Travel in three areas: cuisine of the peoples of the world and acquaintance with the history of cities. – Road.Travel

Travel in three areas: cuisine of the peoples of the world and acquaintance with the history of cities.

Road Trip Route. See the unique landscapes of the Novosibirsk Region, Try the mysterious Shora cuisine, Drive along the Tom River and see the local sights., Taste the Buryat buoys, Visit the farmer's market, Learn about Chinese and Indian cuisine, Drive along the great Ob River.

We are going on a three-day trip to the north-east of Novosibirsk. The route passes along the Salair Ridge to the city of Kemerovo, and then to Tomsk, along the Tomi River. During the trip you will get acquainted with cuisines of different nations and countries, taste their dishes and visit several interesting museums. The best time to start the route is on Saturday in order to visit the Museum of Tomsk beer on Monday.

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Anna Arkhipova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the way to Kemerovo.

Today you will drive from Novosibirsk to the city of Kemerovo, where you will get acquainted with the cuisine of the Shorzes. On the way you will stop in interesting natural places and see one of the most beautiful lakes of the Kemerovo region.


When taking the route, be sure to get dressed warmly and bring food, hot tea and good mood!

Gazpromneft filling station #25

Start your journey by refueling at Gazprom Neft filling stations, grab coffee and fresh pastries on the way to make your trip more comfortable!

Karpusak Falls

At the end of 1970s on the Bugotak river in the eastern part of Karpysak village locals built an earth dam with their own funds, which resulted in the formation of a pond. But after a while the dam was damaged, which formed the Karpysak waterfall at the confluence of the Karpysak River into the Buhogotak.

Bugotaksky Hills

Very interesting landscape was formed near the city of Novosibirsk. The uniqueness of the nature monument is that the southern slopes of the Bugotak hills are covered by stony steppe, while on the northern slopes there are forests (aspens and birches). It is thanks to this that a special animal and plant life was formed here. Leave the car on the road and walk to the hills. You can get more information about this place [on this site](

Lake Tanai

Make a small stop at Lake Tanai, which is on the border of the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Kemerovo region.

Cranes Café

Here you can have a refreshment overlooking the beautiful lake. The menu includes salads, first and second courses.

Shcheglovsky bazaar

Shcheglovsky Bazaar - a mixture of market, food court, restaurant, cafe and supermarket. Here you can buy farm products, eat delicious food, and just walk between the counters. For more information, you can refer to [this link](

Городская набережная

Take a walk through the city of Kemerovo and go to the farm shop.


Kalina-raspberry is a company that produces only real farm products. You can find shops of this company in many cities of Siberia! You can find more details about the assortment [on site]( and visit the shop directly.

Port 42

This restaurant is included in the gastronomic map of Russia - a federal project, which is engaged in the development of gastronomic tourism in the country. Here you can taste "black" dumplings from pike with "sor" sauce or plantain from river fish.

Day 2: On the way to Tomsk.

Today you are waited by a trip to the city of Tomsk and acquaintance with its unique wooden architecture, as well as Buryat and Chinese cuisine.


On the opposite bank of the Tom River there is an amazing site Novoromanovskaya writer. If you want, and certain weather conditions, you can get here by crossing the river on ice. But be careful, do it only if you are sure that the ice on the river is frozen enough.

Tutal rocks

Another object to which you can cross the Tom River on ice is the Tutal Rocks, but you can also enjoy their view from the left bank of the river. The rocks are outcrops of oil shale from the high and steep right bank. According to the Tomsk writer and ethnographer N. S. Novogorodov, under an array of these rocks is an ancient underground city similar to the ancient dungeons of South America, the Himalayas, Tibet.

Jurgin Memorial Complex

Passing through the village of Jurg, devote time to the memorial complex in memory of the Jurginians who died for their homeland in 1941-1945.

Melange Restaurant

If you're hungry, you can stop by this cafe for a cup of tea.


In this small village you can stop to relax from the long road and enjoy the views of the beautiful river Tom.


Here you can try a unique dish of Buryat cuisine - buzzas. Some people think that it's an original Buryat dish, others think that they came to us from China, but in any case you will remain delighted!

Museum of Wooden Architecture

Tomsk is famous throughout Russia for its unique wooden houses, the architecture of which will amaze even those who have absolutely no knowledge of it. This museum will tell you about the history and life of Tomsk, and you can find more information about your visit [on this site]( Weekends: Monday and Tuesday.

Сквер Деревянного Зодчества

After visiting the museum, take a walk through the square of wooden architecture to see the objects live.


Here you can again visit an already familiar farm food store. You can take an item you already like or try something new.

Mr. Tako

If the country of origin of the buzz is in doubt, this restaurant will serve only Asian dishes. Here you can taste curry chicken, WOK noodles, Tom Yam soup, rolls and other delicious and interesting dishes!

Набережная р. Томи

After a hearty dinner, take a walk along the Tomsk embankment and go to the hotel.

Day 3: On the way to Novosibirsk.

On the last day of the trip you will get acquainted with the process of Tomsk beer brewing. Then you will drive along the boundless Ob River, get acquainted with the life of people who live here, and at the end of the day you will taste Indian cuisine.

Tomsk Beer Museum

The museum will show you the process of beer production from the very first stage to bottling the finished product. Before visiting the museum, be sure to book your place on the tour and read the rules for visiting the museum [on this website]( Tours are available from Monday to Friday.

Аллея Пивоваров

After acquainting yourself with the brewing process, you can take a walk along the Brewers' Alley.

Gazpromneft filling station #104

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.


At first this village seems to be quite ordinary and nothing attractive, however, it is worth to come here and admire the beauty of the Ob River. To see the village Kozhevnikovo from a more interesting side, you can go to [this site]( and take a walk in the places indicated there.

Mayak Ruyan-city

The lighthouse is a part of the "Ruyan-City" project, which was supposed to become the center of ecotourism, but it didn't take place and left behind picturesque fragments of the failed greatness. Besides the lighthouse, here you can see an unusual monument to Yuri Gagarin and a wooden temple.

Voronov House of Culture

In a part of the House of Culture there is a cozy corner of peasant life in a Russian hut. Here you can find mainly wooden and pottery utensils, which locals themselves gave to a small museum. Voronovo village was also famous for a four-storey wooden mill, which at that time was about 300 years old. You can read about its history [on this site]( Unfortunately, the mill burned down on August 3, 2016.

Café Light

You can have lunch at this little cafe. People passing through here praise the local cakes and white beans.

Bazoic cedar

In the Tomsk region there are several massifs of cedar, which are carefully protected. Bazoyskiy near-settlement cedar forest is the most valuable massif of cedar forests in the southern taiga of Tomsk region, as it is the most southern and compact place of mass growth of Siberian cedar in Russia. It is possible to make a stop and take a walk before it gets dark.


Kolyvan is included in the register of historical villages of the country. The settlement is considered one of the key places of religion and culture of the Novosibirsk region, attracting pilgrims. Among the remarkable objects of Kolyvan are merchant houses and old public buildings: Gubin's house, which is now a music school, Pastukhov's house, post and telegraph office, local history museum and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The museum, by the way, is open until 18:00 - you can make it in time.

Little India

During this trip you have tasted a variety of cuisines. And now you're going to get acquainted with the dishes of India. Bon appetit!


Our journey has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed your acquaintance with cuisine of different peoples and countries of the world and learned a lot about history, culture and life of three areas.