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The Taverns of our Youth. A Guide to Oxford's Student Bars

The Taverns of our Youth. A Guide to Oxford's Student Bars
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They are hundreds of years old. They are celebrated in world literature and history. Here they argue, read novels to their friends, prove theorems and make discoveries. They also drink, sing songs and have fun. ZIMA takes you on a journey through the main pubs of the student city of England - Oxford together with Irina Kukota.
Irina Kukota
Irina Kukota
Travel Expert
  • Feel like an Oxford student.
  • Have a pint in a pub.
  • Take a walk through the streets of the old town.

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Day 18 km2 km

Pubs, taverns and bars occupy a special place on the map of student Oxford. Walking through them is not just a gastronomic, but also a historical adventure full of mystery and riddles.
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