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To Vyborg for Christmas mood

To Vyborg for Christmas mood
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


14 Hours


By Car


318 km




History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
On this trip you will get the atmosphere of a medieval European town, where the tallest building is a tower rather than a skyscraper, where pretzels are baked and aromatic glegg is brewed and where a Christmas fair appears every winter on the market square.
You'll also meet reindeer and have lunch in a medieval tavern.
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Meet reindeer in Arctic Village.
  • Climb St. Olaf Tower and Town Hall Tower.
  • Visit the Burger's Mansion.
  • Take a walk in the evening in Vyborg.
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To reindeer, Christmas markets and aromatic glegg
Day 1318 km2 km

To reindeer, Christmas markets and aromatic glegg

It will be a very rich day. You will meet reindeer and have a ride on a snowcone, walk around the Christmas Vyborg and admire it from above, taste "Escalibur" or "Braveheart".
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