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Travel to Adler with the whole family

Travel to Adler with the whole family
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13 Hours


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81 km




Kids Friendly
If you do not know what to do on your day off, I suggest you spend it in the southernmost region of Russia - Adler, with lots of entertainment for the whole family!
We will visit the first Russian theme park "Sochi Park", walk around the picturesque dendrological garden and touch the Olympic heritage of the city. And at the end of our journey we will try real Caucasian cuisine!
Anna Akimenko
Anna Akimenko
  • Have fun in an amusement theme park.
  • Visit Olympic Park.
  • Walk through the picturesque places.
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Spa town Adler
Day 181 km516 m

Spa town Adler

Our day will begin with a visit to the green treasury of Russian subtropics - the dendrological park "Southern Cultures", and then we will visit the best amusement theme park in the CIS "Sochi Park". We will devote the afternoon to getting acquainted with the Olympic legacy, and finish the rich day in a cozy Caucasian restaurant.
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