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To Vyborg for Christmas mood

Road Trip Route. Meet reindeer in Arctic Village, Climb St. Olaf Tower and Town Hall Tower, Visit the Burger's Mansion, Take a walk in the evening in Vyborg.

On this trip you will get the atmosphere of a medieval European town, where the tallest building is a tower rather than a skyscraper, where pretzels are baked and aromatic glegg is brewed and where a Christmas fair appears every winter on the market square. You'll also meet reindeer and have lunch in a medieval tavern.

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Saint Petersburg

Maria Gorobets. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: To reindeer, Christmas markets and aromatic glegg

It will be a very rich day. You will meet reindeer and have a ride on a snowcone, walk around the Christmas Vyborg and admire it from above, taste "Escalibur" or "Braveheart".

Saint Petersburg

Хаски Арктик Виллидж

You'll visit the White Wind Center where you'll meet sled dogs and then head to the Arctic Village, home to reindeer! You'll also have taiga tea in the chum! The centre is open on all days except Mondays. It is necessary to book an excursion in advance by phone at [website](http://xn----7sbybai4apffa3b.xn--p1ai/sightseeing_tour).

Red Lake

You can also rent skis or snowboards. You can also rent skis or snowboards here. Before you go, be sure to check the schedule on [website](, it may change depending on weather conditions.

Market Square (Рыночная площадь)

Leave your car in the parking lot at Market Square and go for a walk. It starts in the centre of the city - its market square. Every year there's a real European Christmas fair, where you can buy presents, Christmas decorations and eat old-fashioned treats. Just don't get too full, there's still lunch to be had!

Усадьба Бюргера

The Burger's Mansion is a restored 16th-century building, now home to a tourist information centre, where you can get a map of the city and buy souvenirs. On Christmas, the manor yard hosts performances with medieval music, nativity scene, glögg (the Scandinavian equivalent of mulled wine) and Vyborg pretzel tasting.

Костел Святого Гиацинта

See St. Hyacinth's Church, one of the oldest buildings in Vyborg, built in the 16th century. In those times it was a Franciscan monastery school and now it is an interactive museum with a knight's hall and a torture chamber.


And lunch will be in a real medieval tavern. Here everything is proper: wooden benches, a fireplace, candles and delicious dishes based on ancient recipes. The tavern is very popular, book a table in advance by phone +7 905 210-55-55.

Vyborg Castle Museum-Reserve

Admire the sunset view of Vyborg from the highest point of the city - St. Olaf's Tower. And afterwards, take a warm look at the castle museums. There's a lot to see in these museums: a detailed history of the Vyborg Fortress, and a nature museum. Read more about the museum and the cost of a visit at [website](

Часовая башня

Admire the mysterious and atmospheric Clock Tower, and twilight adds to its mystery and enigma. This tower, built in 1494, was once the bell tower of Vyborg's Old Cathedral. Despite the dilapidated state of the tower itself, the mechanism on it continues to function.

Town Hall Tower (Башня Ратуши)

Climb up the Old Town Hall Tower in complete darkness to enjoy the view of the New Year decorated Vyborg. Climb the tower on January 2, 3, 6 - 10. The tower is open until 18 hours. The number of people is limited, be sure to sign up in advance at [website](

Собор святых Петра и Павла

Take a walk around the historical part of Vyborg, see the cathedrals and monuments, admire the evening illumination of the city.


A walk through this medieval city can only end with dinner at a restaurant with that name, can't it? Excalibur, Braveheart and Cave of the Giant Morolt are on the menu. It's better to book a table for the evening in advance by phone 8 (813) 785-53-22. After dinner, return to Market Square to buy souvenirs and gifts before heading home.

Saint Petersburg