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Treasury of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. Shoot at the shooting club, Pass the Wolf and Bear Gates, Explore Dantovo Gorge, Try healing mineral water, Tasting the local cider, .

This trip, like a treasure trove, is filled with the most interesting places to visit over the weekend. Along the way, you will visit the picturesque Dantovo Gorge and the Valley of Charm, pass through the Wolf's and Bear's Gates, and taste the local varieties of cider, which are prepared by natural fermentation without using yeast. Sports enthusiasts will also be pleased, as you will not only enjoy long walks in the open air, but also visits to country clubs, where you can actively spend time at any time of year. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Sea of activities and natural attractions

This day will be full of activities and impressions! First you will stop at the shooting range, where you can not only shoot, but also test your dexterity in the rope town or play paintball. Then, you will drive to the hot key resort town. This is the center of natural beauty, where you are and get your picture taken! Be sure to visit Dantowo Gorge, River Psekups, Rock Cockerel and drink water from mineral springs. Go for a walk and enjoy!


Стрелковый клуб "Дубрава"

This is a huge shooting club, where you can try your skills in shooting with different types of weapons. If you come in a big company, you can order a game of paintball or lasertags. Children can have fun riding quad bikes or overcoming a rope park. You can book the activity you are interested in through the contacts indicated on the official [site]( The club is open daily.


Unusual interior design, cozy, almost homely atmosphere, responsive and attentive staff and, of course, delicious food - all this remains a pleasant memory for a long time. The house specialty is spinach soup.

Drinking Gallery

Here, through a special pipeline, water from three mineral springs, which differ from each other both in temperature and chemical composition. Half a liter of mineral water each tourist can get absolutely free. Many people who do not have the opportunity to visit a drinking gallery during the course of treatment, gather water about the reserve, but the sanatoriums recommend to drink always fresh water right in the gallery. You can visit the drinking gallery of Hot Key daily.

Дантово Ущелье

The Dantovo Gorge is located in Hot Key and is part of a tourist route leading to the Mirror Rock through a picturesque park. Having overcome the artificial crevice, you will find yourself at the River Psekups and the Rock Cockerel, where there is a spacious observation deck with a pergola.

Адыгский столп

The Adyg column, an ancient archeological monument, is made of pure marble, with a sun clock on its upper part and memorial inscriptions in Arabic and ancient Adyg on its sides.

Trattoria Buona Gente

It's time to enjoy the long-awaited dinner. Italian cuisine is served in this cozy restaurant. Visitors praise pizza and lasagna very much.

Day 2: Exploring valleys and vineyards

I hope you had a good night's sleep and are now ready to continue conquering the peaks and valleys! You have many steps to take and see the real treasures of nature. Start this day in the Valley of Charm, continue it by exploring the Wolf and Bear Gates, taste the cider at the Kraft factory, and then go to the active recreation center, where you can skate any time of year!

Долина Очарования

Why not start this day by walking in the valley and looking at the local beauties? Take a tour itinerary and take some memorable shots. Make sure you have comfortable shoes!


Park your car at Sidreria and explore the surrounding area, the wolf's gates are only accessible on foot.

Wolf's Gate

The Wolf's Gate is a picturesque gorge next to the pages of fairy tales, located near the village of Chibiy. The high rocks are covered with moss, the passage between the stone blocks is wide at first, then narrowed so that only one person can pass between the rocks.

Medvezh'i Vorota

Let Bear Gate look less exciting than the past gorge, this place still deserves your attention - it is a very unusual landscape, just a find for fans of creative photos.


Go back to Sydreria's parking lot, but take your time! After all, you have a great opportunity to take a tour, learn about the production of local Craft Cider, taste three beverages and have a delicious lunch. Please note that Sydreria is open at weekends only, visits and excursions must be arranged in advance, all contacts can be found at [site](

Клуб Загородного Отдыха

Active recreation does not end there, because there are activities for every taste - from bathing and all-season fishing to ice skating in the ice palace. In summer you can cool down by the pool, or have fun in the water park, and in winter you can ski, snowboard and tubing! You can find out all the services and prices of the park, as well as book a visit at [site](


The final point of this trip is dinner at Osaley Restaurant. Here you can not only enjoy perfectly prepared dishes of European and Russian cuisine, but also try author's cocktails, and if you want to play billiards. And if you travel in large company and you have a desire to make this evening as atmospheric as possible, you can [book]( Gothic hall and feel like real knights of the round table.