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Treasury of the Krasnodar Region

Treasury of the Krasnodar Region
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2 Days


By Car


215 km






Active Leisure
This trip, like a treasure trove, is filled with the most interesting places to visit over the weekend. Along the way, you will visit the picturesque Dantovo Gorge and the Valley of Charm, pass through the Wolf's and Bear's Gates, and taste the local varieties of cider, which are prepared by natural fermentation without using yeast. Sports enthusiasts will also be pleased, as you will not only enjoy long walks in the open air, but also visits to country clubs, where you can actively spend time at any time of year.
The route is developed with the support of Volkswagen Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok
  • Shoot at the shooting club.
  • Pass the Wolf and Bear Gates.
  • Explore Dantovo Gorge.
  • Try healing mineral water.
  • Tasting the local cider.
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Sea of activities and natural attractions
Day 1100 km477 m

Sea of activities and natural attractions

This day will be full of activities and impressions! First you will stop at the shooting range, where you can not only shoot, but also test your dexterity in the rope town or play paintball. Then, you will drive to the hot key resort town. This is the center of natural beauty, where you are and get your picture taken! Be sure to visit Dantowo Gorge, River Psekups, Rock Cockerel and drink water from mineral springs. Go for a walk and enjoy!
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Exploring valleys and vineyards
Day 2116 km1 km

Exploring valleys and vineyards

I hope you had a good night's sleep and are now ready to continue conquering the peaks and valleys! You have many steps to take and see the real treasures of nature. Start this day in the Valley of Charm, continue it by exploring the Wolf and Bear Gates, taste the cider at the Kraft factory, and then go to the active recreation center, where you can skate any time of year!
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