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Tours of the Volga cuisine

Tours of the Volga cuisine
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Have you ever tried a chartan or a subcogglio? In this trip you will taste delicious but undeservedly forgotten national dishes of Chuvash and Mari cuisine, and at the same time visit a beautiful merchant town on the Volga coast and ride horses!
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Александра Нуркаева
Александра Нуркаева
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  • To plunge into the life of a Tatar village in "Tatar Avaly".
  • Walk the streets of Mariinsky Posad.
  • Try national dishes of Chuvashia at "Yerem Husa" restaurant.
  • Ride horses and taste koumiss in the tourist complex "".
  • Visit Raifa Monastery and taste Tatar national dessert.
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Tatar ethno-village and Chuvash cuisine
Day 1208 km

Tatar ethno-village and Chuvash cuisine

Immerse yourself in folk Tatar culture at the Tatar Avaly Museum, stroll along the picturesque Volga embankment in Mariinsky Posad and find out what churan puppets taste like.
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Mari delicatessen, koumiss and talkace kaleve
Day 2272 km

Mari delicatessen, koumiss and talkace kaleve

Find out what a podgogulyo is in Yoshkar-Ola, ride horses and taste the delicious podgly Kaleve in Raifa!
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