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Top instagram locations in Dolomites

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If you've ever seen a picture of a mountain panorama that you would immediately want to put as a screen saver on your computer, it was probably the Dolomite Alps. These spectacular rocky peaks, which are called "the most beautiful mountains in the world", are one of the most popular images in Instagram. What about to look at them in reality? Believe me, in live they are looking even more beautiful! Besides, in this case you will be able to take a lot of beautiful pictures and collect hundreds or even thousands of "likes"... It's not difficult to organize such a trip - just in one week you can visit the most famous places and viewpints that Travel Bloggers love to take pictures of. The route is designed in such a way that it was possible even for the first time in the mountains and without special equipment. That's why there are no overnight stays in alpine huts, long hikes in the mountains or early rises to meet the sunrise. If you are in good physical shape, ready for "feats" and want to see more, refusing to do this somewhere from comfort, the route can be made even more interesting. Would you like to visit Dolomites in winter and passing part of the way on mountain skiing or snowboarding? It is also possible! **It's important** - You will need to buy tickets to ride up to the mountains on the lifts as well as downhill. You can do this every time at the ticket office, or you can buy a multiplay ticket for several ascents [**Dolomiti Superski - Points value card**] ( - Unlimited multiplay ticket for one or several days, prices for winter season [**Dolomiti Superskipass**]( - Prices for summer season [**Dolomiti Super Summer**]( **Dolomiti Superskipass**. - The driver will need mountain driving skills. - In winter you need to have chains for the wheels of the car. - Due to heavy snowfall, some mountain passes along the route may be temporarily closed for travel. This does not happen often, but it is possible. Check info about the road condition, watch the road signs. If necessary, use alternative routes for travel. **Weather** - According to statistics, the weather in the Dolomites have a good conditiones - every 8 of 10 days it is sunny. However, it cannot be ruled out that on the dates of the planned trip there will be rainy days. - Due to strong winds, some lifts may be temporarily closed. This is rarely the case. In addition, due to clouds and snowfall visibility can be limited. - If necessary, you can change the 3rd and 4th day programs so that the tracker will be able to travel in more favorable weather conditions. **When to go?** - Any time of year. From mid January to mid-late April and from early-mid-June to mid-October. - Usually the lifts are close from mid-October to mid-December. From late December to mid-January prices for hotels are quite high, and with places in hotels can be difficult. - After the end of the winter season, the lifts are also briefly closed for preventive maintenance - from mid April to the end of May / mid June. - Learn more about ski lifts here: [**Dolomiti Superski - Open lifts**] ( Translated with (free version)

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Let's go to the mountains!

You know what the Dolomites call the most beautiful mountains in the world? You'll see for yourself soon enough. Our way lies in the small village of St. Maddalena, where you will see the first "postcard" view - on the local church against the background of the rocky ridge Geisler. And you can be sure - there will be many such views in a week!

Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN) (Aeroporto di Verona Villafranca)

Welcome to Italy! Let's hope that the border and customs formalities won't take too long, we'll quickly get our luggage and go straight to the rent-a-car to pick up the rented car.

Kirche St. Magdalena

Hopefully it won't take long to find a good angle and in about an hour, maybe a little longer, we can go back to the hotel.

Day 2: Acquaintance with the Dolomites

Today you have a special day - you will see a unique architectural structure at an altitude of 2275 meters, the famous alpine lake Lago Dee Bryes and the sunset at the top of Lagazooi. You will definitely be jealous...

Messner Mountain Museum - MMM Corones

The famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner is opening museums named after himself everywhere in his native South Tyrol. There are already six of them, but MMM Corones is very special. At the top of Mount Kronplatz another world famous architect, Zaha Hadid, has built a really incredible structure. It looks more like a portal than a building that pierces the mountain with a maze of corridors climbing out of the middle of the slope with huge windows. It's quite difficult to describe a museum in words. It must be seen and photographed by all means. We leave the car in the parking lot near the lift at Kronplatz, get into the booth and in ten minutes we start to inspect the wonder museum.

Lago di Braies

The "Icon" of the Insta Bloggers is a mountain-cluttered Lake Lago Dee Bryes. In spring, summer and autumn, it looks particularly picturesque. But even in winter, being under the snow-covered ice, without the famous boats and with a pinned quay, it fascinates with its drama.


The summit of Lagatzoi as a magnet attracts mountain scenery lovers, romanticists and professional photographers. Many who climbed here for the first time, for some time lose the ability to speak or on the contrary, begin to talk only rapturous exclamations. The panorama that opens up from here is grandiose. After you "sag" and take a picture you can have lunch - right away, in the restaurant of the alpine shelter Rifugio Lagazuoi. Sitting on the terrace and looking at the surrounding mountains, you can reach the evening when the setting sun's rays will make the panorama even more spectacular. Do not miss the departure of the last funicular flight on that day at 17:00. Otherwise, you'll have to walk down to the car or spend the night at the shelter, which is basically also possible. We go down to the car and go to Cortina D'Ampezzo.

Ristorante Pizzeria 5 Torri

An eventful day is best concluded with a dinner in a cozy restaurant, such as Cinque Torri. Here you will see picturesque rocks, whose name this place bears. They are not far away and tomorrow we will go to see them. Let's have a bresala with pomegranate cheese as an appetizer, a papardelli pasta with venison and a bottle of Lagranine. Do you mind?

Day 3: Treasures of Cortina

There are many really beautiful places around the "Dolomite Queen". That's why she was once chosen as a place of rest by aristocrats, bohemians, and intellectuals led by Hemingway. They could all go anywhere, but they came back again and again to this very place. You want to know why?

Cinque Torri

As promised the night before at dinner, we're going to erase the Chinkwee-Torry. It won't be long, the lower station of the right lift, which will take us to the local attraction, very close. We park in a free parking lot and head upstairs. The famous stone pillars are already visible from the "chair" on the left as we move. We get off quickly and go to get to know them. Then we go back to the car on the same lift.


Now, without wasting time, we go to the lift with a little poetic name "Freccia nel Cielo", which means "Arrow in the sky". It will take us to the slopes of Tofana, the main peak of the resort, from where we will be able to look from the high up to Cortina and the panorama of the surrounding area. After the modernization of the local complex of lifts is completed in 2021, it will carry passengers to the very top - to Tofano di Mezzo, on a dizzying 3244 meters. They promise that it will be possible to climb so high also in winter. If this is the case, we will be very lucky - there is no better viewing platform over Cortina! We park near the lift and get back to the car in an hour and a half.


The Tofana Visa is a very relief peak of Monte Cristallo and also deserves a special visit. We drive up to the lift, which takes us to the observation deck and the Son Forca Alpine shelter, leave the car in the parking lot and drive upstairs. In about an hour (or maybe faster) we go back downstairs.


To close the theme with the mountain peaks and viewing platforms around Cortina, we only have to climb up to Faloria. All the more so because the funicular leading to it is located quite nearby and is itself a rather remarkable object - the appearance of the cabin has not changed perhaps since its opening in 1977. You can have lunch here, too, by the way. In Rifugio Faloria there are restaurants - self-service, simple, and "a la carte", more expensive.

Corso Italia

Have you rested? It's time to go for a walk - Cortina is a very suitable place to look at the bright windows, locals and elegant holidaymakers.

Bar Sport

At the same time, you can go to the Sport bar. Every night, "all your" people gather here easily. Well, we are not strangers anymore!)

Pizzeria Portorotondo (Porto Rotondo)

Cortina is full of good restaurants where you can have a great dinner. Do you like pizza? The Porto Rotondo pizzeria is the right place to end such a busy day.

Day 4: Hike to Tre-Chim.

The Dolomites have many textured, powerful and simply beautiful mountain peaks. But among them there is one, quite special - incredibly spectacular "trident" Tre-Chime. Getting to the place where you can see the famous rocks is not so easy. You'll have to go on a little hike for that. The route is not complicated and even a beginner, who has found himself in the mountains for the first time and who has good physical shape, will be able to cope with it. From what you need to take with you - trekking boots and sticks, backpack, in winter you will need snowshoes (they, together with sticks can be rented for one day in a sports shop, which provides rental of sports equipment). Remember to take water and a small snack. All the charges are over? Then on the road - for new adventures, unforgettable views and a thick bunch of photos!

Lago di Misurina

Our way goes by Lake Mizurina, where in winter there is a glamorous polo tournament (we are not somewhere, but in Cortina). We stop for a short while to take a couple of pictures of this picturesque place and at the same time have an espresso in a roadside cafe.

Lago d'Antorno

Just a little longer and we drive up to another small lake - Lago Antorno. Further, for a drive to the alpine shelter Rifugio Auronzo, from where the walking route to Tre Chima starts and which is only 6 km away, the fee is charged and quite a large - 30 € per ordinary car. The alternative is to leave the car in free parking and take a shuttle bus. In winter, no car will be allowed behind the barrier and the only option is to get from the lake to the shelter on a motorcycle sled. This service is offered right next to the parking lot.

Rifugio Auronzo

When you finally get to the shelter Rifugio Auronzo you can get ready directly for the hike - get sticks, and in winter you can also wear snowshoes. You didn't forget them in your car in the parking lot, did you?

Tre Cime di Lavaredo (way from Lago d'Antorno)

Next we go about 2 kilometers, the route is relatively gentle and the strength of almost everyone. We are surrounded by mountains and beauty! The vertical stone wall to the left in the course of movement - Tre-Chime itself is, but as if turned their back to us. Our job is to go around them and see them from the side. At the end of the way we go to the observation deck, from where we can see one of the popular views of the famous rocks. Here you can rest, eat your supplies and have a photo shoot.

Rifugio Auronzo

The return trip to Rifugio Auronzo follows the same route. To go further down to the car in the lake parking lot, we wait for the bus in summer or walk - it will not be so tiresome to go down, although not fast. In winter you can also walk, or take a motorcycle sled, or rent a regular sled and go down part of the way to them. We get in the car and head towards Cortina.

Malga Misurina

On this day we will have many options where to have lunch - in Rifugio Auronzo (closed in winter), in a restaurant near the lake parking lot or somewhere else on the way to Cortina. But not far from Lake Mizurina there is a small restaurant right on the farm - Malga Misurina. It's simple, but very colorful and delicious!

Corso Italia - shops

Having rested, we're going back to Corso. Here, on the main pedestrian street of Cortina, there are many expensive boutiques, which want to outdo each other with their shop windows - Dior, Gucci, Chiara Ferragni, Moncler... The local jewellery and art galleries also keep up with them. Looking at them in detail can be very fascinating.

Alexander il Gusto Antico

For an aperitif you can visit the wine bar Alexander il Gusto Antico. Here, by the way, the food is still very good. So if you like the atmosphere, you can easily stay for dinner.

Day 5: In the heart of the Dolomite Alps.

Val Gardena is a very beautiful valley in the Dolomites, which is definitely worth visiting. All the more so because it is here that the two favorite locations of Insta Bloggers - the famous "comb" on top of Seda and the alpine meadow of the Alp Dee Susi with its picturesque barns.

Passo Giau

This crossing will be one of the most difficult - mountain serpentine, several passes at once... But the beauty of the road makes up for all the difficulties. Besides, on the way we will visit several very interesting places at once. First, the Passo-Jau pass. We will stop here for a short time, admiring the mighty "tower" of Nuvolau peak and the surrounding panorama.

Colle Santa Lucia

In about half an hour we arrive at the ancient village of Collet Santa Lucia. A small church on its outskirts and a giant, very textured Monte Pelmo - the famous tandem, captured in many pictures. How are we worse? We make our own and move on.

Funivia Marmolada

The cableway to Marmolada, the highest peak of the Dolomites, is very close. The lower station is 1.450 meters high, the upper station is 3.265 meters high. The funicular passengers will overcome this distance in just 12 minutes, having made two transfers on the way. Let's not rush straight up to the top. Let's go out and walk a little bit at the second transfer station (you can also go outside here). From here you can enjoy a particularly beautiful view of the mountain ranges lined up in rows one after another. Of course, the final point of the "rope" - the main local observation deck Terrazza panoramica beyond any praise. Full 360 degree view - mountains from horizon to horizon! After seeing and taking pictures, we go back down to the car in the lift.

Sass Pordoi

Now our way is to another wonderful observation deck on top of Sass Pordea. This is where you can best see Marmolada itself and its glacier glistening in the sun. There is also a restaurant where you can dine overlooking Marmolada. Sounds great!


The Seda lift from the center of Ortizea can be reached on foot, moving along the escalator in 10 minutes. We go up in two queues in succession and we're almost there. We'll have to walk a little up to the crucifixion on top. That's where the view opens up. It is not known how many thousands of images of this "comb" are represented in numerous accounts of insta-bloggers. Now we will have the same ones! We're going back to Ortizai. We have to get back in time before the lifts close.

Piazza Sant' Antonio / Sankt Antonius Platz - Ortisei

Before dinner, you can take a walk along the elegant streets and main square in the centre of Ortizea.

Mauriz Keller

For dinner we will try South Tyrolean cuisine at a restaurant near the hotel.

Day 6: Journey along the Wine Road.

Today we leave the Dolomites. And so that we don't feel too sad about it, on the way to Verona we'll turn off the motorway and follow the route "Wine Road" or in Italian Strada del Vino, which runs among vineyards. We stop in the cantines, taste the wine, have lunch and go to Verona.

Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi

Before we leave, we still have time to climb the largest alpine meadow in Europe, the Alp Dee Susi. The view of the Sassolungo massif in the background and the picturesque barns in the front can often be seen on websites and in the tapes of bloggers' installations. We're walking to the cable car, which will take us straight to the target. We take a little walk there and go back.

Strada del vino Alto Adige

Verona from Bolzano can be reached in the breeze on the motorway, but you can take the secondary road that runs among the vineyards. Appiano, Caldaro, Tramin... Stay in two or three wineries, taste the best South Tyrolean wines and buy a couple of bottles that you particularly like. Why not!

Gasthof Goldene Traube

It's lunchtime. In Italy, the restaurants work strictly according to the schedule and if we don't want to stay hungry until the evening or settle for a "panini" at the gas station, we should eat now. Especially since there are enough restaurants on Wine Road.

Piazza Delle Erbe

We leave sightseeing for tomorrow. Now you can just wander through the main streets and squares. And after seven you can already find a suitable restaurant for dinner.

Il Boccondivino

How about Mediterranean cuisine? The sea from Verona is only a couple of hours away, so the fish and seafood are fresh here. A warm salad with octopus, spaghetti wongole and a bottle of soave will be just fine!

Day 7: Walk around Verona

Climbing down from the mountains, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of city life. Verona is the best place to do it - everyone will find something to do here. You can see the sights, empty the shops or just sit in cafes in the sun, drink Prosecco and portray an Italian "dolce vita".

Piazza Bra

Today everyone does what they want: those who want to go to museums and sightseeing - go to museums, shopaholics go to boutiques and shops, lovers of tasty food - to gastropubs and wine shops. It's even possible to combine everything at once. Complete freedom! We start the walk from the central square of Piazza Bra, where one of the main local historical monuments - Arena di Verona - is located. From here, everything is within easy reach.

Hosteria La Vecchia Fontanina

If you can have lunch in the afternoon in any café or restaurant you like, then for dinner I recommend you to look into a historical osteria, where you can order dishes cooked according to ancient Venetian recipes - roast from horsemeat for example. And of course "Valpolicella ripasso", there's nowhere to be without it.

Day 8: Home

The week flew by fast and it's time to go home. But the good news is that you will probably come back to the Dolomites! This is what many people do - they make a very strong impression on everyone. Because these are the most beautiful mountains in the world. Isn't it?)

Ponte Pietra

Before you leave, if time permits, you can take a little more stroll around morning Verona.

Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN) (Aeroporto di Verona Villafranca)

Have a nice trip and goodbye! The Dolomites usually come back more than once...