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To Adygeya on the mountain roads

Road Trip Route. Take a walk in the honorable resort city of Tuapse, Take a drive on mountain roads, Pass the Shahumyan Pass, Learn about Adygea culture and history at the National Museum, Try Adyghe cuisine in the best places of Maykop, Visit the Cathedral Mosque, Do not forget about the modest and closed dress-code for visiting the mosque.

**Sochi-Tuapse-Maikop** Adygea is a great destination not far from Sochi. Learn about the culture and history of the republic, taste delicious Adyghe dishes, take a walk around Maikop and touch the history. The road will not be boring either. At first you'll have a walk around Tuapse resort, unique natural locations in the vicinity, and then a fascinating mountain road with a pass and stunning views of bizarre mountains. 3 rich days with maximum immersion in history, gastronomy and nature. **Itinerary features:** - Serpentines, mountain roads and one mountain pass; - Immersion in the culture and history of Adygea; - Gastronomic component of the trip; - Interesting natural locations along the way. **Recommendations:**. - There are a lot of serpentines on the route, so make stops so that the road is not tiring - Bring modest closed clothes and headgear to visit the mosque - Take comfortable shoes to visit natural sites

History and Culture, Uninhabited Nature, Gastronomy. From: Sochi

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Getting to know Tuapse

On the first day of the trip, you will get acquainted with Tuapse. This is not just a resort. It is a hero-city awarded the title of honour. A city with a rich history and interesting locations. You can stroll along the longest in Europe Platanava Alley, look at the ships in a large seaport, commemorate the hero-city, and see the high steep cliff and singing fountains.


It's better to leave Sochi in the morning to have time for everything. Today you will have a busy day in Tuapse and visit waterfalls on your way to it.

33 Vodopada

On your way to Tuapse, make a stop for a rest in the most picturesque place in the Krasnodar Territory - the Valley of Waterfalls. The mountain gorge with a cascade of waterfalls fascinates with its beauty. Take a walk along the circular path with the length of 600 m and admire the waterfalls. All of them are of different heights and surrounded by relict plants. On the last section before parking at the waterfalls, the road is gravel (1.5 km).

Smotrovaya Ploshchadka

The first stop on the route will be on the way to Tuapse. The road from Sochi to Tuapse is a continuous serpentine with lots of turns. There are only a couple of rest stops. This observation point is a good option to stop, have a rest and admire the sea and the mountains from the serpentine.

Платановая аллея

Start your acquaintance with the city of military glory with a stroll along the Platan Alley. Sycamore trees were planted here back in 1913. It is a cozy pedestrian area 800 m long with benches, cafes and a singing fountain at the end of the alley.

Mario Khinkalio

It's time for lunch. Refresh yourself in a Georgian restaurant "Mario Hinkalio". By the way, here you can get not only a variety of khinkali, but also choose pizza, soups or second courses.

Ploshchad' Oktyabr'skoy Revolyutsii

Platanova Alley takes you straight to the October Revolution Square - the central place of the city with a large singing fountain. Several cafes and attractions are located here, and there is the port and the Tuapse waterfront nearby.

Stela "Gorod Voinskoy Slavy" Tuapse

Head to the Tuapse seafront and on the way be sure to almost memory near the 11-meter granite column - the Stela "City of Military Glory Tuapse". It was installed here in 2012 in honor of awarding the resort the honorary title.

Tuapsinskaya Naberezhnaya

And here it is, the seafront of the resort town, or Primorsky Boulevard. Historical monuments, sculptures, fountains, sundial and seaport of Tuapse - all this you will see, leisurely strolling along the embankment.

Oao "Tuapsinskiy Morskoy Torgovyy Port"

The seaport of Tuapse is the first thing you meet on your way to the waterfront. 19 berths, 3 km long, merchant ships and passenger liners. In 1898 the first ship called here, and to this day it is the Tuapse port that is the busiest on the Black Sea coast.

Mys Kadosh

Now you should get back in the car and drive to the outskirts of town, where the picturesque Cape Kadosh is located. It is located in the Kadosh forest park. There are steep cliffs, coniferous trees, and stunning views, as well as silence and unity with nature. You have to walk along an unpaved road and stones.

Skala Kiseleva

And at the end of the first day of the trip - the cherry on the cake. Incredible natural place of Tuapse - Kiseleva rock. A 46 meters high rocky cliff-helmets charms with its majesty and beauty. It was named after the artist A. Kiselev, who often depicted it in his paintings.


Head back downtown and end your busy day at one of the resort's best eateries, the Veranda Restaurant. There's an extensive menu, it's delicious, beautiful and cozy. It's perfect for a dinner in Tuapse.

Poyushchiy Fontan

After dinner, there will be Singing Fountains next to the restaurant. they look especially beautiful in the evening with musical accompaniment.

Day 2: To Adygeya on the mountain roads

Today will take your breath away not only from the numerous turns on the mountain roads and passes, but also from the stunning views. From Tuapse to Maykop it is better to drive through the Shahumyan pass, where you will be able to see the bizarrely shaped Indyuk Mountain, and at the final point walk around and get to know the capital of Adygea: the national museum, city squares, the cathedral mosque, monuments and monuments. And fried cheese and other Adygean national dishes will be waiting for you in the best places of Maykop.


Leave the hotel in the morning, today will be an interesting mountain road to Maikop. And the first stop on the way is Indyuk Mountain. The mountain is located on the territory of the reserve "Prichernomorsky", 40 km from Tuapse in the village "Turkey" of the same name. The mountain is known for its interesting shape as a turkey ridge and picturesque surroundings. It is therefore worth making a stop in the "Turkey" village to take a look at the quirky mountain.

Shahumyan Pass

You will take an alternative road to Maikop, bypassing Krasnodar. This road is mountainous, and the Shaumyan pass awaits you on the way. The length of the pass is 7 km. There is no asphalt surface, so you have to ride on the gravel. After the pass there is asphalt. The road itself has a lot of turns and beautiful mountain views. There will also be several viewpoints along the way.

Lenin Square

And now you've reached the capital of Adygea - the city of Maikop, which was founded back in 1857. You start your acquaintance with it from the main Lenin Square. Here you can see a monument to Lenin, a musical fountain and a place to walk and relax.

«Дышепс» Кафе

It's time to have lunch and try Adygean cuisine. You should do it at Dysheps café. The cafe provides a choice of not only national but also traditional dishes. It is definitely worth trying the fried Adygean cheese! The prices are very affordable.

Natsional'nyy Muzey Respubliki Adygeya

Explore the history and culture of Adygea at the National Museum. It has an impressive ethnographic collection with several halls. The museum has 270 thousand exhibits. You will see anthropological finds, learn all about the Adyghe diaspora, admire folk costumes and instruments, art objects and utensils, coins and sculptures of the Adyghe people.

Maykopskaya Sobornaya Mechet'

The main decoration of Maikop is its snow-white cathedral mosque with an azure dome and four minarets. Be sure to go inside, as it is one of the few mosques that is open to all comers regardless of faith. Just don't forget about the closed and modest dress code. You must cover your head and take off your shoes before entering.

Friendship Square

Next to the mosque there are 2 other important monuments of the city. So after visiting it, you can walk around Friendship Square. Reach the monument "Unity and Concord". This is a semblance of an Adyghe traditional hearth, which is a symbol of home, family and coziness. Then turn to the monument "Forever with Russia," which was erected in honor of Adygea's accession to Russia. The four-meter high monument consists of two warriors: Adygea and Russia.


Finish this busy day in the best restaurant in Maikop - "Mazdakh". It is located in a forest-park zone, on the outskirts of the city not far from the highway. It is very picturesque outside and beautiful inside. Live music, pleasant atmosphere, beautiful interior, good service and national Adygean dishes will make the evening cozy and memorable.

Day 3: In a green oasis

Start the last day of the trip in the green oasis of Maikop - in the big city park. Then dense lunch with national dishes and beautiful mountain road back. On the way you can stop at Khadyzhensk brewery, and already on the way to Sochi - to the waterfall "Pretty Woman".

Gorodskoy Park Kul'tury I Otdykha

In the morning, go to a green oasis in the middle of the city: a walk in the Maykop city park. The well-groomed beautiful area, attractions and fountains will be waiting for you. And one of the largest outdoor pools in Europe in the park is an ideal place to swim in the summer heat. There are stalls, toilets and sun loungers for convenience.

Kafe Granat

After a walk through the park, of course, your appetite will be whetted! You can go to the Pomegranate Café next to the park. There is both national and European cuisine here. Portions are large and hearty, all very tasty and cozy. An ideal place to have a hearty lunch before a long way back.

Hadyzhensk Brewery

On your way back to Sochi, you can stop by the Khadyzhensk Brewery in the village of Khadyzhensk. The locals say that they brew excellent beer here. Also here are made kvass and lemonade. If you're an amateur, buy fresh products directly from the brewery at the company store.

Водопад Красотка

The way back along the serpentines is quite tiring, so on the way to Sochi make one more stop and walk to the picturesque waterfall "Pretty Woman". It is located not far from the highway A-147, so you won't have to walk for a long time. Mountain air, boxwoods and murmuring waterfall are the perfect place to stop and rest. There is a small café here if you want to have a snack. You have to pay to enter the territory.