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To Adygeya on the mountain roads

To Adygeya on the mountain roads
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3 Days


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570 km






History and CultureSights in NatureGastronomy
Adygea is a great destination not far from Sochi. Learn about the culture and history of the republic, taste delicious Adyghe dishes, take a walk around Maikop and touch the history. The road will not be boring either. At first you'll have a walk around Tuapse resort, unique natural locations in the vicinity, and then a fascinating mountain road with a pass and stunning views of bizarre mountains. 3 rich days with maximum immersion in history, gastronomy and nature.
Itinerary features:
  • Serpentines, mountain roads and one mountain pass;
  • Immersion in the culture and history of Adygea;
  • Gastronomic component of the trip;
  • Interesting natural locations along the way.

  • There are a lot of serpentines on the route, so make stops so that the road is not tiring
  • Bring modest closed clothes and headgear to visit the mosque
  • Take comfortable shoes to visit natural sites
Лилия Насырова
Лилия Насырова
Travel Expert
  • Take a walk in the honorable resort city of Tuapse.
  • Take a drive on mountain roads.
  • Pass the Shahumyan Pass.
  • Learn about Adygea culture and history at the National Museum.
  • Try Adyghe cuisine in the best places of Maykop.
  • Visit the Cathedral Mosque.
  • Do not forget about the modest and closed dress-code for visiting the mosque.

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Getting to know Tuapse
Day 1157 km2 km

Getting to know Tuapse

On the first day of the trip, you will get acquainted with Tuapse. This is not just a resort. It is a hero-city awarded the title of honour. A city with a rich history and interesting locations. You can stroll along the longest in Europe Platanava Alley, look at the ships in a large seaport, commemorate the hero-city, and see the high steep cliff and singing fountains.
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To Adygeya on the mountain roads
Day 2155 km2 km

To Adygeya on the mountain roads

Today will take your breath away not only from the numerous turns on the mountain roads and passes, but also from the stunning views. From Tuapse to Maykop it is better to drive through the Shahumyan pass, where you will be able to see the bizarrely shaped Indyuk Mountain, and at the final point walk around and get to know the capital of Adygea: the national museum, city squares, the cathedral mosque, monuments and monuments. And fried cheese and other Adygean national dishes will be waiting for you in the best places of Maykop.
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In a green oasis
Day 3258 km616 m

In a green oasis

Start the last day of the trip in the green oasis of Maikop - in the big city park. Then dense lunch with national dishes and beautiful mountain road back. On the way you can stop at Khadyzhensk brewery, and already on the way to Sochi - to the waterfall "Pretty Woman".
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