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To majestic Mount Elbrus

Road Trip Route. Drink medicinal water at the Narzanov Glade., Take a ride on the Cheget mountain chairlift., Riding the cable railway to Mount Elbrus., Walk to waterfalls., Fly by paraglider and hang-glider., Ride to the city of the dead..

**Pyatigorsk-Chegem-Eltuby** Only mountains can be better than mountains! Caucasian ones: Elbrus and Cheget. You will go to them by beautiful mountain roads with capturing the most interesting places on the way. There will be many waterfalls, hiking nature trails, cable cars, gorges and delicious food at local mountain restaurants. Want to be surprised for real? Paragliding and the city of the dead await you! This rich itinerary for 3 days will leave the most vivid memories and emotions in your memory. **Tour features:** - Mountain roads and serpentines along the entire route; - You will have to walk to some natural locations; - There may be gravel or crushed stone on certain sections of roads on the way to the natural locations. **Recommendations:** - Bring a jacket, hat, and warm clothes to visit the mountains. The summits are cold and windy, even in summer. - Don't forget sunscreen, too, since the mountains have active sun. - You also need comfortable, non-slip shoes for hiking in the mountains.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: In Elbrus!

The first day and at once busy. On the way from Pyatigorsk to Elbrus there will be a lot of interesting places. Heavenly lake, springs of narcan and 2 most beautiful mountain waterfalls. From the beauty you can go crazy, from the delicious food - too. You will sleep soundly and well in a hotel with mountain air.


Leave Pyatigorsk in the morning. There are a lot of interesting locations and stops on the way to Elbrus.

Lake Bylymskoe

The day starts with the first mountain beauty - Bylimskoye Lake. The lake is of an incredible heavenly colour with stunning scenery all around. Reach the lake and climb up to the observation platform. Keep in mind that the road to the lake is not of the best quality, so it's best to go to it by off-road vehicle. There is a mountain dirt road from the settlement towards the lake, where the car drives on the edge of a cliff. If you are not sure, it is better to pass the last section on foot.

Yusengi Hotel Complex

Lunch time - it's time to eat at Yusengi Café with excellent home-cooked food. The cosy and atmospheric room with a fireplace adds to the romance of the place. And you're sure to get hungry after a walk by the lake.

Gara-Su narcan glade

After the village of Baidayevo turn to the Gara-Su Glade of Narzans. The ground in the glade rusty-brown in colour due to the high iron content in the water. And the spring itself is the only convenient and accessible one, everything here is equipped for tourists. Out of the ground beats several mineral springs of narzan, which are rich in calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium and potassium. This narzan is famous for its healing power and used to be drunk by warriors. Drink the water like a real traveller and go on your way.

Maiden Braids waterfall

The route to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Elbrus region, Maiden's Spits, starts at the resort settlement of Terskol. It is also the most powerful waterfall of the whole Kabardino-Balkaria. Water falls from the height of 30 metres and splashes down beautifully in long streams, like maiden plaits. Hence the name. You can reach it by an unpaved road from settlement Terskol. You turn near the mosque, and then you have to move towards the Azau glade up to the outbuildings.

Azau waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall in Terskol is Azau. First you come to the Glade of the same name, there you should rest and enjoy the views. And then along the river through the pine forest you will come to a 20-meter waterfall. It is located in Baksan gorge. And its main feature is that you can always see the rainbow here.

Cafe Elbrusie

Well, the first busy day of the trip is coming to an end. So, it's high time to have a delicious dinner. The best place to end the day is "Prielbrusie", the best cafe in the resort. The atmosphere here is atmospheric, the interior is interesting, and the food is delicious and reasonably priced.

Day 2: Only mountains are better than mountains

A mountain day to the max. First you will conquer Cheget mountain, and then Elbrus. Of course, on ropeways. The oversaturation of beauty and oxygen can make you dizzy, but the delicious food and tea at local restaurants will make up for it.

Cheget Glade

And here you are already in the mountains! The Cheget glade at the foot of the mountain of the same name is the first to greet you. Cheget is one of the highest mountains in the Caucasus, about 3700 meters high. You can admire the view of Elbrus from there. To do that, you have to take a chairlift and reach the highest point at 3000 meters. It's better to get up early and come to the glade before the chairlifts open (09:00), so you'll have time to get to the top before lunch and see Elbrus without any clouds.

Cheget ropeway

The chairlift takes you to a height of 3000 meters for the best views. And from this height you can see the majestic Elbrus up close. Don't forget that it's cold and very windy at the top, so warm clothes are needed even in summer. One more thing: it is better to climb Cheget in the morning, it might be cloudy by the afternoon, and one might not see anything.


After climbing and walking in the mountains, your appetite will surely be whetted! For lunch go to a cozy cafe "Rakhat" with delicious food and pleasant atmosphere.

Krugozor ropeway station

In the afternoon you will find the most important mountain in the Caucasus - Elbrus. The pride of the local region and the real queen among the Caucasian peaks. "The eternal mountain" is its literal translation. It rises to a height of almost 6 km and is a calling card. You can get closer to its summit by a cable car. There are 3 stages of ascent: "Azau-Krugozor", "Krugozor-Mir" (3500 meters), "Mir-Elbrus" (3780 meters).


To finish this day after another climb and a series of walks you should go to "Jan-Tugan" cafe with traditional cuisine. The portions are big, the choice is varied, the food is tasty and nourishing. And with such an appetite, which you will have by this moment, you will easily assign three Michelin stars to the institution!

Day 3: Chegem day

Another rich and interesting day is connected with the name "Chegem". Waterfalls, gorge and paradrome - oh, how many interesting things! And at the end of the trip the cherry on the cake is the impressive Eltubu City of the Dead. This is Kabardino-Balkaria place of power. All this via mountain roads and with a lot of interesting places.

Chegem waterfalls

We have to leave early today. Even though it's the last day, it's no less eventful. Go to Chegem waterfalls - the most famous in Kabardino-Balkaria. Narrow gorge, steep cliffs, lush vegetation and waterfalls - beauty, no other way!

Chegem Gorge

Of course, it is impossible not to capture in your memory and smartphone memory the Chegem gorge itself. Green rocks rise above the rivers, and noisy waterfalls fall from the rocks. It is very picturesque, although the width of the gorge is only 15 meters.

Cafe Highlander

Lunch is upon us, which means it's worth sampling some tasty shashlik at the colourful Highlander Café right near the gorge. What can be tastier than meat on coals flavoured with mountain air?

Chegem Paradrome

Shall we fly? There is one more interesting place for daredevil-activists in Chegem river gorge - paradrome Chegem, where in tandem with an instructor you will feel adrenaline, find yourself above the rocks and see all the beauty of the landscape from a bird's-eye view.

City of the Dead

And at the very end of this road a mysterious place awaits you - the city of the dead of Eltubu. In the X-XII centuries, four-sided houses were built there. Then vaults and round mausoleums for burial of the Balkar nobility in XVII-XVIII centuries appeared. It is said that the place is a true place of power. It's high time to check it with your own experience!