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To Siberia in the footsteps of Yermak from Perm.

Road Trip Route. Earth's navel, Temple in honor of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God., Museum of Merchant History, St. Nicholas Church, Yermak village, Kungur ice cave, Chusova River History Ethnographic Park, Memorial Complex of Political Repressions "Perm-36".

In the next day we will have to immerse ourselves in the history of our country up to the time of Yermak. To learn about his campaigns and the beginning of the conquest of Siberia. At the end of the day we will find ourselves in a memorial dedicated to the political repression of the 30s. Numerous temples and museums will meet on the way, some of them we will visit.

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Perm

Pavel Ivshin. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Journey Through the Centuries

From Ermak and unrestrained Siberia to the political repression of the 30s through churches, temples, cathedrals and local history museums and parks.


Gazpromneft filling station #506

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Пуп Земли

A landmark that is often overlooked. Which, of course, is not wise, to miss this navel is very easy. The monument has no secret meaning, but a name that speaks. The navel of the earth is the center. In this sense the word combination is also used here - the centre of culture of the Perm region.

Храм в честь Тихвинской иконы Божьей Матери

Kungur has many temples and cathedrals. This is one of them. For a long time it was under restoration, but now the doors of the temple are again open for visitors.

Museum of Merchant History

Nearby there is a museum of local lore, and many tourists choose to visit it, but often more interesting is what is hidden from the eye and is in the shade. The Museum of Merchant History is exactly that case. Here you will learn about Kungur trade and industrial business, leather and footwear business, see the interior of the merchant's lounge, as well as other interesting expositions and antique items. Weekends are Monday, Tuesday.

St. Nicholas Church

Another massive and majestic temple in Kungur, but unlike the previous one, the temple is white stone. The architecture of the temple as a whole also differs.

Кунгурская ледяная пещера

The Pearl and the main attraction of Kungur. Kungur ice cave and the village of Ermaka located at its entrance. On a tour of the cave you will be told about Yermak. About casual, but such necessary meeting Ermak and this cave. They will tell the legend of Queen Victoria's staircase and the Hermit's grotto. At the end of the cave, a lake of three deceptions awaits you.

Cafe "At Timofeich's"

There is a cafe near the cave. That's where we'll go. We eat fast and go on the road. There are two more interesting locations ahead of us. The interior of an institution is executed in the present Russian style, we will eat in a log hut and even with bears!

Этнографический парк истории реки Чусовой

The park, which turned from a one-man hobby 40 years ago, into a huge cultural center that opened its doors to all visitors almost 20 years ago. There are numerous workshops on needlework, blacksmithing, carousel park, wooden churches and five historical expositions, the main of which is dedicated to Ermak. It is better to book the excursion in advance and for a specific time, so you do not have to worry that the park will close or there will be no vacancies. You can do that [here.](

Memorial Complex of Political Repressions "Perm-36"

A complex dedicated to the victims of political repressions. If in the park on the Chusovaya river there is an atmosphere of celebration and fun, here there is an atmosphere of grief. A monument of great pain. Such places are very important so that people do not forget about such events and do not make mistakes again. The excursion and its time is also better to agree in advance. You can do it [here]( Opening hours: WT-WS: 9:00 - 18:00

Café Shalash

The day is coming to an end. Now you can stop in a cafe, order a shish kebab and have a quiet snack on the river bank, discussing today's trip.