You will visit the estates of D.I.Mendeleev, P.I.Tchaikovsky, A.Blok,. Visit the Imperial Palace of Travel in Tver.. Take a walk in the Botanical Garden and Victory Park in Tver.. Visit Kimry, Uglich, Yaroslavl.. You visit the Art Museum of Yaroslavl.. Visit the Yaroslavl Planetarium.. Relax on the island of Damascus.. You go to the Einstein Museum of Fun Sciences.. Visit the Rostov Kremlin. Visit the Vladimir-Suzdal museum-reserve and enjoy the beauty of Old Russian architecture.. Visit museums, parks and taste the local cuisine..

Tver-Yaroslavl-Vladimir: a cultural program for the whole family

After driving a few tens of kilometers north of Moscow, you can visit the estates of such wonderful people as D.I. Mendeleev, P.I. Tchaikovsky, A. Blok, learn about their work, plunge into the atmosphere of their lives. In Tver you can visit the Imperial Travel Palace, walk in the parks and gardens, visit the art gallery. In Yaroslavl we can combine history and modernity - we will visit the planetarium, Daman Entertainment Island and a wonderful art museum with a unique collection of paintings and sculptures! In Rostov and Suzdal we will visit the Kremlin and go back to the early Middle Ages. And Vladimir is simply mesmerizing with its beauty and antiquity: St. Dmitry's Cathedral, Golden Gate and a few dozen more masterpieces from the Vladimir-Suzdal museum-reserve, which you can look at and look at, absorbing their beauty and tranquility. This trip will surprise with availability and closeness of masterpieces and will forever leave an impression on the beauty of nature, history and architecture of the Upper Volga. Perfect for families with school-age children.

Tver-Yaroslavl-Vladimir: a cultural program for the whole family

6 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - History and Culture, Families with Kids, Arts and Creativity - Car, 3 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Families with Kids, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Ancient estates

Today is a wonderful day: we will get acquainted with the estates of A.Blok and his father-in-law Mendeleev, the estate where the great composer P.I.Tchaikovsky lived and worked. We will also visit a deeper antiquity - we will visit Tver and be photographed near the monument to Prince Mikhail Tversky, who laid down his life for peace on his lands.
Visiting: Tver', Klin, Moscow, Tarakanovo, Bobrovo

Day 2: Acquaintance with Tver

The Imperial Travel Palace with its art gallery, Botanical Garden, Victory Park and even a museum... a goat! That's where we're going!
Visiting: Tver'

Day 3: Pleasant experience on the trip

Kimry, Uglich, Yaroslavl! What a busy day we'll have! Impressions of the trip, fine cuisine - will be, what to remember in the evenings!
Visiting: Yaroslavl, Tver', Kimry, Uglich, Zapol'ye

Day 4: Unexpected discoveries in Yaroslavl

We'll visit the art museum, visit the planetarium and the island, where you can have fun and relax all day long, get acquainted with scientific facts and conduct experiments in the Einstein Museum, enjoy original cuisine, and all this - one day of travel.
Visiting: Yaroslavl

Day 5: Wonderful impressions of the Old Russian cities

Rostov Kremlin, Suzdal Kremlin, then a trip to Vladimir - three ancient Russian cities in one day! How can impressions not be mixed up here?! Everything will be all right! Because we still have excellent cuisine and good rest.
Visiting: Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Suzdal

Day 6: Impressive beauty of ancient Vladimir

Let's immerse ourselves in the stunning beauty of ancient Vladimir. And a few days for this is not enough, how rich and beautiful his story is! And how wonderful that all this has been preserved! And on the way we will visit the museum of Russian shawl and shawl. Well, and, of course, no one cancelled the gourmet meals.
Visiting: Vladimir, Moscow, Noginsk, Petushki, Pavlovskiy Posad