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Traditions of the Kuban Land

Road Trip Route. Swim in a mud bath, Find the origins of Tmutarakan Princedom, Taste homemade wine and cheese.

Kuban is a generous land where one wants to live! This territory has always been the breadbasket of Russia. The ancient land is great and generous: wide steppe expanses, warm in the sun and endowed with sea warmth. On this journey, you will get to know the generosity of Kuban and learn how deep and unique the local traditions are. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Azov Sea coast

Today you will travel to one of the most picturesque places on the coast of the Krasnodar region - the capital Taman. Your way will pass through Slavyanskaya Kuban, up to the beginning of the Crimean bridge. In addition, you will visit the real archaeological excavations and various memorials.


Lotus Lake

This picturesque lake is famous for its flowering lotuses, as if from a magical fairy tale, and the surrounding areas are a great place for a leisurely stroll.

Памятник Суворову Александру Васильевичу

Let's make a short stop to get some rest from the road and get some fresh air near the monument to the famous outstanding commander A.V. Suvorov.


Here you will be fed impeccable dishes and serviced at a high level. Visitors are advised to try borscht, salt and grilled cheese.

Фанагорийская Крепость

The fortress is a memorial and the main tourist attraction of Tamani. It brings together three different outposts from different eras. Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov himself took part in its construction.

Gorodishche Germonassa Tmutarakan'

This is an archaeological complex, which is located on the territory of Taman village. Despite its fairy-tale name, Tmutarakan was a real ancient settlement, the capital of the Russian Tmutarakan princedom located on the Taman Peninsula in the X - XI centuries.

Bench Crimean Bridge

It is worth making a stop and taking a picture on the sea coast against the background of the Crimean Bridge. The view from here is just beautiful.

Варенична Хата "Диканька"

Varenyaya is a real Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, on the menu of which you can find the most popular varieties of varenyky, as well as borscht, summer salads and many desserts. Why not have a Ukrainian-style dinner?

Day 2: Cultural heritage

This day will be full of cultural discoveries. You will get acquainted with Kuban traditions, visit places of military glory. It is also planned to see the seaside beauties.

Этнографический Комплекс "Казачья Станица Атамань"

This is a life-size tourist complex of Cossack village in the open air. Here you can consider in detail the life of the Kuban Cossacks, it is on this place during the holidays and festivals meet residents of all regions of Kuban. Opening hours: daily, 09:00 - 19:00

Домик Лермонтова

Today Taman is a truly beautiful region, which is rich not only in beach attractions, but also in interesting cultural sites. The house-museum of M.Y. Lermontov can also be referred to. Exactly here the writer spent his first exile, and here he wrote many of his masterpieces. In the museum you can get acquainted with the poet's thoughts during his exile, as well as learn more about his everyday life. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00-17:00 Monday - Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Del Basilico

After long excursions we just need to make a small stop to catch our breath and get some refreshments. Del Basilico pizzeria is the perfect place for this.

Artillery Fort Battery #743

A picturesque cape, which keeps the military secrets of Soviet times. Have time to find the former fortifications of 743 batteries, because they live on their last years. The sea washes away most of the land every year. Walk around the neighborhood, take beautiful pictures and have lunch watching the endless horizon.

Мыс Железный Рог

Next stop is Cape Iron Horn. From this point you will be able to see the Black Sea and enjoy its magnificent scenery from the height of a gull flight.


The main "feature" of this place is the seafood, especially sea bass. The view from the terrace overlooks the sea, and there is a playroom for children. Treat yourself to seafood and a glass of local wine, the perfect way to end the evening.

Day 3: Mud baths

Well, it's time to go home. But that doesn't mean this day will be any less eventful. Have fun at the amusement park and then try the local mud treatments. The afternoon will be spent at the grape plantations, where you can taste homemade wine and cheese. So the most fun is yet to come!

Азовское Море

Start the day with a walk on the beach or a swim in the sea. Remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

Парк аттракционов

After relaxing on the beach, you can continue your fun at the amusement park: take a ride on the Ferris wheel, have your photo taken with dinosaurs or visit a butterfly exhibition.

Немецкая Слобода

This German restaurant offers large and hearty dishes, a cosy atmosphere and friendly service. Be transported to the atmosphere of a German village and order the most delicious meat, such as pork knuckle or the famous fried sausages.

Vulkan Gefest

We'll make a small stop near the mud volcano Hephaestus. Here visitors are offered a variety of services, including bathing in the mud bath, excursion, shower. There is a parking lot and an opportunity to buy souvenirs. Opening hours: daily, 09:00 - 19:00. More details can be found at [official website](

музей Вина Лефкадия

Here you will not only relax and taste the wines, but also go on fascinating excursions: you will visit the vineyards, learn about production technologies and winemaking traditions. If you want to taste some of the best Russian wines and cheeses, you should definitely come here. Working hours of the tasting rooms: Monday - Friday: from 08:00 to 17:00, a break from 12:00 to 13:00. You can book your tour and tasting by calling the contact number from [official website]( If you're still hungry after the tasting, have dinner here: Lefkadia has a champagne bar, restaurant and pizzeria.