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Time travel: from the XVI to the XX century

Time travel: from the XVI to the XX century
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History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
You will see the smallest Kremlin and the place where the traveling monks stayed in the XVII century, you will learn that the hoe is not only made of iron and stone, but also of mammoth tusks, you will feel like a nobleman and a worker, having lunch in the historic cookery - and this is only a small part of the experience that you have to experience on this trip ...
Maria Gorobets
Maria Gorobets
Travel Expert
  • Zarai Kremlin.
  • Ryazan Kremlin.
  • Transfiguration Church of the Savior on Yara.
  • Museum-Estate of I.P. Pavlov.
  • Bread Square" Historical kitchen workshop.
  • Museum-Reserve S.A. Esenin.
  • Monument to Lukhovitsky Cucumber.
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Journey on the Time Machine
Day 1250 km3 km

Journey on the Time Machine

It will be a journey from the depths of time! We will start in the XVI century, where we will meet the Tatars and the fortress they never managed to take. Then we will find ourselves in the XVII century, we will see where the traveling monks stayed at that time. Then we will move to the XVIII century, which flows to the XIX century, together with three architects who built one bell tower. It is amazing that the bell tower turned out to be so harmonious and integral, as if it was built by one person. The XIX century will come into full force; we will get to know two of its brightest figures: Nobel Prize winner academician Ivan Pavlov and poet Sergey Esenin. We will find out what the famous poet was praised for after graduating from school and why it was necessary to torture frogs for the benefit of science. And finally, gradually returning to modern times, at the turn of XX and XXI centuries we will meet the hero who saved the whole city from starvation.
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