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The vicinity of Chekhov and the holy spring

Road Trip Route. Slavic Kremlin, Holy Places, Museum of letters.

A journey for those who care about Russian history and literature. In this scenario, there are places in the vicinity of the city of Chekhov. You can visit the real Slavic wooden Kremlin and get acquainted with its owner, learning a lot about the ancient Slavic way of life. We also recommend visiting the beautiful village of Talezh, where a holy spring with a spring and font is located. Chekhov has a small but very interesting Museum of Writings in its own right.

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Alexander Polyakov. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Touch the history.

Do you want to feel like a real time traveler? Then you just need to visit the Slavic Kremlin, look at the prince's baths, craftsmen's houses and windmills. Just take into account that the historical complex is located in private territory and dates for visiting should be specified in advance.

Ресторан "Меридиан"

On the way to the city of Chekhov you can have lunch at this highly rated restaurant. The meat is perfectly prepared here, but there are other dishes for every taste. Nearby there are great places where you can walk.

Slavyanskiy Kreml' Vitaliya Sundakova

Right next to the restaurant is a very attractive place to visit. It is the wooden Kremlin of Vitaly Sundakov. Here you can get acquainted with the owner and learn a lot of interesting things about the authentic Slavic way of life.

Church of the Resurrection

Not far from Chekhov there is a very beautiful church - a beautiful ancient temple, which was built in 1708. The temple is located by the lake, where you can walk in the fresh air.

Square Chekhov

In the city of Chekhov itself, I suggest you sleep over. Upon arrival here you can take a walk on the main square, where just recently renovated. For nature lovers, the Park of Culture and Recreation is nearby.

Kafe Oranzhereya

Orangery, according to local residents - a unique place. Control by the manager is literally everything: the quality of food and drinks, the work of waiters and bartenders. Cozy atmosphere and delicious food, in warm time can be accommodated on the outdoor terrace.

Gazpromneft filling station #197

Federal Highway M2 "Crimea" - Federal Highway Moscow - Tula - Orel - Kursk - Belgorod - the state border with Ukraine. There are over ten filling stations in the Gazprom Neft filling station network. One of them is filling station #197 near the city of Chekhov. The station operates under a post-payment system, where customers first fill up their cars at one of the fuel dispensers and then pay for the fuel in cash or by bank card. Thanks to this system, the time spent at the filling station is halved.

Day 2: Letters from Chekhov

Today's cultural program will begin with a visit to the Museum of Letters named after the classic of Russian literature - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. After that you will go to the holy spring, and if you are interested in the history of the formation of the Soviet state, you can visit the museum Leninskie Gorky.


Restaurant Manor is perfect for early breakfast - the institution opens at 9 am every day except Sunday.

Muzey Pisem A.p. Chekhova

Visit this small but very interesting museum. It consists of only two rooms. In the room to the left is a permanent exhibition. There you will find everything related to the postal business: uniforms, letters, envelopes, postcards, scales, bells that were hung on the postal triplets, there is even a Morse telegraph and Bella's phone system. In the room on the right there are various exhibitions.

Holy Source Talezh

Blessed place - the holy spring in Talezh with beautiful natural landscape and very tasty water! Here you can spend a lot of time strolling around the territory. There are even fonts here!

Кафе Mgrillcafe

There should be at least one roadside cafe in every road trip. For such format of an institution it is very unusual - cozy, diverse, delicious. Attentive staff, nicely decorated room, beautiful veranda. Excellent choice on the way back.

Музей-заповедник «Горки Ленинские»

If you are fond of history, architecture and the Soviet past, visit the place where Vladimir Ilyich Lenin lived and worked in his final years. Walk freely or join the excursion if you still have time for one attraction.