Sky Bridge. Tari-Bary farm. Trinity-St. George's Monastery. Psakho Canyon. White Cliffs. .

 Travel along the Mzymta river

The longest suspension bridge in the world was built over the Akhshtyrsky gorge, along which the Mzymta River flows, according to an innovative design by New Zealand engineers. Its length is 439 meters, and its height is 207 meters. So, you will have a walk of half a kilometer at an altitude, imagine, 70 storey house! Unforgettable views of Psakho Canyon and the White Rocks are also waiting for you!

Travel along the Mzymta river

1 day itinerary by Матвей Тимофеев - Active Leisure -

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Day 1

Visiting: Sochi, Khleborob, Kazachiy Brod, Lesnoye