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    Day 1

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    A day in Adler

    The first day of our trip we'll be spending in Adler. We will sunbathe on the beach, play big tennis, go karting and feel like real racers, and by the end of the day we will go for a walk in the Olympic Park.
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    Пляж «Красный Штурм»

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    The first day of our trip will begin with a visit to the beach "Red Storm". It is surrounded by pine trees, so the pleasant smells of pine needles and sea water are mixed here.
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    15.9 km25 min
    Адлерская теннисная академия
    11:452 hrs

    Адлерская теннисная академия

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    There is a tennis academy in the heart of Adler. You can come here and try yourself as a real tennis player.
    • One hour of classes costs 680 rubles. The academy doesn't work on weekends.
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    6.5 km15 min
    14:002 hrs

    Армянский двор

    BBQ Joint
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    We will have lunch at Armenian cuisine restaurant "Armenian Yard". Here you will always find tasty food, hospitable staff and home-like cozy atmosphere.
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    5.1 km10 min
    16:1045 min

    Картинг-центр Forza

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    Opposite the Fisht Stadium is the Forza Karting Center. In this center you can feel like a real racer, albeit not for long. Driving skills are not important here, so anyone can try it.
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    4.1 km15 min
    Музыкальные фонтаны
    17:2030 min

    Музыкальные фонтаны

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    One of the grand performances in the city is the singing fountains. Beautiful music and illumination of water will be remembered for a long time. The fountains are located next to the Olympic torch bowl, the largest in the history of the Olympic Games.
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    546 m10 min
    18:0015 min

    Стена чемпионов Игр

    Outdoor Sculpture
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    You can also see a unique art object in the Olympic Park. The sculpture in the form of two triangles symbolizes the most outstanding athletes of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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    15.3 km20 min
    18:352 hrs

    Амшенский двор

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    Once we get to Cossack Ford, we go to dinner first thing. The "Amnshensky Dvor" serves North Caucasian and European dishes. The restaurant attracts attention not only with delicious food, but also with its interior in the style of a medieval castle.
    There is a small ethnographic museum on the territory of the restaurant. There you can see household items and clothes of Caucasian peoples.
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