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 Tuapse nature

Road Trip Route. 33 waterfalls in Jegosh Gorge., Cape Kadosh, Kiselev Rock, Turkey Mountain.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Do you want to wander around natural sites? This trip is a great opportunity to spend a day in the fresh air and see with your own eyes the beauty that Tuapse hides in itself.

Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: A stroll through the wonderful places of Tuapse.

You have to get up early to see as many beautiful sights as possible. During a day trip to Tuapse we will visit an amazing waterfall in the Djegos gorge, walk along the promenade near the famous Kiseleva rock, and then spend a couple of hours on Mount Turkey.


33 Vodopada

On the way to Tuapse we will visit an interesting natural attraction in Lazarevsky district. Here we'll walk, take pictures, buy souvenirs. If you want we can take a swim in one of the waterfalls.

Мыс "Кадош"

We'll stop at the cape and take a walk along the Black Sea.

скала Киселёва

Let's visit the Tuapse business card. Here we'll take pictures against the background of a rock, and we can also go swimming.


Before going to conquer the mountain, we'll have dumplings in a cozy cafe in the city center.

Гора Индюк / 859м

We will climb the mountain, enjoy the view of the city from a height, take beautiful pictures.


And don't let the name scare you, the menu is certainly not just porridge. Here you can have a delicious pizza, order rolls or juicy ribs on the grill.