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Unique nature of Sochi

Unique nature of Sochi
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Sights in Nature
The main purpose of this trip will be to get acquainted with the nature of Sochi, which is a kind of unique.
Our journey will begin at the highest point of the coastal part of Sochi - Mount Akhun. We will get to the Agur Gorge, where there is a cascade of three waterfalls and find ourselves at the mysterious water body "Devil's Font". We will walk along the picturesque paths of Tiso-Samshit Grove and see a monument of prehistoric nature, which survived the glacial period - boxwood colchis.
I advise you to always bring comfortable shoes for walking.
Anna Akimenko
Anna Akimenko
  • To visit the highest point of the coastal part of Sochi.
  • See the natural cascade of three waterfalls.
  • To find yourself in a place where the rarest plants and animals are collected.
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Mount Akhun and the Agur Gorge
Day 143 km637 m

Mount Akhun and the Agur Gorge

The trip will begin with a visit to the Big Akhun Mountain, where we will see the city from a bird's eye view and take many beautiful pictures. Then we will have lunch in a cafe with picturesque interior and Caucasian national cuisine. After that we'll go to Agur gorge, where we'll walk along a well-appointed path, have a rest by the water body and see the famous cascade of three waterfalls. In the evening we will go to Hostinsky district.
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The Pearl of the Hostes - Tiso-Samsheet Grove
Day 234 km

The Pearl of the Hostes - Tiso-Samsheet Grove

Most of today will be held in the natural reserve - Tiso-Samshitovaya Grove, where we will be waiting for the ecological route "Big Ring" and acquaintance with the flora of the Black Sea coast. In the evening we will return to Sochi and have dinner in a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and panoramic views of the Black Sea.
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