coast, the observation tower, which was built in 1936. We will be able to see the panorama of Sochi and the surrounding areas up to the border with Abkhazia and the Caucasus Range.

Patskha Rtveli Malyy Akhun

Lunch will take place in an atmospheric restaurant complex with a picturesque interior, which is full of a huge number of sculptures and decorative figures. The menu includes dishes of national Georgian cuisine - these are juicy kebabs, mouth-watering khinkali and much more!

Агурское ущелье

After lunch we will go to one of the famous places - Agur Gorge. We will walk along hiking trails, admire a cascade of three waterfalls, each of which is steeper than the previous one and goes higher and higher. And after walking a few meters along the river bed, we will find ourselves at the mysterious water body "Devil's Font", surrounded by steep rocks. Here you can swim in warm weather, so take your bathing suits with you!


After spending time in nature - it's time for dinner. Free parking and unobtrusive live music.

Day 2: The Pearl of the Hostes - Tiso-Samsheet Grove

Most of today will be held in the natural reserve - Tiso-Samshitovaya Grove, where we will be waiting for the ecological route "Big Ring" and acquaintance with the flora of the Black Sea coast. In the evening we will return to Sochi and have dinner in a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and panoramic views of the Black Sea.

Хостинский рынок

Today we will spend in the reserve, so in order not to waste time looking for a restaurant for lunch, I suggest picnic in the fresh air and enjoy nature to the maximum. At the Hostin market you can buy fresh and delicious products with you!

Тисо-самшитовая роща

The Tiso-Samshit Grove is a unique natural site within the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. The Reserve is a kind of a museum - a repository of relict vegetation, left from the preglacial period virtually unchanged! There are twenty rare and endangered plant species listed in the Red Book. On the way we will meet the picturesque canyon "Damn Gate", prehistoric caves and a maze. And at the end of our trip you will have a magnificent view of the surroundings from the observation deck!

Пляж в Хосте

Hostin beach is immersed in greenery, the sea is always clean and small. The beach itself is small, but perfectly equipped for tourists' recreation. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh sea breeze!


After a long day outdoors, we will have dinner in a panoramic restaurant overlooking the expanse of the Black Sea. The table should be booked in advance, as there are a lot of people who want to get to this place. This is a great place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and try the best Mediterranean and Black Sea cuisine!