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To majestic Mount Elbrus

To majestic Mount Elbrus
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3 Days


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523 km






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Only mountains can be better than mountains! Caucasian ones: Elbrus and Cheget. You will go to them by beautiful mountain roads with capturing the most interesting places on the way. There will be many waterfalls, hiking nature trails, cable cars, gorges and delicious food at local mountain restaurants. Want to be surprised for real? Paragliding and the city of the dead await you! This rich itinerary for 3 days will leave the most vivid memories and emotions in your memory.
Tour features:
  • Mountain roads and serpentines along the entire route;
  • You will have to walk to some natural locations;
  • There may be gravel or crushed stone on certain sections of roads on the way to the natural locations.

  • Bring a jacket, hat, and warm clothes to visit the mountains. The summits are cold and windy, even in summer.
  • Don't forget sunscreen, too, since the mountains have active sun.
  • You also need comfortable, non-slip shoes for hiking in the mountains.
Лилия Насырова
Лилия Насырова
Travel Expert
  • Drink medicinal water at the Narzanov Glade.
  • Take a ride on the Cheget mountain chairlift.
  • Riding the cable railway to Mount Elbrus.
  • Walk to waterfalls.
  • Fly by paraglider and hang-glider.
  • Ride to the city of the dead.

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Travel Itinerary

In Elbrus!
Day 1196 km

In Elbrus!

The first day and at once busy. On the way from Pyatigorsk to Elbrus there will be a lot of interesting places. Heavenly lake, springs of narcan and 2 most beautiful mountain waterfalls. From the beauty you can go crazy, from the delicious food - too. You will sleep soundly and well in a hotel with mountain air.
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Only mountains are better than mountains
Day 212 km4 km

Only mountains are better than mountains

A mountain day to the max. First you will conquer Cheget mountain, and then Elbrus. Of course, on ropeways. The oversaturation of beauty and oxygen can make you dizzy, but the delicious food and tea at local restaurants will make up for it.
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Chegem day
Day 3315 km556 m

Chegem day

Another rich and interesting day is connected with the name "Chegem". Waterfalls, gorge and paradrome - oh, how many interesting things! And at the end of the trip the cherry on the cake is the impressive Eltubu City of the Dead. This is Kabardino-Balkaria place of power. All this via mountain roads and with a lot of interesting places.
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