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Tver-Yaroslavl-Vladimir: a cultural program for the whole family

Road Trip Route. You will visit the estates of D.I.Mendeleev, P.I.Tchaikovsky, A.Blok,, Visit the Imperial Palace of Travel in Tver., Take a walk in the Botanical Garden and Victory Park in Tver., Visit Kimry, Uglich, Yaroslavl., You visit the Art Museum of Yaroslavl., Visit the Yaroslavl Planetarium., Relax on the island of Damascus., You go to the Einstein Museum of Fun Sciences., Visit the Rostov Kremlin, Visit the Vladimir-Suzdal museum-reserve and enjoy the beauty of Old Russian architecture., Visit museums, parks and taste the local cuisine..

After driving a few tens of kilometers north of Moscow, you can visit the estates of such wonderful people as D.I. Mendeleev, P.I. Tchaikovsky, A. Blok, learn about their work, plunge into the atmosphere of their lives. In Tver you can visit the Imperial Travel Palace, walk in the parks and gardens, visit the art gallery. In Yaroslavl we can combine history and modernity - we will visit the planetarium, Daman Entertainment Island and a wonderful art museum with a unique collection of paintings and sculptures! In Rostov and Suzdal we will visit the Kremlin and go back to the early Middle Ages. And Vladimir is simply mesmerizing with its beauty and antiquity: St. Dmitry's Cathedral, Golden Gate and a few dozen more masterpieces from the Vladimir-Suzdal museum-reserve, which you can look at and look at, absorbing their beauty and tranquility. This trip will surprise with availability and closeness of masterpieces and will forever leave an impression on the beauty of nature, history and architecture of the Upper Volga. Perfect for families with school-age children.

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Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Ancient estates

Today is a wonderful day: we will get acquainted with the estates of A.Blok and his father-in-law Mendeleev, the estate where the great composer P.I.Tchaikovsky lived and worked. We will also visit a deeper antiquity - we will visit Tver and be photographed near the monument to Prince Mikhail Tversky, who laid down his life for peace on his lands.

Музей-заповедник А.А. Блока, Усадьба Тараканова И.В.

Beautiful and picturesque place is famous for the fact that here in 1903 married the poet Alexander Blok with the daughter of the famous scientist DI Mendeleev Anya. The church has been repaired and renovated, and to the right of the church is a monument to the newlyweds. The estate got its name after the owner, Captain I. V. Tarakanov. On the territory of the estate there is a Zemstvo school (now it hosts exhibitions devoted to the Block and a souvenir shop) and a teacher's house, near which there is a bust of the poet. The excursions are very interesting and rich. And the manor pond disposes with calmness, rest and reflection. You can visit the estate from Wednesday to Sunday.

Музей-заповедник Д. И. Менделеева

We drive north of Tarakanov and visit the museum-reserve of D.I. Mendeleyev. Having bought the estate, Dmitry carried out the reconstruction according to the latest technology and equipped a stone house with a laboratory to his taste. He tested mineral fertilizers in the fields. Now in the manor, where Mendeleev's friends and relatives used to gather, a museum dedicated to the activities of the great Russian scientist has been opened. It's very interesting! Come in, you won't regret it!


After driving 30 kilometers after Mendeleev's museum, when the impressions settled down a bit, we decided to stop for lunch. And the Caucasian spicy cuisine in a cool day was very pleased. Hinkali and salad were very pleased.

Дом-музей П.И. Чайковского

What a place here! Maybe they did inspire brilliant people to create! In the house-museum, you can take a tour, or an audio guide. Then you will hear the story against the background of Tchaikovsky's music. We took the tour. How we liked that our guide was fascinated by the history of Tchaikovsky's life, respect for his personality - it went through in each of her phrases. So many interesting things were learned. The great composer became as if closer. You can take pictures in the museum for a symbolic fee, it's also a pleasure. The exhibits are all real, very interesting collection. The museum is open from Monday to Wednesday.

Советская площадь

An hour and a half from the Tchaikovsky Museum and we're already in Tver. It's much cooler here than in Moscow, so take light jackets or windbreakers with you. Or go out on a hot day. Let's stop at Sovetskaya Square (also known as Mikhail Tverskogo Square) and look around. From any point you can see the monument to Prince Mikhail, the ruler of the Tver princedom, an intercessor in feuds. We took pictures near the monument and walked around the square.


After a short walk, we decided to have dinner. We stayed in a cozy restaurant, settled down by the windows. The cuisine is good and fast hospitable service. We liked both the menu and the cooking. We recommend it to everyone. It was delicious.

Day 2: Acquaintance with Tver

The Imperial Travel Palace with its art gallery, Botanical Garden, Victory Park and even a museum... a goat! That's where we're going!

Breakfast Band

Let's start the day with breakfast in a nice café! Breakfasts are really invigorating, everything is thought out and delicious. It's good and it's great. Having recharged with cheerfulness and good mood, we continue our journey.

Тверской императорский путевой дворец

The Imperial Traveling Palace in Tver was conceived as an intermediate palace for rest on a journey from St Petersburg to Moscow. At first it served its direct purpose, then it was upset, expanded, for some time there lived the sister of Alexander I with her family, there was a fashionable secular salon, and today the palace has a wonderful picture gallery. Please note: Monday off.

Музей Тверского Козла

You may laugh, but we decided to visit this museum and find out what's special about it. They'll even show you live little goats here. It's funny, atmospheric and unexpected. There are even excursions. We had a lot of fun.

La Provincia

We decided to have lunch. We settled down on the summer veranda. Cute place with a raid of Italian atmosphere, cook delicious. We ate, rested, it's time to move on.

Ботанический сад ТвГУ

Wonderful green garden with plenty of rare plants and uninterrupted bird singing. At the same time it is both relaxing and invigorating with its views. Lots of people having a rest. Rare plants from all corners of the world. Funny descriptions of plants. The garden is located on the bank of the river Tvertsa. Bridges across streams... Idyliya. It's an amazingly nice place.

Парк Победы

Victory Park is located near the historic center of Tver. Locals say that it is stunningly beautiful during the flowering of apples, and the scent is simply extraordinary. Besides, there are birches, chestnuts, maples, oaks, willows, spruce, linden, lilac and rosehip. Flower exhibitions and orienteering competitions are held here annually.


After a stroll through the parks and gardens, it's time for a refreshment. Good service. The menu was pleasantly surprised. Cozy, noisy.

Day 3: Pleasant experience on the trip

Kimry, Uglich, Yaroslavl! What a busy day we'll have! Impressions of the trip, fine cuisine - will be, what to remember in the evenings!


We'll have breakfast at the café of the capital's name. It is definitely in demand here! Breakfast was served quickly, it was rich and delicious.

Кимрский краеведческий музей

And we're going to Kimry. We'll start our acquaintance with the Museum of Regional Studies. Here you look at the exhibits, listen to the excursion, and you realize that the century has passed! And something hasn't changed at all, and something, on the contrary, has gone irrevocably... The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Музей городского быта

Next, we have a museum of urban life. Well, it's clear from the name. But looking at some objects, it is not quite clear how they were used after all. In that case, the guides will tell you and show you. What a museum of everyday life is there. Nearby there is even a vodka museum!


We'll stop by for lunch on the way. We liked the menu and the generous portions. Thank you for a delicious lunch and good service!

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Волжская набережная

And here we are in Yaroslavl! We'll start our acquaintance with the city by walking along the embankment. This is a great place for a promenade, equally loved by locals and visitors. Beautiful embankment, with paved sidewalks, emerald lawns, gazebo, river piers and stunning views of the Volga and ancient temples in the city. We walked, took pictures, gathered calmness and spirituality.

Сквер 20/10

And we decided to have dinner in a quiet atmosphere with amazingly delicious Italian cuisine! Fresh seafood delighted both the eyes and taste, and a table on the veranda arranged for a long leisurely conversation. Wonderful.

Day 4: Unexpected discoveries in Yaroslavl

We'll visit the art museum, visit the planetarium and the island, where you can have fun and relax all day long, get acquainted with scientific facts and conduct experiments in the Einstein Museum, enjoy original cuisine, and all this - one day of travel.


We have breakfast on the Volga river embankment. It's beautiful, majestic and calm here. Maybe it's also because there are a lot of churches and monasteries around here. The food is delicious, kind, well cooked. And so that our breakfast doesn't go smoothly into lunch, we open up and move on.


The Kotorosl River flows into the Volga. And here on its bank, near the botanical garden named after K.D.Ushinsky, there is the Planetarium. In the planetarium it is possible to order excursions from the simplest for children, to the deepest for people who are fond of astronautics. The cultural and educational center is dedicated to Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman who flew into space. In clear weather you can look through a telescope.

Даманский остров

On the river Kotorosl, when it flows into the Volga, there is an island called Damansky. And there is an amusement park. You can get to the island by the bridge, there you can rent bicycles, ride boats, catamarans, swings, merry-go-rounds, there is a room for laughter and many different entertainments, especially for children. You can safely spend the whole day there and you will not notice, besides there is a cafe on the territory, so that no one will be hungry. We went for a walk and a boat ride. Of course, we took pictures.


Not far from the island, also on the Volga embankment, we decided to have lunch. The menu is interesting, the interior is unusual and beaten around the Russian furnace. Deliciously prepared dishes will surprise even a gourmet. They were served steplessly, but quickly.

Художественный музей

The local art museum is famous far beyond Yaroslavl. That's why we couldn't stay here and not visit it. It is located in several buildings. In the museum you can see works of Russian, European and Eastern art. It also hosts exhibitions and concerts of classical and contemporary music. Wonderful works of Old Russian painting, of which the most famous icon "The Savior of the Almighty" of the XIII century is. There are also sculpture, carving, casting, paintings by D. Levitsky, I. Repin, K. Bryullov, I. Levitan, K. Korovin, V. Perov, I. Aivazovsky, B. Kustodiev. Sculpture, collections of porcelain and glass. Numismatics. If it were our will, we would have been there more than one day. Monday is the day off for visitors.

Музей занимательных наук Эйнштейна

There is a museum of amusing sciences in Yaroslavl, where it is interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Entertaining physics and chemistry, molecular cuisine. And this is not all. Take a guide, and you will definitely like it.


And so, after an active knowledge of science and art, I wanted something of a kebab. Let's go here and be happy with the result. We had dinner, took a shish kebab with salad and appreciated the dish. It's very good that you can order such a dinner for a change.

Day 5: Wonderful impressions of the Old Russian cities

Rostov Kremlin, Suzdal Kremlin, then a trip to Vladimir - three ancient Russian cities in one day! How can impressions not be mixed up here?! Everything will be all right! Because we still have excellent cuisine and good rest.


We'll have breakfast at the restaurant. The menu is nourishing, there's no easy breakfast. But everything turned out to be delicious, fried and baked properly, but at the same time juicy. Thank you for the quick service, although we were here for the opening.

Ростовский кремль

After our stay in Yaroslavl we are going to Rostov. The first point of our trip is the Rostov Kremlin. The architectural ensemble, known to everyone from the film by Gaidai "Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession", is of wonderful beauty. The Kremlin has 11 towers, the Cathedral, churches, bell towers, chambers, walls, towers. The Kremlin stands on the shore of the famous Lake Nero. Stunning beauty. Walking, admiring, taking pictures.

Суздальский кремль

Then we're going to Suzdal. And we also start getting to know the city from the Suzdal Kremlin. There used to be a residence of princes in the Kremlin. It is in the bend of the Kamenka River. Beautiful white-stone churches, bell towers, chambers, galleries, trading rows - a sense of calm and reliability. Everywhere is clean and well-groomed. We walked, watched, admired the views and took pictures.


We'll have lunch at the Hive. There's even hundreds on the walls! The cafes used to praise people they knew, now we'll try it. It's delicious, but it's boiled and greasy. Before ordering, study the menu carefully. We liked it.

Центральный парк культуры и отдыха

After lunch we're going to Vladimir. We will take a walk in Central Park, which is very relevant after a hearty lunch. A good park with alleys, fountains, Ferris wheel, age-old trees.

Парк Пушкина

And on the bank of the Klyazma River there is a wonderful Pushkin Park. It's just wonderful to walk here. Next to the park there is the Assumption Cathedral with a beautiful viewing platform. At the entrance to the park there is a monument to Andrei Rublyov, an unsurpassed icon painter. On the other side of the park there is a monument to Prince Vladimir.

Адам и Ева

Dinner after walks in the parks in Vladimir. The atmosphere is bright and inviting. The order was brought quickly. We liked everything. A light dinner is what we need today.

Day 6: Impressive beauty of ancient Vladimir

Let's immerse ourselves in the stunning beauty of ancient Vladimir. And a few days for this is not enough, how rich and beautiful his story is! And how wonderful that all this has been preserved! And on the way we will visit the museum of Russian shawl and shawl. Well, and, of course, no one cancelled the gourmet meals.

Кофейня Nabegoo

A wonderful classic breakfast to our liking! Lovely coffee, fresh pastries. It's very nice. We took the coffee away and went to explore Vladimir.

Владимиро-Суздальский музей-заповедник

This reserve includes unique architectural monuments. St. Dmitry's Cathedral - a stunning white-stone church, the palace church of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest (~1190) Carved, airy, solemn, joyful - is only a small number of epithets that appear in the head when you see it. Golden Gate (~1158 -1164), with the Gate Church of the Virgin Mary's Resurrection, are the only preserved to this day. There is also a historical museum, Dormition Cathedral and as many as 52 monuments of architecture. It's impossible to describe. You have to walk, watch, study, record, take pictures and admire.

Музей Старый Владимир

Wonderful museum of immersion in the life of the city of that time. It's atmospheric and interesting. Pleasant presentation of material. Interesting, everything is memorable. Wonderful observation deck upstairs. Don't forget to take pictures.


We'll stop for lunch on the way. It's delicious, fast and good. What surprises me about this trip are the names of cafes and restaurants. The interiors are also very eccentric - either oriental motifs or leopard prints. I liked the menu, it's delicious and simple.

Музей истории русского платка и шали

The next point of our trip is Pavlovsky Posad. Probably a well-known place of production of shawls of extraordinary beauty. Until now they use traditional methods of making natural scarves from wool and silk, which have no equal in the world. You can buy such kerchiefs and scarves in the company's shopping center next door, and we will visit the museum. In the museum, we were told the history of the craft and shown the technology of making a handkerchief. For those who wish there is a master class, so you can leave with your own handkerchief or napkin. It's interesting, informative, exciting. It's closed on Mondays.


We conclude our journey with a delicious dinner. In a restaurant on the river Chernogolovka. The atmosphere was completely in line with the name. I liked both the menu and the service. The atmospheric end of the trip.