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To Plyos and back - a long weekend for aesthetes and gourmets

Road Trip Route. Climb the Sobornaya mountain, Visit Levitan Museum, Try corners and kulejka, .

Leisure in Plyos is ideal for those who want to relax from the rhythms of a big city, feel peace and admire the beautiful scenery. The narrow streets, ancient temples, beautiful nature – this is just a small part of what pleases you in this cozy town on the Volga. An attraction of its own is the local cuisine, especially the fish, so do not deny yourself the pleasure to try it. If you're into painting, be sure to take paints and an easel with you. And if you don't, now might be a good time to get started. **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback.**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Meet us, Plyos!

The route to Plyos passes through equally beautiful cities, in each of which you will have to make a short stop to see the most interesting things.


Chasovnya Ikony "Dostoyno Yest'" V Kolokol'ne

You probably want to get to Plyos as fast as possible, but sometimes you need to make stops to take a break. Moreover, the road passes through the ancient city of Vladimir. Walk around the Sobornaya Square and take a photo against the background of those temples, familiar to you from the pages of school textbooks.

Oblomov Restaurant

Do you sometimes wish you were a noblewoman? Do you want to wake up at lunchtime, stretch, and then go out into the garden and just watch the apple trees bloom, or go to a social gathering? And let this dream come true (at least today), but it won't stop you from enjoying a bargain lunch in the cosy atmosphere of Oblomov restaurant.

Suzdal Kremlin

In a bend of the river Kamenka stands Suzdal Kremlin, the oldest preserved architectural construction in the city. The fortification walls have not survived to our time, but by earthen ramparts and ditches one can determine their approximate location. Today the main decoration of the architectural ensemble is the stone Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin, built in the XIII century.

Gorodskoy Park

How to see all the sights of Ivanovo without spending a lot of time? From the Ferris wheel located in the city park! You can buy a ticket in advance at [website]( For extreme lovers there are cabins with a transparent floor.

Grand Owl Hotel and Restaurant

So, you are in Plyos, a cozy town with ancient architecture, standing on the bank of the Volga River. After the road you must be hungry, so the first thing you should do is to look into the restaurant "Grand Sova". In the menu you will find the most delicious local fish dishes, classic and unusual versions of European and Russian cuisine. How about the stuffed cabbage rolls made of mother-jumpkin?

Скульптура «Плесская кошка»

Before going to bed, take a walk along the promenade. All the most beautiful places of the city are to be seen tomorrow, but in the meantime, pet the Ppless cat and find the wishing chest.

Day 2: Levitan's heritage, rest in an ecopark and the tastiest fish soup

It's time to get to know Plyos better. Climb the Sobornaya Mountain, visit the landscape museum, taste the local delicacies.

Muzey Peyzazha

Start your morning with a walk along the streets of Plesa: you don't have to go in a specific direction, just wander around and contemplate the city. And afterwards, have a look at the Landscape Museum. By the way, this very building with the red roof is depicted in Isaac Levitan's painting "Golden Plyos". The museum has a large collection of landscape works of masters of the XIX-XX centuries. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Мемориальный Дом-музей И. И. Левитана

Since we are talking about Levitan - do not miss the house where the artist spent the summer of 1888 and 1889. If you prefer to see the exhibits on your own, use [audio guide]( And the mobile [app]( will help "bring the paintings to life". The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tserkov' Voskreseniya Khristova

Take a trip back in time and look at the surrounding landscape through the eyes of an artist. Why not stay in front of a wooden church for a while longer? You could even have a plein air experience.

coffee house of Sophia Petrovna Kuvshinnikova

For lunch, stop by Sofia Petrovna Kuvshinnikova's coffee house. On the menu you'll find tastes you won't find anywhere else. Plyossky kulejka (like cheesecake, only tastier), bird cherry cake, pancakes with boltuña and salmon, which the first owner of the coffee house simply adored, and Levitan's favourite biscuits.

Voskresenskaya Tserkov'

Admire the austere classicist temple. In the sunlight its domes look especially solemn.

Sobornaya Gora

Take a look at Plyos from the top of Sobornaya Mountain. The scenery here is delightful!

Ivolga Ecopark

Do you love not only art and landscapes, but also outdoor activities? Then go to Ivolga Ecopark. There is a rope park with five trails of different complexity, and there are jogging paths on the territory. And if you come in winter, go to the workshop of natural materials. The workshop schedule can be found on [the park's website]( The park is open daily.

Rybnyy Ugol

How about a glass of hot, flavorful and strong... soup? Yes, yes, don't be surprised! A special feature of this place is cabbage soup, borscht and soup in glasses. Here you can find such wholesome fast-food in a similar way. Also here you can try some unusual delicacies: "ugli" - open pies with delicious bream. You can sample the local delicacies from Wednesday to Sunday.

Ресторан-пивоварня Плёсский Пивной Дом

After refreshing yourself with "corners", go to the Plyoss beer house for a full dinner. Here you will be told a beautiful legend about a brave Austrian sailor who lost his chest with ancient beer recipes and how these recipes have miraculously survived to this day. Believe it or not, it's up to you to try the locally brewed beers. The main thing is not to overdo it, because tomorrow you will have a long journey back home.

Day 3: To Moscow via Yaroslavl, Rostov and Sergiev Posad

Today promises to be a very busy day: you will walk through beautiful historical cities and get to know their original architecture. And, of course, the most delicious food in local cafes and restaurants.

Yaroslavskiy Muzey Zapovednik

Another pleasant place for walks is the Yaroslavl Museum Reserve. The fortress walls, Russian architecture and classicism - you can definitely take a lot of great pictures here!


The best dishes of Georgian cuisine in a modern interpretation can be found in the restaurant "Mamuka". Even the usual salads are prepared with a southern flavor: you won't see "Caesar" on the menu, but you will be pleased with "Caesareshvili" - sounds proud! And what khachapuri are here... It's better to try once than hear a hundred times.

church Odigitrii

There is an old saying: "The devil came to Rostov, but he was afraid of the crosses". And it is true that there are a huge number of churches here. And if the walls of the Rostov Kremlin seem a little familiar to you, even though you have never been to this city, then you have probably seen them in the movie "Ivan Vasilievich Changes his profession".

Spaso-Yakovlevskiy Monastyr'

One more beautiful temple ensemble of Rostov. During the day you have examined many churches, but Spaso-Yakovlevsky monastery is much different from them externally. After visiting the monastery, go down to the Nero lake and catch some zen while admiring the water surface.

Kemping Pleshcheyevo Ozero

In Pereslavl stop at the lake Pleshcheyevo. On the shore there is a Blue Stone, it looks unremarkable, but it is said that it fulfils wishes. If you want to walk a little longer, go to the historical center of the town.

Manufacture 1858

You can have a delicious and very nourishing meal in Sergiev Posad, in the bar "Manufaktura 1858". And those who are not driving today are doubly lucky, because there is an excellent choice of craft beer here.

Blinnaya Gora

Before going home, take a look at the panorama of Sergiev Posad from the Blinnaya mountain.