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To Siberia in the footsteps of Yermak from Perm.

To Siberia in the footsteps of Yermak from Perm.
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13 Hours


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370 km




History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
In the next day we will have to immerse ourselves in the history of our country up to the time of Yermak. To learn about his campaigns and the beginning of the conquest of Siberia.
At the end of the day we will find ourselves in a memorial dedicated to the political repression of the 30s.
Numerous temples and museums will meet on the way, some of them we will visit.
Pavel Ivshin
Pavel Ivshin
Travel Expert
  • Earth's navel.
  • Temple in honor of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God.
  • Museum of Merchant History.
  • St. Nicholas Church.
  • Yermak village.
  • Kungur ice cave.
  • Chusova River History Ethnographic Park.
  • Memorial Complex of Political Repressions "Perm-36".
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Journey Through the Centuries
Day 1370 km

Journey Through the Centuries

From Ermak and unrestrained Siberia to the political repression of the 30s through churches, temples, cathedrals and local history museums and parks.
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