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To the mountains! Three regions in three days

To the mountains! Three regions in three days
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Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
Caucasian adventures are calling! Over the next three days you will be able to ride snowmobiles, visit an ancient settlement, reach a glacier, practice shooting and see thermal springs. And also you will learn how to hold in a saddle like the real mountaineer! Of course, winter is not without skiing or snowboarding - you will have a chance to compare several tracks in different regions and choose the best one for yourself. On the third day of the trip you will solve the mysteries of the universe in the planetarium and get acquainted with the underworld in the cave. The route is developed with the support of Volkswagen Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok
  • SPAR-Maikop shooting complex.
  • Horseback riding in Karachay-Cherkessia.
  • Sofia Glaciers.
  • Mountain-skiing complex "Romantic.
  • Planetarium.
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On the way to Karachay-Cherkessia.
Day 1396 km

On the way to Karachay-Cherkessia.

There are 400 km of road to Karachavo-Cherkessia waiting for you. In the morning you will test yourself as a shooter, you will be able to try different weapons and practice marksmanship. You will have time to relax a little and gain strength in the thermal waters before the further road. Then you will get to Karachay-Cherkessia, where every resident is a real rider and will be able to teach you how to keep in the saddle like a real mountain. After the horses, you will get acquainted with the history of the region in the ancient settlement and have a rest in a hotel.
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A day in the mountains
Day 2112 km

A day in the mountains

Today you will start with a snowmobile trip to a glacier and a waterfall flowing out of the glacier. Start the day not too early to let the sun warm the air around you. Other mountain activities such as skiing or snowboarding will be waiting for you after the snowmobiles. You can also go down from the mountain on a paraglider if you want, and with good wind.
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From the stars to the center of the earth
Day 3478 km

From the stars to the center of the earth

Start your day quite unusually - after the mountain road you will find a kind of planetarium, built by the hands of a Christian in the name of faith - the place is quite unique. After the planetarium, set out to unravel the secrets of our planet in the Great Azish Cave, next to which you can also ride on the Husky. And in the afternoon, another ski slope awaits you, where you can truly enjoy winter sports.
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