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Trip to Verkhoturye with transfers in Nizhny Tagil

Road Trip Route. Old Demidovsky plant, Verkhoturye Kremlin, Monastery with alpacas.

This route is for travelers, but the time at the wheel will be supplemented with pleasant impressions. On the way to Verkhoturye, make a stop in Nizhny Tagil to visit eco-industrial park, and on the way back - museum of fine arts. In the main destination of the trip, you'll find the unique atmosphere of the ancient city, the beautiful white stone Kremlin, the monastery with alpacas and the history of the region.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Old Demidovsky plant and the spiritual capital of the Urals

Visit Russia's only industrial heritage monument with 18th century workshops, then head to the oldest city in the Sverdlovsk Region, dubbed the "spiritual capital of the Urals".


Gazpromneft filling station #73

The journey begins! Before the trip, we recommend filling a full tank of quality fuel at Gazprom Neft's filling stations, and at the same time buying water and snacks on the way.

Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker

In 10 minutes drive from Nevyansk is located the Old Believers' village of Byngi. At the beginning of the XVIII century there was built an ironworks here, but nothing left of it. But one of the oldest temples in the Urals has been preserved - the temple in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, consecrated in 1796. Ancient Nevian icons, openwork cast-iron elements and ancient chimes made the temple a monument of history and culture of federal importance. In addition to it, many beautiful carved houses have been preserved in Byngy - examples of 19th century wooden architecture.

Нижнетагильский музей-заповедник «Горнозаводской Урал»

Visit with a tour ([need to book in advance]( the eco-industrial park "Old Demidovsky plant". The museum was created on the basis of the factory founded in 1725. So now you can trace all the stages of development of industrial technologies for more than 200 years. The unique exposition includes blast furnaces of the 18th century, a water tower and a mechanical workshop from 1892.


We have lunch in a popular institution of the city, then go to Verkhoturye.


The oldest town in the Sverdlovsk Region was founded back in the 16th century. All of Verkhoturye today is a real open-air museum. Its main attractions are the St. Nicholas Monastery and the smallest Kremlin in Russia, but apart from them, the city also has many ancient buildings that deserve your attention. In the evening, you can visit the men's monastery before dark or just take a stroll around the city.

Guest house Babinov

One of the accommodation options in the city is a guest house with a high rating among the guests. Cozy rooms, as well as the possibility of having dinner and breakfast. Booking is possible on [official website](

Day 2: Center of Ural Orthodoxy and mysterious picture of Rafael Santi

You will see the magnificent baroque cathedral on the territory of the white-stone Verkhotursky Kremlin and the picture of the great Italian artist Raphael found in the attic in Nizhny Tagil. Photo by: [Pavel Raspopov @](

Verkhotursky Kremlin

Verkhotursky Museum Reserve includes three historical objects: the Verkhotursky Kremlin, St. Nicholas Monastery and the Holy Protection Nunnery. Verkhoturye is commonly called the spiritual capital of the Urals. Here is located the ancient Trinity Cathedral, the only Sverdlovsk monument of architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Svyato-Pokrovskiy Zhenskiy Monastyr'

This monastery would be a little less remarkable than the more famous men's monastery if it didn't have its own farm with fun-loving alpacas. It also has its own cheese factory and you can buy homemade yoghurt, goat and cow cheese.

Verkhoturskiy Istoriko-Krayevedcheskiy Muzey

Besides the Kremlin, on the territory of the Museum-Reserve you may visit various expositions in the building of the Gosudar's granaries, in particular, the permanent exposition "Verkhoturye. The History of the Town and the County. 1598-1917".

Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts

Let's hit the road! To make it not too hard, again make a stop in Nizhny Tagil. This time, to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, where there is a unique exhibit - a painting called "Tagil Madonna" and attributed to the Italian painter Rafael. In the museum you will be told a really fascinating detective story about finding this picture. For more information on the tours, go to [official website](, where you can also sign up for one. You can also visit the museum on your own. Monday is the day off.