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Trip to Andersengrad

Road Trip Route. Copor fortress, Andersengrad, Walk in the picturesque place.

This trip will be suitable for families with children. We will start our weekend by visiting the atmospheric medieval fortress of Kopor. After the fortress we will go to Andersengrad - an architectural complex, which is based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. We will also have a picnic on the beach, walk in a picturesque place and enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Finland. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes!

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Fortress, Andersengrad

The day will begin with a walk around the Kopor fortress, then we will go to the fairytale town of Andersengrad, and then stop in a shop and buy picnic products on the beach. In the evening, we'll take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the local nature and the Gulf of Finland.

Saint Petersburg

Копорская крепость

The first point of our journey will be a monument of medieval defensive architecture. The fortress was mentioned in chronicles since 1240. The fortress was rebuilt several times. At the present stage of restoration works were practically not carried out, which allowed preserving the authenticity of the fortress. The fortress includes defensive walls, gates, bridge, chapel and church.


The complex is a fabulous European town dedicated to H.H. Andersen. Here you will see the fountain with the Little Mermaid and the dolphins guarding it, meet the Tin Soldier, take a picture under the umbrella of Ole Lukoje. There are often various activities on site that you can participate in. Also here you can ride a bicycle, buy branded products (magnetics, T-shirts, cups, plates) in a souvenir shop. Entrance to Andersengrad is free!


Let's go to the store and buy some food. There's a picnic on the beach ahead of us.

Липовский пляж

So we got to the beach. It's time to cover the meadow! We're resting, having lunch and breathing fresh air!

Обрыв на мысе Красная горка

Before dinner, I suggest taking a walk in a picturesque place. Here you will relax from the city bustle, enjoy the silence and beautiful views of the Gulf of Finland!

GrillBar Academia

Dinner will be held in a cozy cafe with an original interior. It serves delicious steaks, burgers, pasta, salads and much more! Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff!

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