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Unforgettable flavor of Rostov region

Road Trip Route. Ancient city of Tanais, Krasnosulinsky Canyon, Loga Park, Museum of Legend of the USSR, Palace of the Efremov Atamans.

If you want to diversify your travels, visit original locations and get new emotions, the script on the colorful places of the Rostov region for you! You will visit the ancient city of Tanais, which was a legend for a long time and later became a reality, and learn all about the life of local people. Get acquainted with the culture and life of the Don Cossacks and the Efremov family. Visit one of the most beautiful places in the Rostov region - Krasnosulin canyon with steep rocks and clear turquoise water. You will also walk through the local little Switzerland - a picturesque landscape park with ponds, where swans and colored fish swim, with many waterfalls, various sculptures, a castle, a lot of greenery and flowers. And after that you will visit an unusual and very interesting museum of the USSR, where a large collection of various Soviet cars, TV sets, radios, disc phones, children's toys and many other Soviet vintage items is presented. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Unobvious locations. From: Rostov-on-Don

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Ancient city of Tanais and Krasnosulin canyon

The trip will begin with a visit to a unique place - the archaeological museum-reserve of Tanais, then rest in a picturesque place - Krasnosulin canyon. The day will end with a walk along the promenade and overnight stay at the hotel.



The first point of the route is the Tanais archaeological museum-reserve. The city was founded by the Greeks in the III century BC and existed for several centuries. For several centuries, Tanais existed only as a legend and no one knew whether the city really existed or not. However, Russian archaeologist I.A. Stempkovsky studied ancient books and found this city. On the territory you can see the huts of Meota, towers of poets, a model of the fortress, the ruins of the ancient city, as well as visit the museums of history of Tanais and historical costume, where found household items, tools, various statuettes, pots, jewelry, children's toys, clothes and much more. Excavations on the territory of the city are ongoing to this day, and each time there are more and more new discoveries.


We're going to a cafe for lunch. The menu offers dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisine. Pleasant environment, quiet music, friendly staff!

Красносулинский Каньон

We will visit one of the most picturesque places in the Rostov region - the flooded stone quarry. It is an ideal place to relax, walk, enjoy the scenery and recharge the energy of nature. Here you get very beautiful pictures!


We're going to Sobranie for dinner. In the warm season there is a summer veranda. The menu offers dishes of Russian, European and Asian cuisine: cold and hot appetizers, salads, meat and fish dishes, dishes on chargrill, various side dishes, pizza, rolls and sweet dishes. Live music, good service and big portions!


After a hearty dinner we'll take a walk along the waterfront. We'll get some fresh air and tune in the next day!

Day 2: Little Switzerland, USSR Museum, Palace of the Atamans of the Efremovs

The second day will begin with a visit to little Switzerland - Loga Park. The park has a lot of greenery, flowers, various sculptures, ponds, a temple and a castle. Further on the plan is a visit to the museum, where there is a large collection of Soviet-era equipment: cars, TVs, cameras, watches, radios and much more, and after that a visit to the Palace of the Atamans of the Efremovs, where there are items that belonged to the Efremov family, as well as exhibits on the history of the Don Cossacks. The trip ends with a dinner at a restaurant in Rostov-on-Don.


The day begins with a very picturesque and interesting landscape park, it is also called little Switzerland. The park is decorated in the style of folk tales and bylin. At the entrance to the park you will see sculptures of Cossacks and Cossacks, who meet you with bread and salt. Here you can see ducks, black and white swans, in the ponds there are fish of different colors and turtles. There are many sculptures of fairytale heroes, birds and animals, many waterfalls and fountains. There is also a castle in the area. In the souvenir shop you can buy handmade items, dolls and much more! The entrance to the park is free!

Музей Легенды СССР

Let's plunge into the Soviet period and visit the museum "Legends of the USSR", which has a large collection of items and equipment of this period. The first exposition - Soviet cars. Here you can see a collection of cars from ordinary Zaporozhets to luxury models - a limousine for members of the government. Next you will see a collection of Soviet TVs, radio receivers, film cameras, vinyl players and much more. In addition to equipment in the museum you can see cupboards, wall carpets, cuckoo clocks, samovars, Soviet children's toys and strollers.


After a busy morning program we will go for lunch to a restaurant in the town of Shakhty, the interior of which is designed in the style of a medieval castle. The menu offers dishes of Russian, European and Asian cuisine: various hot snacks, soups, salads, meat and fish dishes, dishes on chargrill, delicious desserts.

Дворец атаманов Ефремовых

The Yefremov family was one of the richest in the Don. In the palace of the ataman Efremovs you will learn the history of the Don Cossacks and about the family itself, get acquainted with the Cossack culture, see the weapons and ancient things of the Don Cossacks.


The trip ends with dinner at a cheese restaurant in Rostov-on-Don. The interior is dominated by beige shades, a lot of wood and greenery, which gives the restaurant an atmosphere of home village coziness. Cheeses are made here by the best Italian recipes. The menu includes a large number of various dishes: appetizers, hot dishes, dishes on a frying pan, on an open fire, side dishes, desserts and, of course, cheeses from the cheese factory and cheese salads. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard®.** **[Full promotion rules](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=novikov-group)]**