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To visit the alpacas.

Road Trip Route. Russian Alpacas Farm, Lake Señezh, Jay Close's Farm, Film town Piligrim Porto.

There are so many interesting, unusual and memorable sights in the Moscow region. There is so much to do here in just one day! For example, you can start your trip by getting to know the lovely alpacas, discover some of the nuances of cheese-making, and experience the atmosphere of eighteenth-century England. Hurry up and hit the road! **Recommendations:** - It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places, and to use personal protective equipment. - It is also worth remembering that a valid QR code or a negative PCR test is required when checking into hotels and visiting museums for a maximum of 72 hours.

Families with Kids. From: Moscow

Margarita Glumova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: An unforgettable journey of a day

We have grand plans for today! We are going to the north of the Moscow region, where we are going to see and take pictures with alpacas, walk around Solnechnogorsk, learn some subtleties of cheese-making and much more. So let's hit the road!


Today we have an interesting trip to the farms near Moscow. We are going to pack up and go on the road.

Gazpromneft filling station #59

All right, guys, shall we go? It's worth filling up before we start, so let's make a stop at Gazpromneft filling station. You can pay for gas quickly and contactless in the app. [App Store]( [Google Play](

Ferma "Rossiyskiye Al'paki"

We will visit a farm where friendly and funny alpacas are waiting for us. During the visit we will get to know these amazing animals better, feed them and take memorable pictures with them. We will also have a chance to see and hear how they take care of the animals, their fur and how they feel. Please note that visits to the farm are by [appointment]( on the official website.

City Park of Culture and Recreation

Let's stop in Solnechnogorsk and take a walk along the promenade along Senezhskoye Lake. From here one can enjoy stunning views of the picturesque water expanses; besides, the city park of culture and recreation is located here, where vacationers can see several original monuments and enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

Restoran Trassa

On the way to the cheesecake shop, we'll stop at a restaurant, have a rest and have lunch. In this institution quickly cook, beautifully present dishes, and most importantly - all delicious and nourishing!

Эко сыры фермера Джея Клоуза

We stop by cheesemaker Jay Close's farm. He used to be a chef, but now he has his own cheesemaker's shop and makes his signature, incredibly tasty and natural cheese. In the shop we can buy - French bleu, cheddar and the most delicate cream cheese. More details about the products and the farm itself can be found [on its official website](

Kinogorod Piligrim Porto

We will stop by the cinema town which was built for the shooting of the film "Notes of the Forwarder of the Privy Chancellery" and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of 18th century England. We will walk along the buildings with a historical view, climb on the ship and take amazing photographs as a memento.

Kafe-Bar Popugay

At the end of our trip, we will stop by a very cozy restaurant with an incredibly beautiful interior and an interesting menu. What could be more memorable than dining in such an extraordinary atmosphere?


Our journey is coming to an end. We return home filled with new impressions and emotions!