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Unique natural treasure of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. Great Kaverzin Falls, Kiselev Rock, Caucasian reserve, White Cliffs, Mamedovo Gorge, Fir meadow, Cape Kadosh, Bogatyr caves, Ayuk Falls, Volkonsky Dolmen.

In three days you can visit many famous natural attractions of Krasnodar region, such as the Caucasus Reserve, the Great Kaverzinsky waterfall, as well as those places that are still unknown to most tourists, such as Cape Kadosh. In addition, you can try the useful water from mineral springs. A three-day trip will introduce you to the beauty and diversity of nature.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Krasnodar

Tatiana Mumleva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: First day of the trip. Visiting caves and waterfalls.

Today we will visit Bogatyrsky caves, Ayuksky waterfall, Bolshoy Kaverzinsky waterfall and will pass through the Ridge pass.

Powerful cave

The journey begins with visiting Bogatyr caves. You should take a look at these caves, because scientists are still arguing about their origin. It is a very beautiful and mystical place.

Ayuksky waterfall №3

The waterfall is two cascades, the first cascade is about 5 meters high, the second, the lower cascade is about 4 meters high.


On the way we stop at the restaurant "Cossacks" for lunch. The institution is an estate with the owner's house, arbours and a watch tower. It is an atmospheric and cozy place, where delicious dishes are served.

Смотровая Площадка

Then we go to the observation deck to see the beauty of the edge.

Хребтовый перевал

On the way to the next natural attraction we pass the Ridge Pass. The place is very beautiful!

Bol'shoy Kaverzinskiy Vodopad

The largest and most well-groomed waterfall. It reaches a height of about 10 meters. After the rains the waterfall is quite full-flowing and very beautiful.


We stop by for dinner in the cafe "Panorama", which in addition to delicious and inexpensive dishes offers you a wonderful view of the mountains and the sea.

Day 2: Day two. Visiting dolmens and picturesque rocks.

Today we are going to visit Kiselev Rock and White Rocks, as well as Volkonskie Dolmeny and Mineralnyi Source Cvijepse.

скала Киселёва

Our journey will take us along the sea coast. The first stop is at Kiselev Rock. This place became famous after the entrance of the movie "The Diamond Hand". This is the place where the famous fishing scene on the White Rock with Yury Nikulin and Andrey Mironov was filmed.

Волконский Дольмен

Volkonsky dolmen - a unique monolithic structure, carved into the rock. It is the only full-size dolmen of monolithic type preserved in the world.

Кавказский Дворик

For lunch we stop by the grill bar "Caucasian Yard". There are places on the street. Many visitors note that this place is deliciously prepared.

Белые Скалы

After a hearty lunch, we're off to the White Rocks. The White Rocks are a circular walking route to the waterfall and the beautiful nature of the surrounding area.

Mineral source Chvizhepse

It is worth visiting the Čvijepse spring, where the water is filled with minerals beneficial to the body. The spring has a lot of useful properties and helps to recharge energy.

Медвежий угол

We stop by for dinner in the cafe "Bear Corner", located nearby. The institution is very cozy, live music plays, you can feel the mountain air. After a hearty dinner we go to the hotel.

Day 3: Day three. Visiting the reserve, cape, mountains and gorges.

Today we will visit the Caucasian reserve, Fir Glade, Mammadovo Gorge and Cape Kadosh.

Кавказский заповедник

We leave at 8:00 to visit the most interesting places and have time to get home. The Caucasian reserve is the largest and the oldest specially protected natural area in the North Caucasus. You should see nature untouched by man with your own eyes.

Пихтовая поляна

There are several beautiful and picturesque routes from Pikhtova glade: to the lakes, to the top, to the glacier. However, this time we will stop at this place to explore the surrounding area.


Quick lunch at Babylon. Here you can taste delicious dishes and listen to live music. Then we head towards Krasnodar.

Mamedovo Ushchel'ye

Mamedovo Gorge is one of the most popular natural monuments in the Big Sochi. Among its advantages are unusually beautiful landscapes, easy route and convenient location.

Mys Kadosh

This beautiful piece of coastal territory is still unknown to most tourists, but the cape is really beautiful and untouched by tourists.


On the way home we stop at the restaurant "Harchevnya". Here you can have a rest from the far road. The institution offers dishes for every taste. Then we go straight to Krasnodar. This three-day trip comes to an end.