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To Novosibirsk Falls

Road Trip Route. Bucilo Falls, Ski complex "Yurmanka", Belovsky Waterfall.

You will walk along the eco-trail to the picturesque, non-freezing waterfall Buchilo, go skiing or tube riding at the foot of the Salair creek and see a unique flat waterfall.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Novosibirsk

Александра Нуркаева. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Winter holidays in the most beautiful places of Siberia

Enjoy clean mountain air and views of the Salair Ridge, get a boost from skiing and relax from the bustle of the city surrounded by beautiful waterfalls.


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Belovsky Waterfall

An amazing flat waterfall arose due to undermining by groundwater of a coal mine. The height is about 5 metres. In winter, the field road behind Belovo is likely to be covered with snow. In that case you will have to walk about 1 kilometer in one direction.

Bucilo Falls

Take a short walk along the eco-trail to the 5-meter waterfall of Bucilo, which does not freeze even in the fierce Siberian frosts. Leave the car in the village Legostaevo near the shops and follow the right (the road to the v. Starosneighbor), after 500-700 meters there will be an information stand.

Cafe Apres Ski Bar "Kamin"

Warm yourself by the fireplace and dine in a cosy atmosphere in the café bar "Fireplace". Here delicious kebabs and boiled soups are served, as well as a large selection of tea and coffee.

Ski complex "Yurmanka"

Skiing or snowboarding in Jurmanka is easy and safe for beginners and advanced skiers alike thanks to the great variety of slopes and lifts. There's also an equestrian yard and snowmobile rental.

Beijing City Restaurant

For dinner you can stop by a Chinese restaurant in Berdsk. Here you can taste extraordinarily tasty and spicy dishes of Chinese noodles and roasted vegetables with meat or seafood.