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To the north of the Perm region: Berezniki, Usolie, Solikamsk

To the north of the Perm region: Berezniki, Usolie, Solikamsk
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2 Days


By Car


502 km






History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
The route is designed for a wide range of people interested in the history of the Urals. In two days you will walk around several cities with preserved historical buildings and get acquainted with their main sights.
The route is available all year round. Moves on foot are not long, you can go with children.
Александр Багно
Александр Багно
Travel Expert
  • Ancient temples in Solikamsk.
  • Merchant houses Usolie.
  • Walk in the center of Berezniki.

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Travel Itinerary

Berezniki and Solikamsk
Day 1238 km

Berezniki and Solikamsk

On this day we will walk around the center of Berezniki and Solikamsk and visit the Solikamsk Local History Museum.
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Usolie and Dobryanka
Day 2264 km106 m

Usolie and Dobryanka

On this day we will walk along Usolie, see the ruins of the temple in Pyskor and walk along the quay in Dobryanka.
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