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To the mountains! Three regions in three days

Road Trip Route. SPAR-Maikop shooting complex, Horseback riding in Karachay-Cherkessia, Sofia Glaciers, Mountain-skiing complex "Romantic, Planetarium, .

Caucasian adventures are calling! Over the next three days you will be able to ride snowmobiles, visit an ancient settlement, reach a glacier, practice shooting and see thermal springs. And also you will learn how to hold in a saddle like the real mountaineer! Of course, winter is not without skiing or snowboarding - you will have a chance to compare several tracks in different regions and choose the best one for yourself. On the third day of the trip you will solve the mysteries of the universe in the planetarium and get acquainted with the underworld in the cave. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: On the way to Karachay-Cherkessia.

There are 400 km of road to Karachavo-Cherkessia waiting for you. In the morning you will test yourself as a shooter, you will be able to try different weapons and practice marksmanship. You will have time to relax a little and gain strength in the thermal waters before the further road. Then you will get to Karachay-Cherkessia, where every resident is a real rider and will be able to teach you how to keep in the saddle like a real mountain. After the horses, you will get acquainted with the history of the region in the ancient settlement and have a rest in a hotel.


Стрелково-тренировочный комплекс «Спар-Майкоп»

The SPAR-Maikop shooting complex has existed since 2012. The territory of the complex is 15 hectares. Currently, there are two sites in operation - a round stand (SCIT) and a trench (TRAP), as well as a semi-enclosed shooting range for 50 meters and 16 shooting places and a shooting gallery for 100 meters for rifle shooting. The complex is open daily from 9:00 to 23:00. You can make an appointment by phone at [website](http://спар-майкоп.рф).


After the shooting complex it is a good idea to visit the thermal springs and relax a bit. You can come here without an overnight stay, simply by paying the entrance fee without renting rooms. Book a visit to the springs in advance through the contacts listed on [website](

Вита Кафе

For lunch, stop at a cosy place where you can have tea and a pizza. The café is located very close to the thermal baths.

Karachay Khors

The locals have been riding since they were children, so it's impossible to be here and miss out on the opportunity to ride horses. Drop by the Riding School and become a skilled rider like a true mountaineer. To enrol, please call: +7 938 111 3399.

Лик Христа

You will climb a rather steep staircase upwards - a great place to stretch after a long journey. Upstairs you'll see the face of Christ in the mountains. You'll have to hurry up a bit, as it's sunset time.

Нижнеархызское городище

According to some researchers, this was the capital and the center of ancient Alania patriarchy, which flourished from IX to XII centuries. Experts believe that "Caucasian Stonehenge" is a solar calendar, a kind of observatory of the 11th-12th centuries.

Café Shack

Locals say it's one of the best restaurants in the region! Try the horsemeat sausage, lula kebab or lamb tongue. Please note that alcoholic drinks are not served in the restaurant.

Day 2: A day in the mountains

Today you will start with a snowmobile trip to a glacier and a waterfall flowing out of the glacier. Start the day not too early to let the sun warm the air around you. Other mountain activities such as skiing or snowboarding will be waiting for you after the snowmobiles. You can also go down from the mountain on a paraglider if you want, and with good wind.

Поляна возле реки

Start the morning with a snowmobile trip to Sofia Glacier. First drive to Taulu Valley, leave the car in the parking lot near the river and rent a snowmobile at the rental station at the end of the road. Please note that there may be no communication in the area. From the village of Arkhyz drive 5 kilometers towards the village of Romantik, then turn left at the sign of Sofiyskie Glaciers. After the bridge there is an unpaved road which is suitable for a car up to Taulu glade, but further on a snowmobile should be taken. It's worth booking snowmobiles in advance by phone: +7 929 857 09 00.

Sofia Glacier

The trip to the glacier by snowmobile takes about 90 minutes, including stops. The distance both ways is about 12 kilometres.

Sofiyskiye Vodopady

Sofia waterfalls flow out of the glacier, so you can also see them on a snowmobile trip. The length of the trip is about 12 km in both directions.

Magazin Goryanka

Many cafes in the region do not sell alcohol, so if necessary, you can stop by the store for some wine for the evening or a snack in case you get hungry during your ski resort vacation.

Rakhat Hotel & Restaurant

For lunch, stay at Rahat Restaurant overlooking the mountains. Try the traditional langam or the classic Caesar with shrimp.

Romantic skiing complex

In the afternoon, the ski slopes of Arkhyz are waiting for you. Here you can also rent all the necessary equipment. Please note that the lift works until 16:30 for descent and until 16:00 for ascent.

Станция В10 канатной дороги

If you get tired of skiing, you can optionally descend by paraglider: this service is offered at the top of the mountain. It is not necessary to book in advance, but it is better to arrange it with an instructor when climbing the mountain. Instructors stand at the exit of the funicular in flying weather. After the descent, leave some time to change your clothes and recover from active skiing.

Tramplin 1650

The restaurant "Trampoline 1650" is a place where everyone can find a dish to his/her liking, because the menu offers a huge variety of local, European and Asian dishes: from tom-yam soup to Karachaev hychin. In addition, the restaurant complex has photo areas where you can take atmospheric pictures, and a small exhibition of skiing equipment - those who know a lot about winter sports will appreciate it!

Day 3: From the stars to the center of the earth

Start your day quite unusually - after the mountain road you will find a kind of planetarium, built by the hands of a Christian in the name of faith - the place is quite unique. After the planetarium, set out to unravel the secrets of our planet in the Great Azish Cave, next to which you can also ride on the Husky. And in the afternoon, another ski slope awaits you, where you can truly enjoy winter sports.


In the morning, head towards Adygea and be sure to stop at the planetarium. The planetarium is remarkable because it was created by local enthusiasts. Many models of space objects, which are presented here, were made by the planetarium owner from improvised materials: balls and spheres, wire and foam rubber, pots and basins. However, when you come here you will not only see the exhibits, but also have the opportunity to look through a powerful telescope with three hundredfold magnification. Your visit should be arranged by telephone: (87777)26783. The history of the planetarium can be found at [website]( Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m.

Обзорная Точка "Сосна"

After the planetarium there are two beautiful stops at the photo viewing platforms.

Панорама Долина Гор

The views here are breathtaking! Make one more stop to admire the scenery.

Great Azish Cave

Be sure to stop at the most beautiful cave in the region. In the early twentieth century, in 1910, the cave was first explored by locals. A large gallery is located on its eastern side, and amazingly shaped pillars decorate the room. The gallery itself is filled with peculiar stalactites and stalagmites. After visiting the cave, you can also go for a dog sled ride, which you need to book in advance by phone: +7 (903) 465 42 22.

Медвежий угол

After the caves and husky, it's time for a snack at a simple mountain cafe. Try traditional kebabs, such as quail.

Azish-Tau Ski Resort

It's a good time to compare the ski resorts of Karachay-Cherkessia with those of Adygea. Azish-Tau resort, where you can ski, snowboard and tubing, awaits you. To find out about the opening of the winter season, as well as to coordinate your visit, please call +7 (918) 012-94-39. If you're not in the mood for skiing, you can always go for a hike and enjoy the views.

Eiffel tower

On your way home, make another photo stop, this time at the Eiffel Tower. You probably didn't know that it is not only in Paris, but also very close - in Adygea.

Burger Gun

Hungry? Stop by a stylish burger place in Belorechensk. After such an active day it is definitely worth indulging in a hearty and tasty dinner.


Welcome home, after such active days you deserve to rest.