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Unforgettable Trip Around Boston

Unforgettable Trip Around Boston
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4 Days


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247 km






Sights in NatureHistory and Culture
Perhaps many of us sometimes feel tired and over saturated with city life and associated bustle. This scenario is perfect to get away from your life for a while and devote some time to thinking of eternal things, including marvelous nature and unique culture.
More than half of the state of Massachusetts is occupied by forests, swamps, lakes and parks. In intact primary wild lands, you can often see such wild animals as deer, moose, and various species of small animals and unusual birds. The nature of these places is beautiful at any time of the year, whether it is a snowy winter, or autumn with its crimson dye, or sunny summer.
Another significant advantage of relaxation here is the rich cultural life of the state as a whole and Boston in particular, which is sometimes not limited to painting. In various museums you can find expositions devoted to science, technology, fashion, history, and contemporary art. In general, any person can find something new and extraordinary in this diversity.
Alexandr Kosar
Alexandr Kosar
  • Take an unforgettable trip through unique natural sites near Boston.
  • Enjoy exciting excursions to unique museums.
  • Explore the history and culture of these places and others.

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Travel Itinerary

Welcome to Boston, Pioneer City
Day 110 km

Welcome to Boston, Pioneer City

Your day is somewhat limited in time, so you will devote it to exclusively necessary preparations to feel comfortable starting the trip around the unique city tomorrow.
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Parks and Museums in the Neighborhood of Boston
Day 2111 km

Parks and Museums in the Neighborhood of Boston

It promises to be a very exciting and busy day. You'll visit many parks, natural and historical sites near the city, and enjoy the culture in fascinating museums and galleries.
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Visiting Parks and Museums
Day 3113 km

Visiting Parks and Museums

Today will be a fascinating and eventful day. You will go outside the city to the area offering serene walks through picturesque parks and outstanding tours of unique museums.
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Farewell Moments
Day 413 km

Farewell Moments

Your trip comes to an end, and the final step in Boston before your moving back home is a tour of a unique cultural site, Boston Museum of Fine Art.
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