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Three days on forests and lakes

Road Trip Route. Visit Zavidovo National Park, Walk through forests and dream on the banks of lakes of Moscow region, See the most beautiful and romantic natural landscapes.

Travelling through close, but still unexplored parts of nature is a matter that not every traveler can decide. That's why we have planned a small route for ourselves in advance. First we planned to go northwest towards Tver, where we planned to visit the famous Zavidovo National Park. After that we rushed to the south and drove through the surrounding areas, stopping in some remote or just picturesque places. In general, we had an unforgettable and very energetic trip to the Moscow and neighboring regions. Let, for three days you do not unite all local beauties, but you can enjoy the natural expanse and have a rest from the bustle of the city.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Moscow

Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Beauties of the North-West

Today begins our journey to the countryside. We are determined to head northwest to visit the famous Zavidovo National Park, and make some outdoor stops on the way.

Лес в Петрово-Дальнем

Our trip to nature we decided to start with a walk in the woods near the village of Petrovo-Dalneye. Our walk took place along the coast of the Istra River. Occasionally we would meet holidaymakers here, for the most part our walk took place in seclusion among trees. From time to time there were cottages, but the view on the opposite bank of the river does not spoil it in any way.

Пляж на карьере

The Moscow region is a region where you can find a lot of nonbanal places for beach holidays. One of these places is a sandy beach in the quarry near the small village of Sychevo. We are in the middle of the bathing season, when water slides and trampolines were installed on the shore.

У Кузьмича

Before heading further north, we made a short stop at a small cafe called "U Kuzmich". The atmosphere here is simple, but cozy, and we were very friendly. In the menu you can find many traditional dishes of Russian and European cuisine, for example, we liked borscht and Caesar salad.

Резиденция "Завидово"

One of the main natural objects located near Moscow is the Zavidovo National Park. We came to it from the western side, where a small village Golovachevo is located. From here you have a direct access to the thickest forests, where you have a chance to see some rare animals, as well as enjoy the silence and real privacy.

Набережная Афанасия Никитина

As evening was approaching, we decided not to walk through the woods at dusk, but just went to Tver. Before going to dinner, we wanted to walk along the famous Afanasy Nikitin embankment, which offers a magnificent view of the Old Bridge, above which the setting sun is still shining.


After our brief acquaintance with Tver, we decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner. We liked a cute grill bar near the waterfront. The interior of the place is made in quiet wood colors, which creates a special coziness. In addition to a large choice of grilled meat, the menu has a lot of desserts and light snacks.

Day 2: Nature of adjacent areas

Today we plan to leave Tver to drive along the Volga. We will cross several areas and enjoy the changing scenery outside the car window.

Breakfast Band

Today we have many plans, and we decided to start with breakfast in a small cafe Breakfast Band. Here we prepare a variety of snacks, desserts and pastries. Among the great abundance of cakes we liked chocolate cake with cream and nuts, as well as the traditional tuna omelette.

Gazpromneft filling station No. 64

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!

Берег Волги

The Volga River is the fundamental waterway in European Russia. And, of course, we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of staying near the banks of this mighty river near the village of the same name. The coastline here is rocky and earthy, there is a small grove about twenty meters from the shore, where we also came for a walk.

Скалы на Держе

The next stop for us will be the Derzha River coast, which is one of the Volga's tributaries. The area is incredibly picturesque, there are coniferous and deciduous trees, and along the river there is a chain of small mountains and rocks. It is a perfect place for lovers of walks in the unexplored area.


Having traveled quite a long distance, we took a lunch break in a small town in the Tver region. We stayed in a very cozy cafe Samovar. In the menu there was mainly traditional Russian cuisine combined with popular snacks like pizza, potatoes and various salads.

Яузское водохранилище

Very close to the small village of Kotikovo is one of the sleeves of the Yauza Reservoir. Exactly in the place where we stopped, there are several descents into the water, several small marinas for diving. It also makes sense to go for a walk in the coastal thicket.

Уваровская плотина

Our next stop will be the small working village of Uvarovka, where we will take a walk to the local dam. The area here is very quiet and small, the landscape is very much like the best paintings of the great Russian artist Vasily Polenov. Along the banks of the river here grow rare, and closer to the horizon already begins a thicket.

Золотое руно

Already in the evening we arrived in Mozhaisk and went for dinner to one of the central cafes of the city called "Golden Fleece". The interior of the place is very pleasant, with prevailing light tones and references to antiquity. The menu consists of various European and Asian dishes, for example, there are such delicacies as fried halibut with slices of lemon and salad or beef loin in cream sauce.

Day 3: Rest on the waters of the Moscow region

Today we plan to return to Moscow. We have a route planned for ourselves, running along the most famous water reservoirs in the Moscow region. In addition, we also plan to wander through the secluded forests of this region.

Пончики и блинчики

We left the hotel early in the morning and headed out. On the way, we wanted to make a short stop at a small roadside café called Donuts and Pancakes. It's worth saying at once that the range of dishes here is a little wider than the name says. There's soups and salads, too. Well, we took coffee doughnuts and went on a new adventure.

Рузское водохранилище

The first stop for us today was the Ruza Reservoir, and yes, it's not a misprint, it's exactly what it's called because it's located on the Ruza River. We went down to its bank near the village of Ovsyaniki. There are several small beaches here, and these places are also loved by fishing enthusiasts.

Озернинское водохранилище

Another of the most significant water bodies in the Moscow region is the Ozernynskoye water reservoir. Many locals also love to fish here. In addition, on its shores there are quite a few places suitable for beach holidays. Those who do not want to get wet can take a walk in the coastal area more often.


And for lunch we went to the restaurant of the recreation center "Khutorok". Here was quite a cozy and calm atmosphere. The choice of dishes was quite extensive, in particular, we had a taste of noodles with stewed meat and vegetables, and we can also note a good range of sushi and other Asian dishes.

Тростенское озеро

The last stop near the water today will be the bank of Lake Trosten, located in the middle of a dense forest near the village of Onufrievo. There are places for both secluded fishing and swimming, although it should be said that the lake shore is not sandy, but earthy, but still it does not spoil the impressions of rest.

Обрыв Любви

Between the two villages of Trinity and Ryazan, right on the coast of the Moscow River, there is a small area of scenic nature called the Love Cliff. It is a wooded area, located on a hill, which offers a beautiful view of the nearby villages. There is also a fairly wide beach here.

Chester Ferry

That day we decided to have dinner in the restaurant "Chester Ferry", which is located on the coast of a small pond. The room of the restaurant is a cottage with several terraces. There are many popular and gourmet dishes, for example, we liked salmon carpaccio and tiger shrimps with sage. There was also a large selection of salads, hot snacks, but all we wanted to try, we just did not have time to try.