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Tradition and Modernity: Shopping in the North of Portugal

Road Trip Route. The popular and well known Santa Catarina shopping street in Porto, Traditional delicacies and sweets, Fashionable jewellery, accessories and clothing, Colourful markets with souvenirs and delicacies, Of course, the museums and attractions that form the image of the region.

Who says shopping doesn't give you an idea of where you're going? After all, it's a walk around the city, and the search for the right shopping malls and small shops, and communication with the locals. If you add sightseeing, shopping and gastronomic details of the region to this scenario, you will get a full-fledged journey with new impressions, knowledge and acquaintances. This scenario is about shopping in the north of Portugal, with its colorful fairs, modern shopping centers and traditional production of accessories from cork, quality port and other pleasant souvenirs.

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Alexey Lukin. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Looking for souvenirs

Today is the opening day for our journey. There are many plans and intentions for it, for example, we will pay a visit to one of the largest markets in the city, which is also known for the quality of goods and its wide range.

Mercado do Bolhão

Start your walk by visiting Bogliana, an ancient food market that has everything from seasonal fruits and vegetables to souvenirs and household utensils. The undoubted advantage in making purchases in this market is the communication with people who sell their goods. You'll always be treated here like an old acquaintance. For example, by choosing alcohol, you can always start by tasting it for free and then buy it.

Via Catarina Shopping

Not far from the Beaulian Market, you'll find a shopping mall named after Santa Catarina Shopping Street, where you'll find all the city's biggest brands and small manufactory shops, where you'll find not only local handmade souvenirs and trinkets, but also clothing made by famous and not so much designers.


Relax and give the initiative to experienced bartenders. They will advise you on different beers, point out the advantages of taste of each of them, as well as tell you a little about its production. All you have to do is enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the bar and the taste of fine beer.

Day 2: Shopping in Porto

Today promises to be a busy and interesting day, with plans to take some long walks through Porto's most popular shops and stalls. In addition, we also intend to visit some great restaurants.

Bem Portugues

From morning onwards, head to Rua Santa Catarina, Porto's famous shopping street. Here we have found a place for both large fashion brands and local souvenir shops for all tastes and interests. Maybe you like original accessories and handmade costume jewellery?

O Escondidinho

Lunch is served in a typical Portuguese restaurant, where you will taste all traditional dishes (mostly fish and seafood) without changing old recipes. Enjoy the true taste of Portuguese cuisine and follow the chef's performance. Enjoy your meal!

Arcádia Casa do Chocolate

Perhaps you would like to bring chocolate from Porto and other exquisite desserts made in a chocolate house on the same shopping street? You can buy for a sample and then come back and buy what you like as gifts for your family and friends. Who wouldn't like an exclusive sweetness?

Ale-Hop Sta Catarina

Come and visit this spacious shop, which sells a million different things: gifts, souvenirs, talismans and, of course, local handmade souvenirs. Here you will find something for yourself and your loved ones, including thematic home decorations and much more.

Flyîng Tiger

Another gift shop and original souvenir shop that you can replace with your favorite brands of clothing, shoes, perfumes or other local products nearby.

Day 3: Amazing architecture of Guimaraes

Today will take place entirely in the small but authentic town of Guimaraes. We plan to visit the various architectural monuments, for which this place is so famous, as well as to go shopping.

Sé Catedral do Porto

Remember to read the main business cards of Porto before you leave. One of the most significant architectural monuments is the Cathedral. It is located in the heart of the city, in its historical part and belongs to the XII century. Its light interior gives the feeling of flying in. Don't miss the opportunity to feel it on yourself.

Livraria Lello

A more modern and much more unusual monument is located nearby. It is a famous bookstore, recognized as one of the most beautiful and exquisite in terms of architecture. You have to pay to enter this place. However, the board is worth it, because the famous Joan Rowling was inspired by the mysterious and magical atmosphere of bookshelves, wooden stairs and softly poured light through the carved railing in the writing of his epic by Harry Potter.

Museu do Vinho do Porto

Another place worth your attention is the Port Museum. Here you will not only taste real and quality wine of different ages, but also learn something about its production, storage and taste. It is best to make an appointment in advance about the excursion, as well as to take into account that the museum does not work on Mondays.


Lunch in an elegant and pleasant place, where the highest level of not only serving and quality of dishes, but also the accuracy of table layout and appearance of the premises. The staff here is very attentive, the atmosphere is friendly and hospitable, leisurely and calm. That's what you need, as a bright accent of pleasant impressions before you leave.

9 séculos

One of the main cultural attractions in the city of Himarains is the 9 séculos Art Gallery. Her building is distinguished by its characteristic architectural style, and the interior decoration is elegant and aesthetic. Paintings by various artists are exhibited here. Also here you can buy a variety of gifts and souvenirs.

Forno da Vila

Have dinner at the cozy Forno da Vila restaurant. The menu is always fresh and diverse, based on the original national recipes of the region.

Day 4: Shopping in Guimarães

Today will be the last day of our trip in Guimarães. The plan, of course, is to take a few walks around the various sights, as well as to visit a few shops and shopping centres.

Ferrache - Loja Guimarães

If you are interested not only in the choice of clothing or brand, but also in the quality and friendliness of the employees when choosing new items from your wardrobe, then visit the Ferrache - Loja Guimarães shop. Here, in bright rooms, you can find a large variety of things from old and new collections.

Cor de Tangerina

The restaurant offers a choice of dishes from different countries of origin and destinations: from vegetarian to traditional Portuguese and meat steaks. The whole kitchen is of the same quality and with impeccable service.

Paço dos Duques de Bragança

To take a break between shopping, we recommend that you visit this historic building, which is now the Dukes of Braganza's Palace of the Dukes. This 15th-century medieval manor house is interesting not only because it served as a residence for the first dukes of Braganza, but also because of its interior and exterior details.

Rota do Queijo

Real gourmets and connoisseurs of traditional cheeses should go to a specialized shop, where they sell dozens of different varieties of this popular product. The store is called Rota do Queijo Cheese Shop. Each of the cheese varieties presented on the shelves of the shop can be tasted, as well as learn about it from friendly employees. In addition to cheeses, there are also a variety of souvenirs to choose from, from hand-painted notebooks to a variety of plates.

ALAMEDA Shoes Concept Store

There are many different shops in the Guimaraisch, but get your shoes here. Here you can find a large number of stylish and suitable couples at pleasant prices.

Retail Park do Shopping Espaço Guimarães

The Himaraysh cannot be described as a city with an abundance of large shopping malls and long streets with boutiques of fashion designers, but there are still interesting places to shop. The Espaço Guimarães Shopping Centre occupies a huge area, with brand-name stores from all over Europe.

Day 5: On the way to Viana to Castelo

Our journey continues, and today we are heading to one of the biggest cities on the Portuguese coast, Viana do Castelo. The plan is to walk through a variety of shops and also to see the local architecture.

SurpriseMe Now!

On the first floor of one of the brightest historical buildings in the central part of the city there is a shopping pavilion SurpriseMe Now. It will be appreciated not only by those who want to buy traditional alcohol (the best wines from all over Portugal are gathered here), but also by those who like handicrafts (accessories and trinkets).

Tasca Nicolino

A variety of dishes of the highest quality in a small but pleasant and high-quality tavern Tasco Nicolino. Facility's atmosphere is suitable for the guests of the city, as well as for local residents, because everyone here is treated with equal hospitality and attention.


If you have been looking for original and unique works of art for a long time, which will take place on your desktop, kitchen or decorate the walls in your home, you have come to the right place. This shop is a museum of works by a young talented artist, who creates her own bizarre paintings, statuettes and other magical trinkets.

Santuário de Santa Luzia

Walk through the park on top of Mount Santa Lucia, where the church of the same name also stands. Come inside and enjoy the serenity of the church. Previously, there was a wooden chapel in this place, where believers who suffered from eye diseases came to pray.


Before returning to the hotel, stop by the Montanha Restaurant near the Santa Lucia Church. Here you will find a cozy atmosphere of a small cafe with pleasant service and quality cuisine, from salads to seafood and desserts. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the bar list of the place: wine at good prices and cold beer of different sorts will not leave you indifferent.

Day 6: Strolling through beautiful streets and shops

Today will be the last full day of our trip. We plan to spend it in the town of Viana do Castelo, doing some shopping and walking around different historical sites.

À Moda Antiga

A small market, located near the port and the city garden (Jardim Marginal). Here you can not only stroll through the tents that sell a variety of antique objects: from plates to bicycles, but also eat in a bistro.


The Universo Restaurant is a stone's throw from the retro market, and it's worth having lunch if you're already hungry. It serves quality traditional regional cuisine. You will be pleased with the service and the simple but pleasant atmosphere created by the staff in the restaurant. The food is fast and tidy.

Igreja das Almas

A small chapel is of great historical importance, because in addition to the azulejo tiles, it is known that it was built in the XIII century and has Romanesque features of the facade, as well as the intertwining of neoclassical elements and rococo in the interior decoration.

Estação Viana Shopping

In the historical center of the city, near the most popular attractions is a shopping center that attracts a variety of brands, a large number of mgaazinchiki with good prices and original Portuguese goods, as well as a good food court, if you want to refresh.

Pensao Laranjeira

For dinner we recommend you to come to this restaurant with a fairly simple menu and service, but its quality and quality of cuisine should not be in doubt. Traditional Portuguese dishes, stunning desserts and quality drinks are served here.

Day 7: Back to Porto

Today is the final day of our long and interesting trip. As there is not much time to spare, today we will limit ourselves to a short shopping trip and head to the airport.

Casa Das Estampas

Before leaving, stop by a small souvenir shop near the Santa Lucia Mountain and the church of the same name on top of it. Here you will find a large number of simple classic souvenirs that will remind you of the small Viana to Castello and its surroundings.